Key’s tax haven whitewash report and the politician about to have a Panama Paper meltdown



For the love of God! The whitewash report that Key put together after NZ was exposed as a tax haven has returned with the white wash result Key desperately needed. While Shewan hilariously declares NZ isn’t a tax haven, he then goes on to describe a tax haven

“The rules are not fit for purpose in the context of preserving New Zealand’s reputation as a country that co-operates with other jurisdictions to counter money laundering and aggressive tax practices.”

…if it quacks like a tax haven, walks like a tax haven and avoids tax like a tax haven – it’s a bloody tax haven!

While 40 000 NZers are homeless and hundreds of thousands more live in overcrowded conditions, the only thing Key can actually build are tax shelters for the global elite.


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Once the NZ politician is exposed by the looming Panama Paper time bomb, this report will look far more like the sick joke it is.


  1. But Martyn, Audrey and the herald said it was hard hitting?
    A bit like Chris Findlayson in the ring with Tony Ryall.

    Let’s make it clear, a large number of journalist rummaging through the Panama Papers have declared N.Z a tax haven, yet one man,John Shewan, , gets to determine whether N.Z. is a tax haven?

    And now we have confirmation that 10% own 60% of all wealth yet Mr Key said New Zealand’s tax system redistributed wealth, with those on lower incomes paying less tax than the benefits they received through Working For Families. Well I feel so much wealthier, thanks Johnboy!

  2. Everything John Key authorizes in the name of an inquiry/investigation finishes up as a complete whitewash!

    Counting down to when the said politician is exposed. Any hints anyone?

  3. Qack, quack, quack, quack, we are no tax haven, quack, quack.

    Oh, well, ahem, New Zealand foreign trust laws can be used just like a virtual tax haven, but shush, don’t tell the common people. They are too ignorant to understand the complexities of our trust and tax laws.

    Quack, quack, quack, quack, we have full transparency, quack, quack.

    Well, transparency is there, if IRD is asked about looking into a trust, that exists here under foreign trust laws, but do not tell anyone of the common folks out there that they will only do so if asked about particular trusts and particular persons behind it.

    Ya know, the foreign tax administrations will not usually have any clue about who may discretely establish a trust here, going via many middle men and relying on their expert advisors that look after their trusts.

    So the transparency is there, if needed, just to “show” the world, we are the “goodies” here, albeit, tbh, it is just a fig leaf kind of excuse to conceal stuff.

    But, at the end of the day, it will all not matter anyway, as our great and ever so smart leader changes and makes up the rules as we go and move ahead.

    At the end of the day, quack, quack, quack, we are a rubber ducky, that can be squeezed into any shape, to look like a swallow or like a raven or a mocking bird, whatever you like.

    We have the best and smartest laws in the world, these are based on equally great English Law, where there are so many interpretations, back doors and loopholes, you cannot count them. They are also so smart, you can say they mean one thing today, and another tomorrow, just keep the precedents out of the way and the courts from learning much about what goes on.

    They will only look at stuff if you present a case, filing fees well over a thousand to start, then keep counting, and without a legal expert (most work on our side anyway), anybody wanting to challenge us, will have a shit show to succeed for a start.

    Quack, quack, quack, I am not a duck today, quack, quack, quack.

  4. It is all based on the same kind of legal interpretation that they used in deals they made with Tangata Whenua, with the Red Indians in North American, and anywhere or everywhere else they went, the smart English and colonial offspring’s law makers.

    It means one thing to the superior party or government, it means another to others, and yet another thing to an outsider.

  5. Whiter than Persil white, as expected.

    I also see Sherwen whining about Andrew Little. Fuck off Nat boy, you are over doing the victim thing a little bit too much!

    • Watched Checkpoint, while John the Con’s mate whined about his so called reputation, (which like key’s is bad and dodgy anyway), Shewan admitted that Andrew Little didn’t apologize. I was so pleased to hear that. Andrew Little never needed to apologize for doing his job, like National’s msm are so desperate for him to do. Little didn’t give them any weapon to weld.

    • Amen XRAY. Seems this puppet(Sherwan) still has Key’s hand up his orifice. Say’s Little has tainted his reputation, well Sherwan you have a reputation and it aint flash by all accounts.

  6. Hope that John Doe somehow makes the Panama Papers ‘blow up’ in the faces of this crooked government…Big time!
    This propaganda report by Sherwan is simply to appease the serfs.
    Not buying it.

    • Shewan is one of Key’s cronies. So if you’re using him to smear Andrew Little, you’re wasting your time.

      As for “being dishonest”, maninthemiddle, you do realise the irony of your claim, don’t you?

      • Anything with the name KEY involved in it is always liable to be doggy as ant of the currency traders moves are always likely to be.

        And this was always going to be the case when you use a doggy currency trader as our head of the ruling Government.

        This was another “move along, nothing to see here” moment that someone will find whereby the firing pin is eventually found to blow thing slimy thing up in Key’s face given time no doubt.

        It time all things this despicable PM has been involved in is another mess and will long leave doubt in most minds about his clumsy seemingly “dishonest john” façade.

        Disgusting despicable lack of respect for honesty again folks.

  7. The mysterious mp dose not exist.
    If they did Hagar would have said so by now.
    It’s a ploy to keep us coming back.
    Or maybe it’s way Slater has gone on “holiday”.
    Has anyone else had problems accessing The Standard today?
    God I love conspiracy theories.

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