Waatea 5th Estate – The horror of Kathryn’s Story


Joining us for a special discussion on the worst case of abuse on a beneficiary by a Government Department I’ve ever seen…

In studio,

Associate professor at the University of Auckland Business school and Child Poverty Action Group researcher – Dr Susan St John

And Barrister, journalist, Author, broadcaster and media commentator – Catriona MacLennon



  1. My god this is outrageous to the extreme, and so wrong on so many levels I’m gobsmacked !!

    The state have already had their pound of flesh by unjustly imprisoning this woman and hurting her family, she owes them nothing, but the state owes her imho for what it has done to her and her children. And to continue to persecute and harass this woman for money she doesn’t owe for years and years is completely incomprehensible. What the hell is wrong with the justice system? Lobby all the opposition parties to put an end to this senseless punitive persecution of a very vulnerable person and change the rules and laws that have allowed this monstrous treatment. How many Kathryn’s are there out there? Shame on all the governments, on all of us that this has been allowed to happen. The NZ government and legal systems need to grow a heart, a brain, and loads of common sense.

  2. The right-wing Nats government continues it’s assault on the poor and defenseless for private profit, status and power.

    It is utterly Orwellian of the state to decide whether a person is in a relationship or not. Under a National government, the basic facts of a person’s life are decided by the State!

    In this case the Ministry of Social Destruction might as well be called the Ministry of Terror.

    I have PTSD, it is hell. Kathryn deserves nothing less than compassion, care, and support for all that she and her family have been through. This government is worse than a disgrace.

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