Malcolm Evans – TPPA


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  1. The only gain NZders will see out of TTPA is more propaganda and more derision of those who oppose our loss of power.

    When the corporate MSM are more powerful than armies, corporations create greater servitude, poverty and crime as them bleed the system aggregating ownership and more income from every aspect of the world we live in.

    The same old group running banks, wars and business. A well establish clan passing the reins of power and money down through their closely knit families with few others eligible to join.

    They know we won’t / can’t revolt as we are strung by the short and curlies.

  2. This cartoon makes a good point. This is really economic imperialism by stealth. We have been sold to foreign corporations by our so called government or should we call them the proxy US government in New Zealand? Its so hard to tell…..

  3. Spot on there Malcolm.

    Indeed a very fine line exists between corporations and armies. Both have the capabilities to destroy whoever/whatever gets in their way!

    Speaking of which and I’ve mentioned this before, because of the secrecy with the details of the TPPA, methinks there might be a mutual defence clause involved!

    So I dread to think what FJK and Groser have signed us up to!

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