TV3 ratings meltdown continues for ‘Story’


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And the ratings meltdown at TV3 continues…

Story not closing ratings gap on Seven Sharp
New TV3 current affairs show Story has failed to make a dent in Seven Sharp’s ratings dominance in its first seven weeks on the air.

Story, co-hosted by Heather du Plessis-Allan and Duncan Garner, was chosen to replace Campbell Live after TV3’s owners, Mediaworks, undertook a review earlier this year which looked at ways to “improve the commercial performance of the 7pm timeslot”, in the words of group head of news Mark Jennings.

…NZers outraged at the way TV3 management killed off Campbell Live for the National Party (a claim that was not denied last night at the Ika Table Talk) have decided to boycott TV3 and that is hurting the entire network.

If the Fourth Estate are going to be mere mouthpieces for power rather than challenge it, then they don’t deserve our support.

You reap what you sow.


  1. Absolute clowns getting rid of Campbell Live.

    I am sure the shareholders are rapt Key managed to get Weldon and Christie to ditch Campbell.

    MSM investigative journalism does not exist anymore.

  2. i don’t think the ratings plunge for story is down to any sustained boycott by campbell-fans.. is more that it is such a crap show..on so many levels..

    ..i actually watch a fan of trainwreck-television..of television so bad that watching it has/brings little joys of its’ own..

    ..the (in the main) utterly banal/crap non-stories..the way those non-stories are handled..

    ..the (non)-relationship between the co-hosts..the dumb-shite that comes out of du plessis allen..garner striving mightily against the odds to make something out of nothing..

    (as a marker of would drag me screaming and yelling to watch hoskings..that is never-go territory..)

    ..and of course it/story will die soon..(put out of its’ misery..on humanitarian grounds..)

    ..but i intend to see it through..television this bad cannot go unmarked..

    • lol…ever thought of being a tv critic?…personally apart from those mayday air crash disaster series …i dont go near nz tv…

    • You are absolutely right, it is mostly crap that is presented on “Story” (“what story”). I watched the first episodes, which were hyped up in desperation, to gain some attention.

      Over time I have noticed that Duncan Garner is not as frequently on the show now, he must either sense it is a failure, or is too tired after his also not that thrilling “Drive Show” on Radio Live(ing Dead).

      The program will be canned soon, I suspect, and be replaced by more light hearted rubbish. We are already facing another run of ‘The Block’, so what else will they squeeze in?

      More and more use the internet, and cannot bother with TV, unless it offers some real competition. And that is, strangely that, where TVNZ seem to be doing a lot better than TV3 now, in mornings and evenings (for the news at least).

      I think Heather will regret having left TVNZ.

  3. Absolutely, Martyn. Anybody (including even me!) could have pointed out what would happen to their precious lowest-common-denominator approach. But being the vindictive little shit I am, I also hope it hurts! 🙂

  4. “If the Fourth Estate are going to be mere mouthpieces for power rather than challenge it, then they don’t deserve our support”

    True, but Mike Natboy Hosking on 7# isn’t any better, is he? I’ve never watched it.

    I watched Story about twice. Absolutely pathetic.

  5. Martyn – you’re dreaming!

    Nobody but you and half a dozen of your mates give and damn about Campbell or Campbell Live. It was just superficial twaddle whose only function was to allow advertisers to access our minds.

    Please understand this: Broadcast TV is a dying industry, just like newspapers.

    TV3 in particular is a dead man walking. Redundancies can’t be far away.

  6. Under Jonkey doodle dandy Yankee regime we will be blasted with the remnants of “The voice of America” as they brainwash us to assimilate to their end goal of NZ becoming the 51st State after Hawaii in 1959.

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