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Why Samantha and Ingrid can’t save TV3

By   /  May 31, 2016  /  18 Comments

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Unfortunately TV3 could appoint the second coming of Jesus Christ co-hosting with Lorde and it wouldn’t help them.

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Samantha Hayes and Ingrid Hipkiss have been appointed to replace Hillary Barry at the two news flagships of 6pm News and the Paul Henry Morning Insult.

Unfortunately TV3 could appoint the second coming of Jesus Christ co-hosting with Lorde and it wouldn’t help them.

TV3’s news problem is all our problem.

A democracy is only as strong as the media holding it to account and when right wing fanatics like Paul Henry and Mike Hosking are the dawn till dusk echo chamber, that democracy becomes as weak as it currently is now.

It’s easy to see how the interests of the wealthy, the property developers, the banks and the farmers become the dominant political voice in this country when the media watch dogs are lap dogs to those interests.

Our news has been degraded to a competition of clickbait where the importance of an issue is dependent on how well it rates against gossip about Kim Kardashian.

The revenue model for free to air TV is broken and warping its values. If we as citizens want a 4th Estate to gain teeth, we need to see NZ on Air funding public interest News that has autonomy and independence from market forces to focus on the important issues.

Without fixing the revenue problems, news will continue to deteriorate into a carnival of lies playing to our worst angels to sell consumer crap.

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  1. XRAY says:

    TV3 is fast doing the same thing the Herald and other print dailys are doing, dying on the back of one eyed commentary and editorialism. That and utter shit content.
    And I realise the Herald has some journalists who don’t fit that mould but they are not in the majority. However it appears that no one has woken up to the fact that objective reporting is excellent for business!

  2. m.gray says:

    Agree 100% and if we want a change of Government at the next election the opposition parties need to do something to counteract the lobbying by our right wing media who are extremely bias

  3. Mosa says:

    What’s happened in NZ is a Coup de ta without the military intervention.
    This would not be tolerated in Australia as it’s citizens would not tolerate it and even some of their commentators are questioning what’s going on in NZ?
    Prime example is how Grant Robertson was treated on last Sunday’s Q+A it was appalling bullying by Corrin Dann , embarrassing and Grant looked at annoyed. I don’t blame him its a waste of time appearing on these programs when he is treated like he is in charge of the govt we have now!
    Totally different to Bills talk fest.

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    1000% right Martyn, “and the Paul Henry Morning Insult.”

    What’s behind all interest’s in NZ is a Corporate greed to control every mind body and soul, and anyone that gets in the road of this is swiftly disposed of.

    We should have all opposition Parties now placing a legal challenge in court to seize half the public broadcast asset TVNZ/RNZ, they rightfully should have control over!

    This is due to them as our political representatives of our voting block.

    This new Opposition press operation would then be able to broadcast the free press viewpoint’s again, to save our sanity before we all wind up suicidal and you should be one of the lead management producers of these broadcast channels!!!!!!!!.

    See if you can move this forward mate before we are doomed.

  5. RightOn says:

    Have to agree Martyn. As long as ratings are the determinate factor then you are going to get the likes of Henry and Hoskings.

  6. Richard Christie says:

    The gowerisation of TV News is complete.

  7. Afewknowthetruth says:

    NZ has never been fully democratic but degree of democracy is certainly lower now that at any time in the past 100 years. NZ has been morphed into what is effectively a corporate feeding trough come playground.

    Since the government acts as an agent for corporate raiding of the commons, for polluting of the Earth and for dismemberment of society, we can expect everything to continue to be made worse at an ever-faster pace until either

    1. people wake up -very little chance of that, since most now celebrate their state of insouciance.

    2. the system collapses -inevitable, as energy depletion, overpopulation and abrupt climate change take their tolls.

  8. fatty says:

    As long as Ingrid Hipkiss considers herself a bigot-enabler, and not a journalist, then she’ll be OK.
    Her mother must be proud.

  9. RWHAM says:

    The change of publicly funded media’s purpose from provision of necessary public information and News to what is now an almost continuous snuff movie and “Ripley’s believe it or not” of horrors (with some “Good Sorts” sweeteners to let us know we are actually a great little country) is an important component of propaganda, being disinformation and “censorship by distraction”.

    It both absorbs time, which then can’t spent properly educating and informing the citizenry, and corrupts the mental processes by filling the publics’ mind with horrors, irrelevancies and filth. All for cash and power.

    If the aim of the Neo-Liberal reforms was to improve the lot of the majority (as claimed, a “Brighter Future” for Kiwi mums and dads) it has failed and should be abandoned, but that was never the aim.

    The 4th Estate has lost the plot.
    The 1st, 2nd and 3rd estates have been corrupted to the core, instead of revealing this, the 4th has become a porn. (pun)

  10. Winnie says:

    Ingrid’s going to need some serious shoulder pads to prevent concussion, as she laughs coquettishly and tosses her head from side to side quipping:

    “Aw come on now Paul, that’s a bit on the nose, you are a bit of a scallywag!”

    You’d get better commentary from one of those nodding animals that used to sit on the car’s parcel shelf, in the days when cars had parcel shelves.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      “You’d get better commentary from one of those nodding animals that used to sit on the car’s parcel shelf, in the days when cars had parcel shelves.”

  11. Mike in Auckland says:

    I think they should go all the way now, get rid of the present 6pm news team, and let Rachel Glucina start a “hot gossip news show”, to up the ratings. That may work, as so many are so dumbed down, they even watch the 24/7 shopping channels rather than bother with real news.

    • Richard Christie says:


      The TV3 News brand is stuffed, hell, they still employ Gower.

      They should just give up on he pretence.

  12. Mike in Auckland says:

    Paul Henry seems to be getting cheekier and bolder with his form of “humour” on his morning show. Yesterday he said people should not have more kids than they can afford, today, he was reluctant to spend much time on the scandalous revelation about WINZ having stuffed up accommodation supplement payments for 23 years, this being found out at MSD late 2014, and the Minister only being told about it in March this year.

    He shut Paddy Gower up, who wanted to talk more about it.

    Ingrid is Ms Innocent, being used and abused as the soft, female “conscience” fig leaf to excuse the rantings of Henry, as some form of BS “balance”, but she is so modest, she will not last anyway.

    That dipstick reading the sports news, he is so slow with his mind, takes a while to get jokes Henry throws around, he has probably some nervous delay issues that may have resulted from indulging too much in certain beverages.

    I only watch TV3 at times, to check how bad they have got by now, and to compare them with the hardly all that much better versions of the same programs on TV One. The only program that is at least occasionally worth watching is ‘The Nation’, funded by us, through NZ On Air, if they would not insist on such types of programs and would not pay for them, we would not even have that meagre “current affairs” slot anymore.

    Sad truth is, most get their news via Fakebook, Gi(oo)ggle, Twit-Err and such forums, without any in depth info, and most taken from international cheap “news” and “infotainment” sources based mostly in the US, UK and few other places.

    Even Al Jazeera and BBC are gradually dropping in standards and quality, but these are the remnants of what one can still consider some useful alternatives, at least for global news contents, to the crap we get served here.

    • CLEANGREEN says:


  13. gsays says:

    Kardashian…. Where is the kardashian, you said there would be a kardashian.

    • Winnie says:

      TV 3 News is more of a Karcrashian.

      The closest things to Kardashians you have here used to be the Ridgashians – where are they now?

      Or “you might say that but we are unable to comment”, comment from a National ‘Herald’ report about “Reptilian” at the Beehive: Last updated 13:54 12/02/2014

      “Who’s to say Prime Minister John Key isn’t a reptilian overlord in disguise?

      Key’s own office certainly can’t; its response to an [OIA] official information request was that it had no data to disprove the theory. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/9713443/Keys-staff-can-t-disprove-reptilian-theory

      Kardashians – Ridgashians – Carcrashians – Reptilians – cutting insightful news in a day in the life of Newshub, NZ’s Fox channel.

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