Waatea 5th Estate Friday political wrap up


Joining us tonight to discuss Key’s Trust, housing affordability, prison populations and begging…
Shadow General Attorney and Labour Party MP – David Parker
Blogger, MANA Party official and speaker at this weekends national hui on state housing – Tim Selwyn
And one of this country’s best newspaper columnists, our regular Friday night correspondent – Rachel Stewart


  1. 5 stars!!! Excellent debate. I do disagree with David Parker saying that the Justice system is the least corrupt. The NZ justice system is corrupt and broken and there are some very dodgy judges that need to be exposed that shouldn’t be let near a courtroom.. Rachel Stewart is spot on. It didn’t take John key long, just 7 and half years, to turn NZ into the failure like the US and the UK. Loving your show Martyn !!!

  2. thanks Martyn and to the panel sharing important information on #panamapapers that is not being covered in depth by the hopeless corrupt MSM in this country. All the best for this amazing and important independent multi media platform, i am letting people know there is another option for getting real news and hearing the many diverse voices out there that make up our beautiful country, once again cheers Martyn and team.

  3. @muzza – ‘….these people’? – obviously the divide and conquer tactics are working for some.
    Muzza, if you hadn’t noticed, New Zealand is seriously lacking in well informed political debate ( bit like we had in the ‘old days’) so really you should be overjoyed ‘these people’ are actually trying provide that.

  4. Great episode. Was pleased Tim actually had the guts to mention the “M” word in regards to Auckland’s housing un affordability! Allowing 40,000 plus migrants per year into Auckland and 67,000 new people throughout NZ is clearly going to create a shortage of houses. Over nearly a decade we are at breaking point. Not to mention the lack of jobs, the in real terms wage decline, unemployment in NZ and overstretched social services such as hospitals, schools and prisons.

    Parker came across well, but if we want to work out why Labour are not resonating part of it is what politicians are saying. Firstly Parker asserts that most people rent now, but is that true? (aren’t 65% of Kiwis still home owners?), secondly not mentioning the sell off of state houses under National, thirdly appearing to blame Auckland’s for the crisis not government not wanting to turn Auckland into a wasteland of overpriced leaky crap spec apartments and McMansions for migrants which is National’s INC. vision of Auckland, fourthly in spite of the 25 Ha of land and the SHA (i.e. land freed up) no affordable houses have been created so far Ie the land is NOT the reason for lack of affordability instead either zero houses have been built, or those build are not affordable.

    In my view, the pondered view of why Natz are popular with voters are because through expensive housing, sell off of state houses and immigration strategy they are socially cleaning Auckland of more left leaning voters. And if you look at wiki under election fraud, many of the actions of National seem suspicious as electoral fraud…


    “Immigration law may also be used to manipulate electoral demography.

    The composition of an electorate may also be altered by disenfranchising some types of people, rendering them unable to vote. In some cases, this may be done at a legislative level, for example by passing a law banning prison inmates (or even former prison inmates),….. Since this is done by lawmakers, it cannot be election fraud, but may subvert the purposes of democracy. This is especially so if members of the disenfranchised group were particularly likely to vote a certain way.”

    “Corrupt election officials may misuse voting regulations such as a literacy tests….”

    Seems Bill English’s “pretty hopeless’ assessment of young Kiwi men, has an even greater purpose for National… can’t read, can’t vote.

    In real terms with the sell off of state houses and rising rents and house prices, poorer people more likely to vote Labour are being forced out of Auckland which controls 1/3 of the electoral vote.

    Paula Bennet only narrowly kept her electoral seat. It seems that under National’s active policy West Auckland will have less people on social welfare and more people in $800,000 homes.

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