Waatea 5th Estate – Who owns the water?



Joining us to discuss who owns the water…

From the New Zealand Centre for Political Research,  Don Brash

On the phone from Canterbury University David Round.

Lead Advisor on Water Interests and Rights, Donna Flavell.

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And in studio former Hone Harawira.


  1. That was awkward… I don’t think Willie was very prepared for this one, perhaps some more research is required.

    Hone can’t debate. David Round can’t be civil. Very messy.

  2. This is what it looks like when the white elites are asked to give an inch. How do social democrat’s in this country sleep at night? They will not let you take away their privileged, anyone who thinks you can vote in a government for the people, by the people, is living in la la land.

    Want proof, watch this.

    David Round and Don Brash, used every trick in the book to justify their position and power. The utter disregard of Maori was contemptuous. The treatment of Willie was bloody disgraceful. They were not their for a debate, they were there to roll over anyone who disagreed with them.

    • Maori must be left in charge here as we will loose everything as most others have overseas if we leave it up to the “Market Forces sell all Government. This is from a pakeha.

  3. Couldn’t watch too much of this so bailed out after 10 mins.

    What an embarrassment for Canterbury University having David Round air his views about the Treaty of Waitangi. I can’t believe he is a lecturer at a public university! It is like we have gone back in time to the 1950’s.

    I have to say we need Martyn back, pronto and stop the hard right wingers airing their views, we already hear enough from mainstream media. Waatea would be more successful as a platform for centre left views and ideas specialising in Maori issues.

    It is pretty clear Maori will be undermined in any treaty benefits under TPP for a start. You heard the lawyer and how he thinks. National have been going a while undermining Maori using death by 1000 cuts so not to alarm. The Maori party may be at the table but they are supporting a party to destroy their people.

    It is sad that Hone is out of parliament. Justice is just not being done any more in NZ.

    Brash is too old and set in his ways to even understand the treaty. Best leave him be and not give him a platform to campaign on. Culturally, he simply does not understand anything but money, as the motivator for human life.

    This is a cultural clash that just wastes everyones time by airing.

  4. http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/bastion-point—the-untold-story-1999

    ……. And the theft goes on.

    With the fecal pollution and nitrates poisoning our rivers …… the free and natural pleasure of swimming in them has been stolen from poor kids and all other New Zealanders……. so a few could try and get wealthy.

    We should also note it is not Maori that is causing our children to get large debts up to $50,000 dollars or more debts on something that was free not long ago ( higher education )……….

    It would be the rich using tax havens ….. or those attempting 2.2 Billion dollar frauds/thefts from our government revenue as Johns john (Shewan) almost got away with that causes student debt … and underfunded health boards …. and frozen police budgets ,,, etc etc etc http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/8515361/Money-trail-leads-home-to-New-Zealand …. The also block access to beaches and donate to the the national party ( its in the link).

    It is also not Maori who are speculating ALL of our children out of any chance of owning their own homes here in New Zealand …….. that would be greedy speculators and a system which allows the exploitation and exclusion of honest hard working people from our housing “market”…… some National party donors are getting extremely rich from this present setup.

    I think Don Brash is a dishonest disgrace….. http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/the-hollow-men-2008

    Privileged rich old white men like him and his obnoxious mate claiming they are discriminated against just looked like toffs having a go at racist dog whistling to me.

    P.s I heard a rumor the Don Brash and Ansell have been going to meetings at a NZ chapter of the KKK …. :0

    Its very hard to prove though……. as when they put the white pointy hoods on …. it becomes ‘ racists anonymous ‘.

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