The slow dismantling of a Prime Minister – downward slide continues





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The gradual slide of John Key’s popularity continues with the latest TV3 Reid Research poll further evidence that Key’s once-impenetrable teflon coating has been blasted away by successive scandals; ineptitude from his Ministers; and worsening socio-economic indicators on almost every front..

Since Key’s ascension to Prime Ministership, his poll ratings – as recorded by TV3-Reid Research have tracked from 36.4% in October/November 2008, to a high of  55.8% in October 2009;

Oct/Nov 2008: 36.4%


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Feb 2009: 52.1%

April 2009: 51.1%

Aug 2009: 51.6%

Oct 2009: 55.8%

After 2009, Key’s popularity began to experience “speed wobbles”, with fluctuation from low 50s, to high 40s;

Feb 2010: 49.4%

April 2010: 49.0%

June 2010: 49.6%

Jul/Aug 2010: 48.7%

Sept/Oct 2010: 50.6%

Nov/Dec 2010: 54.1%

Feb 2011: 49.1%

April 2011: 52.4%

May 2011: 48.2%

Jun/Jul 2011: 50.5%

Aug 2011: 53.3%

Sept 2011: 54.5%

Oct 2011: 52.7%

1-8 Nov 2011: 50.0%

9-16 Nov 2011: 49.4%

16-23 Nov 2011: 48.9%

From early 2012, Key’s popularity dived;

Feb 2012: 45.8%

April 2012: 44.2%

May/Jun 2012: 40.5%

July: 43.2%


Feb 2013: 41.0%

And from early 2013, for the first time, his popularity as preferred PM broke the “40% barrier” into the 30s;

April 2013: 38.0%

May 2013: 41.0%

Jul 2013: 42.0%

Nov 2013: 40.9%

Jan 2014: 38.9%

Mar 2014: 42.6%

May 2014: 43.1%

Jun 2014: 46.7%

Jul 2014: 43.8%

5-3 Aug 2014: 44.1%

19-25 Aug 2014: 41.4%

26 Aug-1 Sept 2014: 45.1%

2-8 Sept 2014: 45.3%

9-15 Sept 2014: 44.1%

Jan 2015: 44.0%

From mid-2015, as scandal after scandal; growing reports of income/wealth inequality; and falling housing affordability began to impact on New Zealanders’ collective psyche, his support dropped from the 40s into the 30s;

May 2015: 39.4%


15-22 July 2015: 38.3%


8-16 Sept 2015: 39.5%


22 Nov 2015: 38.3%


The most recent poll, released on Tuesday 24 May shows Key’s popularity now in the mid-30s. This represents a 19.1 percentage-point drop in Key’s personal popularity amongst voters;

24 May 2016: 36.7%


The  Panama Papers may not have been a “king hit” on the government as some on the Right maintain – but public perception of National’s inaction over tax havens, tax evasion, secret foreign trusts, etc, all created an image that the Nats were friendly to those “rich pricks” who rorted the tax system.

But the worst of National’s problems lay much closer to home than the Panama tax haven.

The housing crisis has become a Force 10 political storm in this country, and National has been seen to be sitting on their hands whilst people are crowded into garages; living in cars; and even the scion on the Middle Class bourgeois are becoming more and more locked out of the housing market.

As Labour’s former President, Mike Williams stated on Radio NZ’s Nine To Noon  political panel on Monday, 23 May;

“I think there’s a bit of schizophrenia going on in Middle New Zealand which is showing up in the UMR numbers. If you own a house you are feeling pretty good because the value of your asset has been going through the roof. However, if you’ve got kids, you’re worried about their schooling; you’re worried about will they get a house; and  you’re worried about will they get a job that pays enough  to pay for a house. So I think, that, yes,  home-owning New Zealanders [are]  feeling ok, but parents are not.”

So unsurprisingly, the same TV3 Reid Research poll showed in no uncertain terms where the public stood on National’s hands-off policy on housing;


TV3 news housing poll


Even National Party supporters have been unable to stomach the worsening housing crisis and the sight of fellow New Zealanders sleeping in cars.

National now finds itself trapped by it’s own free-market dogma. Historically, only Labour governments have built housing, whilst National busied itself selling off state houses; implementing market rentals for Housing NZ tenants (in the past); and otherwise leaving it to the free market to meet demand.

That “free market” has failed dismally, and attempts to blame the Auckland Council, RMA, and Uncle Tom Cobbly no longer wash with an increasing grumpy electorate.

$26 million wasted on a failed flag referendum also helped cement  public opinion that National was out-of-touch; engaged in pointless exercises; and avoiding tough problems faced by many New Zealanders.

The last time this blogger saw the public show such dissatisfaction with a National government was in the late 1990s, when Jenny Shipley was PM. That did not end well for her.

Whatever plans National attempts to pull out of the Budget Hat will be too little and too late. Unlike pumping extra cash into Vote Health, Vote Education, Vote Police, or Vote Conservation, the housing sector is a behemoth much akin to a huge oil-tanker. It is simply too large to be turned around in a short time-period.

If three Ministers (English, Smith, and Bennett) devoted to housing could not address this country’s ballooning housing crisis, then National has failed miserably.

Short of a miracle, this will be Key’s last term in office, and this country will finally be rid of the Teflon Man;


Key says he'll quit politics if National loses election





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  1. well said Frank are we finally going to be rid of Teflon John he has destroyed the fabric of our country and divided far too many

  2. Absolutely agree. What a pity 1,000,000 voters did not exercise their right to vote in 2014. This is not the country I want for my children and their children.

  3. Not that I disagree with what you are saying but the elephant in the room is that National have improved their ratings to 47% so sampled voters ain’t all that unhappy! Cranes on the Skyline, Immigration booming, tourism going crazy, house prices skyrocketing, a sea of cheap easy money all bodes well for National, but only if, whatever you do, you don’t look too hard.

    I think despite all the lying from National Inc in all forms, Kiwi’s still want to believe them, they want to trust these experts. How else could lies like “There is no housing crisis”, “3000 extra beds that never were”, “It’s all the Auckland Councils fault”, “We are doing so much on housing” – blatant bullshitting type lies not turn into outrage for treating the public like fools? And in that lying vein National have done a sterling job on convincing the public that the opposition are the fools.

    I think a lot of the filth that National have been found to be up to their eyeballs in is now been blamed on John Key. But even then he is still nearly 5 times more preferred than Little, although I absolutely realise that leadership ratings mean bugger all in the bigger scheme of things. But it is a barometer for the actual PM of the day and the public are falling out of love with this conman.

    Labour and or other genuine left of centre party’s and I don’t know where to put NZ First in that area, now need to direct their venom on National collectively and will need a realistic saleable plan to tackle housing, presented at the right time, amongst other things. And I agree with Martyn Bradbury, they will need to get the non voters out in droves to vote for them.

      • Thanks again Frank for this article.

        Do you think we have a government in waiting in the opposition?
        A government with fresh ideas, talent, and ability to repair the damage done.?
        I fear not.
        It will be more of the same while increasing the minimum wage and a bit of tinkering.

          • Gsays, according to the polls, NZ First will be “kingmaker” again. Key has flip-flopped on his position never to be in coalition with Peters, so a National NZ First Coalition is a possibility – if Peters has forgotten the lessons of 1996-99.

            In the next year and a half, National will be facing more and more “bad news” stories. The current media focus on the housing crisis is an example of the fourth estate willing to go beyond the 24-hour news-cycle to focus on social problems.

            In the late 1990s, it was under-funding of health and police that led to Shipley losing the 1999 election.

            It looks like housing may be the issue that undoes Key’s chances for a fourth term.

  4. Agree Dorothy,
    this is not the country that the majority of NZers want surely?
    I am concerned about children and what the level of homelessness and poverty that is evident, does to the next generation.
    Shame on you National Government.

  5. “Short of a miracle, this will be Key’s last term in office, and this country will finally be rid of the Teflon Man”

    I wish. But the trouble is that all these discontent conservative voters are going to New Zealand First which will end up going with National with the “promise” to keep them honest.

    The heart of the problem is that like in America, a good percentage of New Zealanders will along accept a solution from an alternative conservative candidate/party. They can’t and possibly never will, be able to separate their aspirations from their prejudices. For 40 years the conservative working and middle class in the United States have supported the Republicans who appealed to their hatred of liberals and other social groups at the same time as ripping them off. Now they are going with another false hope in Donald Trump.

    • That’s very interesting as it has been said that a number of top FEMA officials were in attendance as well as there being a meeting of the Bilderbergers in Christchurch… both groups left hours before the earthquake…

      Here is an interesting you tube clip demonstrating HAAARP, and how it seems to have had a lot to do with it. Also … the huge amount of money made out of the earthquake, Key having a major shareholding in the Federal Reserve bank of America ,…

      It is only 15 minutes long but certainly raises the eyebrows somewhat:

      Another one of interest is this one :

      This last one shows Key verbally slipping up twice and calling the earthquake ‘man made’…

      Have a wee look see. You decide.

  6. “Short of a miracle, this will be Key’s last term in office.” You’re either incredibly optimistic or trying to foster a new narrative. History suggests no fourth term but we have an immigration policy that favours those most likely to vote National. If the housing market is still going strong next year I wouldn’t bet against a fourth term. Still, I hope you’re right Frank.

  7. Your opening sentence sums up the situation perfectly.
    If this was a game of chess, National are in ‘check’. The Queen’s got the angles covered and the castle is waiting to pounce.
    Their is no way out of this housing problem. Not for a long ,long, time.
    That’s what happens when you have no ability to think critically, have no imagination , no empathy, a low IQ , tunnel vision, ‘group think’ , are lazy and suffer from short termitis and greed.
    None of this however, should come as a surprise.
    Reckless and dumb sums up National .
    And yet the sycophants like Garner, Gower, Henry, Hosking, Smith, Williams and Hide still keep talking them up and rubbishing Labour.
    This is despite Labour, who could see the looming shit storm coming from a long way back, having policies at the last election to try and put the brakes on .
    If you believe the polls , people, it appears, would rather run the country and it’s reputation into the ground than admit they’ve got it so horribly wrong .
    It’s a big worry that a large part of the population are still just so so stupid.
    There’s no other word for it!! Stupid , stupid stupid.!!

  8. Finally the sheeples are slowly waking up. Thanks Frank.

    Jonky Donky has not a chance in hell of getting back in. Fairness and karma and the people will not allow it.
    His lack of ethics and greed and lies are catching up with him.
    Even his past supporters are beginning to see right through the Bullshit and brainwashing.

    He has damaged us enough and he needs to go far FAR AWAY with all the rest of his elitist ; out of touch; snobby crew in massive denial.
    Take your ill gotten money and run and allow us to heal and fix your mess.

  9. What a laugh. Donkey saying he will quit politics if the Natz do not win.

    As if he ever started to be a good and honourable politician – ever.
    As if he ever was a leader we could look up to and admire.
    As if he was not a liar and a disgrace as a politician.

    Quit now Donkey and allow the healing and health to grow that you and your horrific govt. have destroyed. Quit now before the whole country wakes up to your games that you think no one sees. Your popularity will plummet as time goes on, no doubt, so be honourable and take yourself back to Hawaii soon. Surely that’s where you are off to if you do not win because you will not be very welcome here. You’ve done enough damage.

  10. Kiwi’s tend to have a stoic nature… combine that with apathy and its a deadly mix … throw in a little greed because of a low wage economy … and we’ve got problems.

    Our population has been shepherded this way.

    People like Douglas and Richardson … created the conditions for the low wage economy, .. further more… all the liberalization of the market meant the dice was stacked against the average working family.

    So the natural thing was to cast around for a way to save for retirement and to try to look after their family’s. Housing and rentals was the obvious secure choice. However one plank of neo liberalism is to discourage home ownership … it makes peoples claim of a stake in this country that much weaker. And far more easy for ruthless ideologues such as Key to enable multi corporate’s an increasing say in the governance of this country.

    And that’s done through lobbying , donations, crony capitalism etc…

    Sound extreme ?… not really … that is what the TTPA is all about.

    However… it is interesting to see how the rigidity of neo liberal ideology has entrapped itself… in seeking to weaken the claim of tenure and birthright of the NZ public to their very own country… it has unleashed the very negative social conditions that will ultimately cause its failure.

    That stoic Kiwi nature is both a blessing and a curse.

    The curse is that it will not stand and vigorously oppose ruthless opportunist’s… which initially leads those such as the far right wing neo liberal fanatics to assume they have a free ride to the riches of this country.

    The blessing is that once the stoic is aroused and awakened that their backs are now against the wall , that there are other things more important initially than just money in a land already of great material wealth… that when they see their own children’s futures being sabotaged , when they start to see poverty starting to creep into society such as is seen in the third world… they most certainly will act.

    Still as a stoic would … slow, gradual , reluctant … but act they will.

    All these scandals that have surrounded Key and this govt are having a slow, corrosive effect . But more importantly , it is the other less ‘spectacular ‘ things … such as the housing crisis despite a large number who have benefited. It is the growing unemployment, it is the family’s having to sleep in cars, it is the impotence and in many cases the viciousness of WINZ in casting people out into the streets and saddling people with un-payable debt.

    That very stoic nature that when antagonized and aroused will be the downfall of any political party that just pushes people too far.

    If there is to be a coalition between Labour, Greens and NZ First,… as the next govt ,.. then we need to see a co ordinated attempt and willingness to not work at cross purposes in the run up to the 2017 elections. We need to see the the strengths of all 3 party’s on offer and their policy’s to take us out of this mess at some future time.

    We need to see a constant hammering of this blighted govt not so much in the form of big flashy scandals to oust it – but rather a constant focus on their incompetence and deceit on the bread and butter issues such as education , health , welfare , housing etc…

    A constant wearing down process of the bogus , false and carefully manicured image of economic success and management that National has created around itself .

    A process that constantly drags these issues before the public – coupled with a viable alternative unified coalition armed with a game plan to restore economic stability.

    That’s when we will see the last of the teflon man.

    • Well said, totally agree with you ! ! Thanks again.
      I have always felt that if Labour, Greens and NZ First will come together and be willing to work towards ending this political nightmare that the Natz govt. will be history FINALLY.
      I like the idea of our continued hammering and questioning and exposing.

      Not too many places left to hide as the crooks and the criminals start to squirm and back stab and try and lie their way out of it.
      People are seeing right through the BS and smokescreens are starting to clear away.
      Look behind the curtain – quick – before the scum bags hide out in some Bunker in the desert.

  11. Here is my reading of the poll. Labour and the Greens are exchanging support. National and NZF are exchanging support. Key’s drop in support is within the margin of error. National, more popular than Key himself is about where they were last election. Centre left and centre right swapping votes amongst themselves doesn’t do much to excite me I’m afraid.

  12. Little/Labour is doing no better, in fact Little is in the danger zone, which means on current figures Winnie the poo holds the cards.

    • Little / Labour ARE doing much better because anything is better compared to the nightmare ; train wreck that is now — ” trying ” — to govern our country and doing a p___ poor job of it.

      Dave – our Pro natzi troll likely being paid. Keep hoping you will offer something of value to add to this blog instead of offbeat dribble.
      Maybe you are our only CLOSET Natzi politician or lobbyist junkie who likes to stir up the pot. Seems people are tired of responding to you.

    • We will soon know…with the budget… in which case Labour , Greens and NZ First will be able to plan around an alternative budget from here until next election.

      And every screw up, every gaffe, every porky told will be relentlessly hammered. If this isn’t Keys last term… he will be a sorry shell of a man if he completes a 4th term.

      In fact,… judging by all the shit swirling around at an ever quickening pace with Key and National at present ? ,… I’ll bet he couldn’t wait for any prospective 4th term to end quickly.

      Really , really quickly.

      In fact… I believe this is the last term for National.

      They’re getting sad , and tired , and threadbare. All in all… they seem pretty used up these days.

    • Jim Bolger always polled around 6% as preferred Prime Minister when in opposition, but in the end he became Prime Minister.
      Not a very effective one , but Prime Minister nevertheless .

    • “Little/Labour is doing no better, in fact Little is in the danger zone, which means on current figures Winnie the poo holds the cards.”

      Hey, look over there, people, nice fluffy clouds…

  13. Preferred PM, Favourability and Approval ratings all down …

    Still, after 8 long years of constantly-thwarted optimism, I’m not going to indulge in any wishful thinking. That 37% may still be locking in a crucial group of swing voters for the Blue team, grounded in perceptions of economic and leadership competence. We can only hope that this surge of concern over the housing crisis undermines those perceptions. But experience tells me not to count my chickens first.

  14. They are all a bunch of arsholes, all 120 of them, and that goes globally as well. It wouldn’t matter if we had Jesus H Christ running the show, no one can reverse this fuckup.
    Every politician will be hated, and hopefully hunted down and strung up.
    They can only lie and make false promises, quite simply there is NO HOPE, and that message does not generate votes, hence the reason they will/can only lie.
    Fuck Hope don’t vote – see @2:30
    Garbage in garbage out

  15. Like it or not, Dave, Labour is going to be not only a part, but the principal part of any eventual successful outcome for the Left. Constant sniping, rather than engaged collaboration, from people like you does about as much good as Mexican rioters at Donald Trump meetings. It weakens your own side in exchange for a sugar rush of self-righteousness.

    Anyone who believes that the Left is strengthened by the endless expression of revolutionary frustration with Labour’s lack of cut-through with the general population merely prolongs the ill. And if the baseless cry that they are neo-liberal fellow-travelers becomes common currency on the Left, that might actually perpetuate it.

    The best chance of a new direction for the country is likely to come from a broad coalition encompassing both Greens and New Zealand First as well as Labour. We may all have to hold our noses, and get over many of our tribal affiliations. But sometimes you have to keep your eye on what is important.

  16. To call John Key “Prime Minister” is over charitable.
    Just to be the leader of a party that has a majority in parliament is not enough, to be a prime minister one also needs to act like a prime minister.
    Key acts like a corporate spin doctor and spoilt child rather than the leader of New Zealand.
    I don’t vote National because I want class, not arse!

    • 1000% Mike the leftie,

      This is a great article FRANK you hit the point so well.

      Key is old tired and aggressive and unresponsive a recipe for loosing the plot alright.

      We gave him every chance to work with him and he refused it over the last 5yrs in HB/GIsborne, so time for him to leave us, and leave us to find our own way forward now.

  17. Not meaning to piss people off but labour are not doing well at the moment. national needs to sort its housing policy, people need homes and the following stability for kids, schooling, work, social issues and so on. national have given labour an opportunity to shine but Labour seem too lazy, stupid or disorganized to take it. Winnie will be hold the balance of power if we do not get an effective opposition, fact,

    • Erm…sorry chap , but when you have $781,000,000 allocated to the SIS and GSCB and only around $380,000,000 dedicated to bolstering up housing with dozens of family’s and individuals sleeping rough as we speak…

      I got a feeling that Labour is not only going to have a field day tearing this govt apart, – but campaigning on some powerful action plans that will make Paula Bennett’s last minute $5000 bribes look almost….obscene.

      And that’s only the start. Wait till Winston Peters really gets going on the affects of irresponsible unbridled immigration. Wait til the Greens start up for real on the negligence and almost non existence of funds towards environmental issue in this budget.

      The mauling has only just begun.

        • Exactly … but pointing out the priority’s of this govt’s budget spending showcases where this is all heading.

          Of course we need housing. And proper bloody jobs.

        • The mere fact of mauling by any party shows how weak is Nationals priority’s are – again… at $781,000,000 spent on the SIS and GSCB… and only $380,000,000 being spent on housing…

          Don’t you see how this is going to be worked on by the opposition?

          This whole housing crisis is not going to be solved by next Tuesday , mate – its going to walk itself right through to the next election and haunt this govt at every turn they try to make in justifying ignoring its own citizens.

          You’d have to be a moron not to see that.

          • OOPSEY…made a mistake…my humble apologies . Its 178.7 million over 4 years for the SIS and GSCB.

            But the difference is an apology costs nothing – unlike the social costs of having poverty levels so that whole family’s live in cars.

    • Try another gig Dave. You are clearly way out in left field.
      You do not ” piss people off ” – just bore us to tears.
      Your hate of Labour and your misrepresenting them is shameful.

  18. Certainly ACT will work with whomever is the majority party after the next election. ACT would prefer National, but ACT would certainly consider working any other major party, or major coalition.

    ACT has a lot to offer New Zealand taxpayers, besides partnership schools. Best of all is our 20-20-20 tax policy that will help make new Zealand a fairer society. 20% business and personal tax and 20% GST will make sure that tourists, immigrants and speculators pay their fair share of tax.

    So, whether it’s John Key, Judith Collins, Andrew Little, Metiria Turei and James Shaw, ACT will work with all parties for a fairer, more decent society where everyone pays their fair share.

    A vote for ACT, is a vote for a visionary 20-20-20 future.

      • Hey. I thought there was an attempt made by Labour and the left to distance it’s self from there Rogernomics past.

        But hey, see-more. If you want ACT to turn its coat inside out again then eat your little heart out.

        • Still deflecting, Dave?

          Key’s popularity is bleeding away. Too many scandals. Too many of his Ministers inept. Too much corporate welfare.

          And in the meantime, poverty, homelessness, stagnating wages, soaring house prices and rentals, are all hitting New Zealanders in their pockets.

          Not that you’d care.You just another loyal Key sycophant.

  19. If he does leave (as seems likely), how do you think Hawaii will handle the subsequent droves of Kiwi conservatives arriving there wishing to worship at his financially fortunate Key Institute?

    • Providing they have work or student visa’s they should do just fine. However …if they wish to camp outside Keys residence, they may be moved along on vagrancy bylaws to prevent homelessness.

      That would be interesting, now , wouldn’t it…

  20. Deflecting, no. News today of an 82 year old and partner living in a van for 9 years is disgusting, piss poor on the government and piss poor if labour dont make a meal out of it.

  21. I voted for Key in 2008 and 2011 (I was overseas in 2014 and not close to a polling station).

    Never again. I’ll probably vote Labour or NZ First, but hell will freeze over before I vote for Key again. It took me a while to get there, but I’ve realised that the guy is an untrustworthy charlatan who looks after his mates only.

    I apologise deeply for my actions in 2008 and 2011.

  22. I spoke with an Aussie acquaintance who said “You Kiwis put up with a lot, but look out when you really get riled up!” The electorate is getting riled up about John Key and National and ACT and United Future and the Maori Party.

    We bought John Key’s story hook, line and sinker – poor boy from Christchurch, with a solo mum who made it. We get it – like the British did with John Major, poor boy, makes good in spite of his humble beginning. We too could make it like John and David and Dick Whittington and his cat, off to make our way too, but with a social safety net if we got mugged, or lost our way.

    And let’s face it, when John Key’s story was losing tarnish and he was pulling waitress’s hair, Paul Bennett trotted our her social rags to riches story of being a DPB Mum, who put herself through Uni and made it. DPB Mums all over NZ could aspire to be ‘like Paula’, with a social safety net if bubby got sick, or the car broke down on the way to Uni. I get it, I get John’s and Paula’s stories. Vote for National, we’re from poor backgrounds and you can do it too.

    But what have they done, John and Paula? They are dismantling every social safety net that was integral to their well-being, and denying it to current generations. J & P got out of the mire, up into the battlements and pulled the ladder up behind them. “Hypocrites,” mumbled the poor. “F*cking hypocrites!”, railed the bloggers.

    Housing bubble, speculating Chinese, rampant unchecked immigration and unfair tax burden have all eroded the social safety net where no-one could ever do a John or a Paula again.

    I don’t buy the bullshit from them now. I’m riled up and so are other Kiwis.

  23. You’re naive Winnie. What we have here is straight from the right-wing neoliberal smoke and mirrors handbook.

    Disguise your real agenda with a ‘down-to-earth-bloke like John, who came from a low-class beginning’, or a ‘ woman who made good when she wasn’t dealt all the cards a man has, like Paula’.

    Put women in charge of social services, then set them about dismantling the social services. It’s hard to call them a heartless bastard, when the heartless bastard is a woman. And when the woman stuffs up, rearrange the deckchairs on the SS National-ACT-United-Maori-Party-PartyTitanic .

    Buy the media and put right-wing numpties like Henry, Hosking and Gower in charge to promote the party line and tell us the five things we need to know today. Constructively dismiss John Campbell as a warning to any lefties who think they might have the temerity to challenge the 5 things we don’t need to know today.

    Any other “strategies” from the National-ACT-United-Maori-Party-Party handbook I might have missed?

    • You Kiwis are just a few months away from your population becoming like citizens of the current US: p-addicts, precariat, unneccessariat or refugeeariat…..

      “This, like shifting the chronically jobless from “unemployed” to “disabled” is seen as a major improvement in status, at least on television. [Or shifting homeless to the regions]

      Every four years some political ingenue decides that the solution to “poverty” is “retraining”: for the information economy, except that tech companies only hire Stanford grads, or for health care, except that an abundance of sick people doesn’t translate into good jobs for nurses’ aides, or nowadays for “the trades” as if the world suffered a shortage of plumbers. “

      From After the precariat, the unnecessariat: the humans who are superfluous to corporations:

      What you’ll probably get in NZ politics is an ersatz Trump figure, who will thrive and prosper on anti-immigration and building a wall around New Zealand – eh Winston?

  24. I watched Newshub tonight, and saw that the US are sending a nuclear ship to New Zealand for the navy celebrations.

    75% of those New Zealanders asked, wanted nuclear ships here.

    This is attributable to our Prime Minister and his popularity. So it’s settled. New Zealand is now officially back in the “nuclear club”. We will sleep safer under a National Party and its coalition partners of ACT, United Future and the Maori Party.

    It’s a great day for democracy in Aotearoa.

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