Open letter to Kim Dotcom



Kia ora Kim,

Good luck with defending the government’s extradition case against you this week. Whatever the outcome in the District Court I’m sure it will end up in the Supreme Court eventually so there’ll be a lot of water to go under the bridge yet.

You are facing the wealth, power and wrath of corporate America because you provided an efficient means for people to share files on line which allegedly included some copyrighted songs and movies as is done on many internet platforms.

But instead of taking a civil claim against you Hollywood’s corporate moguls want to make an example of you. They want you in jail forever as the modern-day equivalent of the body left hanging on the scaffold for the vultures or the severed head on a pike… Don’t mess with us is their Mafiosi-type message.

The political environment in which your case is heard is more critical than what the law says. A case of alleged copyright infringement has no basis for extradition hence the desperate claims of “conspiracy” and “racketeering”. If our courts have honesty, courage and backbone they will toss this out as a corporate-inspired abuse of legal process.

The truly embarrassing aspect is just how our GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) and police fell over themselves to help out corporate America with their keystone-cops raid on your home. That’s an issue which will be addressed only when New Zealand withdraws from the five eyes network and develops an independent foreign policy. It won’t happen tomorrow but it will happen.

Your millions and uber-capitalist lifestyle are a turnoff to me but during the election campaign I was impressed with what I took as your genuine commitment to the progressive policies of Internet MANA. Had you wanted us to change MANA policies – even with a single comma – we wouldn’t have had a bar of any relationship with the Internet Party. From our point of view your campaign donations that came with no strings attached were welcome. In contrast Labour and National’s very existence depends on corporate money which in turn depends on them adopting corporate-friendly policies.

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I have always disagreed with your analysis of the election outcome. It was not your so-called “poisonous politics” which defeated Internet MANA or lost Hone Harawira his seat as MANA MP. In fact the strategy MANA adopted in our decision to go into a strategic alliance with the Internet Party was a successful strategy. Hone gained more votes in last year’s election than he gained in the previous 2011 election and Internet MANA gained significantly more party votes than MANA received by itself in 2011.

(Hone’s vote in Te Tai Tokerau increased from 8,121 in 2011 to 8,969 in 2014 while the MANA vote in the Maori electorates increased from 25,889 to 29,207. The Internet MANA party vote increased by roughly 50% from the MANA 2011 party vote – up from 24,168 to 34,094)

What lost Hone his seat was the political establishment of right-wing Labour MPs, the Prime Minister, National Party, Maori Party and Winston Peters all urging their supporters to back Labour MP Kelvin Davis. For most of the Labour Party leadership the highest priority at the election was to drive MANA out of parliament. Had Labour been able to get close to government it would have needed the extra seats Internet MANA could have brought to a Labour-Green-Internet MANA government. However Kelvin Davis preferred to be a backbench MP in a losing party than be part of a winning team to change the government.

Despite the election outcome I remain proud of the risk MANA took in the relationship with the Internet Party. We did so with our eyes open and as I said that aspect of our campaign was successful.

I think where the Internet Party made a serious error of judgement was in the handling of the “moment of truth” meeting at the Town Hall a week out from the election. It was a “moment of truth” in its revelations of mass surveillance of New Zealanders by the US National Security Agency but this was buried in the media’s expectation of a more detailed revelation of John Key’s knowledge of your case much earlier than he claimed.

In any case that issue was never going to go far. Key has lied and dissembled so often about his memory on a whole range of issues that he would simply have shrugged his shoulders and most media would have accepted it and moved on quickly.

Fixated as they are on trivial political sideshows the mainstream media ignored the issue of mass surveillance and launched a tsunami of negative publicity – led by the Herald and TV3 – which swamped the Internet MANA campaign and dropped the party vote to less than two percent when it had been up to four percent a month earlier.

Your case has already been of importance to this country in helping reveal the extent of lying and illegal mass surveillance of New Zealanders conducted by the GCSB.

This week it will be important for another reason. It will be a litmus test not of yourself and your internet activities but of just how independent our courts are.

Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui.


  1. Well said John, Kim Dot Com is of more value to New Zealand than John Key has ever been and ever will be.
    Can you get a crowd together to stand in silent support of Kim outside the courts,it would help Kim to know he has support and show the courts that they are being monitored in this farce of American big business theft,they will try to kill off all competition in any way they can,and John Key will do his best to make extradition possible under orders from big business.

    • One wonders what planet you are on. KDC popular??? His true popularity was exposed at the last election, pretty much zero. Simply the disillusioned are attracted to the crook, more so to take advantage to leach onto anyone fighting against the establishment.

  2. Agreed, the idea of having Hone, Annette and yourself in parliament was too much of a threat across the board.
    Perversely, it demonstrated how the various parties can indeed work together but sadly only where their self-interest was at stake.

  3. Once again John Minto cuts to the bone to reveal the truth about NZ being in bed with Corporate America…as he has been doing for over 30 years (even though our PM can’t remember his position during the Springbok protest). May justice prevail in the KDC case.

    • Jonkey is a puppet for far more than just the US corporate elite.
      His connections go way beyond what we think or are aware of.
      Slippery and slimy and a ” man in disguise of a corporation. ”

      We NZ citizens are so far down on his list of priorities. His photo ops reign supreme and look how close he gets to Obama in most of those photos.
      Both good little puppets doing just as they are told based solely in mega-corporate international Greed. Tppa must be stopped and the truth will come out that Kim Dotcom is not a crook, far from it.

  4. (this is an open letter i have penned to john minto (and hone harawira) in reponse to the above letter from minto to dotcom..)

    yes john..that is all well and good..

    ..but as you still seem unaware of/are not noting the self-inflicted reason for defeat in 2014..

    ..i feel it is my duty to bring it to your attention..(lest these mistakes be

    ..and it is some way away from the (equally valid) reasons for defeat you cite.. you are well aware..the internet party worked up an advertising-campaign for their legalisation of cannabis policies..(mana policy was for med-pot..and we all know how we barely had i digress..)

    ..but this multi-media end prohibition campaign never ran..the reason being because hone harawira (following his prohibitionist-beliefs..)..threw a bit of a wobbly..

    ..and demanded it not be used/pulled…he did not want the ‘association’ with i understand it…and this duly happened.. that series of facts in mind…factor in the number of votes hone harawira lost by…

    ..and then tell/prove to me that had that multi-media end pot-prohibition campaign gone out..

    ..that there would not be (many!) more than that number of pot-smokers/supporters of ending cannabis prohibition.. in an electorate stretching from west auckland up to cape reinga…?

    ..about a thousand votes..wasn’t it..?

    ..that’s just unbelievable..! there would not be over a thousand people between west ak and cape reinga who would vote to support such a

    so..he/internet/mana would have romped harawira/harre/yrslf would now be sitting in parliament..(do the maths..!.)..(doh..! can that not be the case..? to my mind…yes..all that ugly shit/betrayals from outside/supposed allies that you detail went down..

    ..but had harawira not blocked that would have mattered for

    ..he/you/harre would now be mp’s… many ways..when you look at this…it is clear that the defeat suffered by harawira/internet/

    ..was entirely self-inflicted..and entirely avoidable.. his reactionary-demands/insistance around cannabis-policy..harawira was the author of his own defeat.. is such a shame so many others/so much had to lose as

    ..and i repeat..i note all this because it seems to not figure in the rationale for defeat you present..

    ..and frankly it horrifies me that this main reason for defeat is seemingly being excised from history/memory..

    ..and also..most important…that it not happen again in

    ..y’know..!..those who fail to learn from ‘history’..etc

    (and funny story..! do know it was the cannabis-vote that first got the green party over the line and into’s a shame we did not have that same

    ..for mana it was reactionary-issues on/towards cannabis..that stopped them from getting over the line..

    ..that’s almost irony-overdose material right there…eh…?..)

    • if those who seem to disagree with what i say..could detail their unpacking of my thesis..that could help..and would be appreciated..(i don’t bite..)

      ..’cos i have looked at this every which way..

      ..and i just can’t get past the maths of the number of votes harawira lost by..

      ..and the number of voters (between west ak and cape reinga remember..!..)..who ..had that multi-media end cannabis prohibition ad-campaign gone ahead.. gone out..who would have put down the bong long enough to go and vote for internet/mana..

      ..remembering that it was only about a thousand that were needed.. if someone can prove me wrong on that..please do..

      • Agreed. The way Hone handled the cannabis issue was OTT I thought.
        And the reaction rather than the belief made me think twice about voting for IMP. But yes KDC was not responsible for the party’s loss. The Major negative impact was news media demonization of him. Those little sound bites really got the unthinking public scared – as intended. But the other stuff that happened made me think twice ( Georgina Bayer’s candidacy as well – again a Hone decision?) so I wasted a party vote on Labour a party I swore I would never vote for ever again – but I did.

        • The decision to let the limelight seeking Georgina stand was made by the executive of Mana not by Hone alone.

          Anyone who voted for Labour is frankly silly, they have no vision and they are a fractured party. Until they get rid of King, Goff, Mallard and the rest of the neo-liberal supporters they are doomed in my view.

      • It seemed to have lost by the Mana voters turned away, etc, and votes that were not accepted due to the polling booth antics and skulduggery.

    • You fail to take into account the number of people who did vote for Mana, who would have changed their vote if Mana had come out against prohibition. If it’s such a sure fire vote catcher, maybe you could explain the repeated failure of the Aotearoa Legalize Cannabis Party? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to dope smoking, but I think you have to recognize that Hone is a far smarter political operator than you are.

      • the alcp is a one-issue party..and aside from registering a protest vote..a vote for them is that is a false-equivalence..

        ..i wd also note the widespread support for ending cannabis prohibition..(see recent posting here from fowlie that detailed recent polls..over 70% support for ending prohibition about the average..i believe..) is a minority who still want prohibition..

        ..and maybe a handful of people wd have opposed that campaign..

        ..but those voters..(from west ak to cape reinga..) who would have come out and voted in response to that smart campaign..would have far outweighed that small number.. many pot-smokers from west ak to cape reinga..?..d’yareckon..?

        ..and harawira may be a ‘far smarter political operator’ than me..

        (i can’t really see how that dents my thesis in this all..)

        ..but in this case he wasn’t thinking politically..

        ..and as the outcome/numbers show/prove…he blew it..

        ..and he really needs to face up to acknowledge his mistake..

        • nobody has been able to come up with any challenges to the thesis i presented..

          ..the facts/numbers stand..

          ..but think far i have only focused on harawiras’ seat when assesing the impact of those prohibitionist demands..and their role in his (self-inflicted) defeat..

          ..but think..if that multimedia end-cannabis prohibition campaign had run..

 many party-votes would int/mana have received from pot-smokers all over the land..?

          ..difficult to quantify..but common logic would dictate a reasonably serious number..(especially in a country where repeated polling shows over 70% of nz’ers support ending prohibition..a smart/clever multi-media campaign could have well appealed to many of them..)

 following that ‘logic’ would seem to dictate that not only would hone harawira now be sitting in parliament..with a serious number of int/mana list mp’s with him..

          ..but john key would not now be prime minister..

          ..(and that is some serious/sobering shit there..!..)

          ..john key owes his third term in parliament to the prohibitionist/reactionary demands of perhaps the man key most hates/loathes..hone harawira

          ..(now..that is way way past irony-overdose territory..and borders on fucken my mind..)

          ..and of course..referring back to the other causes for defeat/treachery cited by minto…

 fucken achingly dumb were they..?..those labour and nz first neoliberal clowns who engineered that coup against their ally..harawira..

 harawira..they engineered their own eventual defeat..

          ..feckin’ idjits..! of them..!

          ..i hope john key sent them all a big thank-you!

’s the least he could do..

          ..and of course..harawira and all those labour/nz first clowns get special ‘hole-in-foot-awards’

’s the least that can be done for them..

      • i write how i speak..what can i say..?…eh..?

        (btw..have i told you how much ‘lol’ annoys me..?’s a funny old

        ..and don’t get me started on that false-affectation of over-use capital letters you clearly still

        ..and i’ll bet you persist with the sniveling-comma..don’t

        • Capitals show where a new sentence or paragraphs begins; and commas make the writing readable, as they provide a required pause. Then the reader does not have to go re-read the writing to make sense of it.

          • capital letters are all part of the false/class-ridden/driven honorific – akin to mr etc..(you are a peasant..but have a capital letter/meaningless-title as a sop to yr sensibilities/sensitivities..)

            ..and comma are the road-cones of the written word..

            ..totally (over)-used..and when they are used..there are invariably far more of them than is needed..

            ..if you read aloud – pausing for each of those sound like dial-up broadband..

   i said..i try to write as i

            • as for commas..@ whoar i strip them out of the teasers/excerpts for the links i post..and they look/read much better..

              ..and there i often find that commas are out of control..

              ..and as i re-edit..stripping the commas and using the rythms of the words..i often find the need to put a break..using – or .. where there previously was none..but where one is clearly needed..

              ..that is how much the comma pollutes the written word..

              ..and it’s so bloody ugly..!..

              ..and don’t get me stated on the semi-colon..that totally un-natural/forced mash-up..that takes ugliness/awkwardness in punctuation to a new level..

              ..but on the other hand..the beauty/simplicity/efficiency of the a delight/joy to behold/use..

          • the punctuation does not make this writers words flow therefore it is hard to follow his argument, therefore he is easy to dismiss – sorry

    • Well said Phil, a timely reminder. Hone is a bigot and a blowhard. The Greens, having got into Parliament thanks to the cannabis vote, proceeded to shaft Nandor and ignore cannabis law reform in an effort to be more “mainstream”. Meanwhile, poll after poll shows a large majority of the public want a sensible cannabis law, yet no party has picked up the issue and run with it. Why?

      • that ‘why?’ to me harry is one of the political-mysteries of our time..

        ..over 70% of nz’ers want prohibition to end..(they just vary in solutions..from med-pot only to full-legalisation..but that 70% want the prohibition to end..)

        ..yet no political party has the testicular/ovarian-fortitude to champion that cause..and thus cash in on that issue-support..(!)

        (and yes..i include the greens in that..their betrayal of those who first got them there is shakesperian in fucken treachery/betrayal..

        ..and their total non-promotion of that med-pot bill..and this issue ‘not being on their top ten to-do list’ just last year..sits them firmly in the do-nothing! corner..)

        and as you ask..w.t.f. are they scared of..?

        ..with the greens..we have a party getting 10% of the vote..disowning a policy supported by over 70% of the population..(!)

        ..that is political stupidity/ineptitude/cowardice on an epic scale..

        • remind me again how many votes the ALCP got Phil, because if your argument is true, they would have been close to 4% in the last election wouldn’t they?

          • the alcp question was answered further up the thread..

   reprise..the alcp is a single-issue party ..suitable only for registering a protest vote..not a real vote for change..and as such is a wasted vote..

            ..voters know this..hence the low-level of support they get..

            ..(tho’ that int/mana did not reach out to alcp to attempt to garner that vote..was another ‘mistake’ my mind..)

            • so this massive tide of cannabis voters that you speak of don’t care THAT much about the issue to actually vote for a party that is solely focused on it? MANA-Internet were going to reform cannabis law, Hone’s issue was that it shouldn’t detract from the Feed the Kids policy that was for him the most important issue.

              • i am surprised that you are surprised..and that false-equivalence..

                ..single-issue parties have never had any history of success in nz..alcp is/was a wasted-vote..

                ..and re feed the kids..?

                ..i didn’t realise it was either/or..?

                ..nah..!..sorry..!..harawiras prohibitionist-demands came from his own prejudices/beliefs..

              • ‘..this massive tide of cannabis voters that you speak of’..

                just in the interests of accuracy/record…i don’t recall ever saying ‘massive tide’..

                ..i posited that in a country where over 70% of the people support ending cannabis prohibition..

                ..that a coherent/clever multi-media campaign arguing that case..would be likely to connect with quite a few of those people..inspiring them to vote..

                ..i also noted that number was unquantifiable..

                ..but seeing we are talking about only about a thousand votes between defeat and victory..

       wouldn’t really have taken ‘a massive tide’

      • Harry you’re dreaming, the Greens did not get in because of the cannabis vote, they got in because the penny has finally dropped primarily environmental matters. To suggest Nandor wa shafted is rubbish, if he had been he wouldn’t have come back in after Rod Donald died. I too want the legalisation of cannabis – tho I have never tried it myself – but to me there are many many more important issues than this. I suggest that if you like Hone lived in the far North you too might have second thoughts however about legalising it.
        What Phillip is saying is silly, not political party is going to champion the cause because there are many many causes more important.

        • I lived in the Far North for 15 years. The notion that cannabis is some kind of dire social problem in the area is complete bullshit. Hone, being a bullshit artist, embraces this particular variety of bullshit.

          Numerous polls show huge majorities support cannabis law reform. In light of that, explain to me why no party will take up the issue.

          As for “more important” issues – it’s nice to know you don’t care about tyranny if it doesn’t affect you personally.

  5. +100

    It’s the absurdity and injustice of it that really gets me.

    Good luck to Dotcom – do we still have justice in this country? How far has the depraved US style political system come to dominate our country? How can someone be illegally spied on, money taken, 70 armed defenders arresting him, hounded and be extradited for a civil claim by big media in a country that he does not live in or have offices in?

    Even in the USA Bernie Sanders is saying US style lobbying has gone too far. Big business has gone too far. For F sake – we have elderly TV personalities that love to fire people, about try for US presidency and allowing the current president to be called a foreign born Muslim in media circuses. What the hell’s going to happen when he gets to put his thumb on the Nuke button? Instead of You’re fired – it is just FIRE – they are NUTS! Now muslim kids are being arrested for making clocks in the US. Justice is now absent for many, when state resourced officials are out of control and drunk on power and cronyism and low on intelligence and the law.

    The Dotcom saga is just part of this circus of power corruption.

    And I agree – the Internet MANA was successful – and the left’s and right attack on such a fledgling party unfounded.

    I also don’t blame the MOT either – it was a very well co ordinated smear campaign and Labour and the Greens fell for it too, – but does not make it wrong to speak out against mass surveillance.

    Democracy is about choice supposedly. And what is happening to Dotcom in this country is not right and he deserves an apology and one to his kids and all the others arrested that day based on illegal spying.

    • and all the others arrested that day based on illegal spying.

      Although illegal spying was used to try and support the attack it wasn’t based upon it. It was based upon the hatred of the US corporations of people bypassing their control.

  6. Meanwhile …still waiting for NZ Labour Party to effusively congratulate Jeremy Corbyn and to take note of the 30,000 ( and more) people who have signed up to the UK Labour Party since his win.
    They sit mutely by …happy to collect a pay packet while filling opposition benches maybe ?

  7. Great letter John! Kim Dotcom’s story reminds me of St. Augustine tale of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great. The Emperor angrily asked the pirate, “How dare you molest the seas?” To which the pirate replied, “How dare you molest the whole world? Because I do it with a small boat, I am called a pirate and a thief. You, with a great navy, molest the world and are called an emperor.” The quote is from Noam Chomsky’s book “Pirates and Emperors-old and new”. The media in NZ vilified Kim Dotcom and constantly referred to him as the “giant German millionaire” without ever discussing or establishing the need to protect ourselves from the destructive role of the “empire” (Hollywood and other multinationals).It is disgraceful to welcome someone to our country because he is a millionaire only to go on and vilify him because of it.Kim Dotcom’s contributions to NZ deserve much praise and acknowledgement. I wish him best of luck.

  8. Thank you John for this acknowledgement of Kim Dotcom. As a foundation member of Mana party I have been shocked at the lack of (public) support he has received from Mana and in particular the leader Hone Harawira. This letter is well overdue. You fairness and dignity is most welcome!

  9. Internet Mana campaigned for the rights of children, but then had man charged with raping a girl under 12 working for their campaign….

    “Leaked Parliamentary documents show he’s one of three men hired by Mr Harawira who have either been convicted of, or ended up accused of sexual offence charges.
    Patrick Rivers, who goes by the name Mangu Awarau, is one of Mr Harawira’s closest friends. He was part of the Internet Mana campaign and spoke at Mr Harawira’s election night function, just days after being charged with raping a girl younger than the age of 12.

    Read more:

      • Does the term being ‘stood down’ pending the result of an investigation mean anything for you?

        Or do you think the young girl is probably ‘lying’ and it’s perfectly acceptable to be paying and employing people charged with raping young children while campaigning on fixing family violence.

        • Does the term “innocent until proven otherwise” mean anything to you?

          I don’t determine a person’s guilt. That’s up to a court of law.

          Or does several hundred years of jurisprudence meant nothing to you – especially when a “leftie” is involved? Hmmm, I thought you Right-wingers were big on Law & Order?

          • Right-Wingers are big on retribution which they call Law and Order – and that’s about it.

            Justice? That’s a Left-wing, mealy-mouthed concept.

          • Really.

            So you think teachers accused of molesting pupils should be able to continue teaching until ‘found guilty’?

            What about Doctors accused of raping patients? allowed to continue practicing? after all innocent until found guilty.

            What kind of message do you think it sent to the young girl brave enough to stand up and make a statement to see her ‘alleged’ rapist standing proud next to Hone on T.V. But hey, she’s probably just lying right?

            • But hey, she’s probably just lying right?

              You’re putting words in my mouth I never said, in a rather cheap attempt to bolster your own position.

              If we followed your hysterical guilty-until-proven-innocent theme, I could accuse you of any number of vile crimes, Jollo. What would be your defense?

        • @ Jollo – so how do you feel about the “prominent NZer” then? You know the one, supported and promoted by the power brokers, being paid from the public purse, before standing down and eventually resigning his position, a situation resulting in a byelection!

    • Perfumes are toxic as J Key & co.

      Quote from;

      “The average fragrance product tested contained 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label,” reports EWG, which analyzed the Campaign’s data. “Among them are chemicals associated with hormone disruption and allergic reactions, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety in personal care products.”

      EWG adds that some of the undisclosed ingredients are chemicals “with troubling hazardous properties or with a propensity to accumulate in human tissues.” Examples include diethyl phthalate, a chemical found in 97 percent of Americans and linked to sperm damage in human epidemiological studies, and musk ketone, which concentrates in human fat tissue and breast milk.

      Why not spray Jonkey & co with it?

    • “It’s not going to be easy, as NZL is Americanized,”

      Spelling now fixed for you, courtesy Microsoft Corp. I was incentivized to reach out to you on this, or you might have gotten into a bad habit.

  10. excellent letter JOHN,

    Yes should be respected for sticking his neck out for public to see.

    How many folks do we all know who does that?

    Just look at the corrupt trough ridden MSM for instance?

    Especially for your courageous stance for accusing the PM and his best tea sipping mate as lying about the contributions you made.

    Banks was found such a liar here also and key by his complicit manner.

    Go hard

    As we hope you do so, to exposé these dirt bags for their scumbag low life taking of bribes to keep the criminals in business.

  11. Thanks John ! ! Kim does not deserve this and I am again ashamed not only in our govt. and legal system but in the US’s as well. Corporate greed raises its ugly head again.

    Keep your chin up Dotcom ! and please know that many of us here in New Zealand are aware that you are not a criminal and we support you.

  12. [Fake email; pseudonym partially based on another person’s name; and a nasty personal attack. I’m struggling to think of a reason to publish your comment and I can’t think of a single damned one. Banned. – ScarletMod ]

  13. well said John, Labour put resources into the West Auckland end of Te Tai Tokerau that they starved other LECs of in the clamour to aid “Kunning Kelvin” (who attended a charter school function recently)

    whether people support KDC or not there are aspects of his case well worthy of support, the “moment of truth” was a notable blunder, as was changing the IMP hoardings from the simple black vote IMP with tick to some rather smart arse ones

    IMP mined votes that no one else was going to get and would have made the difference in numbers with Hone and Laila in parliament

  14. The finding of the Supreme Court that the warrants to raid are legal is not a valid finding because it was not a valid Quorum. Terence Arnold previously sat in the lower Court where he found that “extradition offences” are alleged when considering the provision of information with the foreign warrants.

    He then sat in judgement of himself, this aspect being the crux of the matter.

    It is a farce of carefully spun bullshit simply accepted because of position of power rather than intelligent reason.

    • Just to reiterate: Megaupload went to the Supreme Court twice. Once about information supplied by the US along with their warrants and filings and again to establish that the NZ warrants were invalid. Effectively the same matter but heard by two quorums. On each the Chief Justice, Sian Elias, agreed with Megaupload. Arnold disqualified himself from the first hearing but not from the second. Arnold more than anyone else killed MegaUpload. It took months and months to deliver a judgement in which he attempted to discredit Judge Harvey’s judgement and Court process. The company meanwhile died a natural death. On the second trip there is this ex Solictor-General in the Supreme Court presiding over an appeal of a matter he had purposefully destroyed with spin and bullshit in the Court appealed from.

      It was not a valid quorum It was a sick joke.

    • Why are you ignoring the fact that he seeded megaupload with copyrighted material?

      Why are you making up bullshit, Kevin?

      You should know that material uploaded was done by megaupload clients, not the owner. Pretty much the same way as Youtube operate. Are you going to ask Youtube the same thing?

      Of course not.

      • My comment above had a ‘rating’ 14 from 14 votes and the one below was 5 from 5 votes. Then someone who would have us believe that our legal system has not been corrupted managed 2 down-votes. By my thinking that should make the ratings 14 from 16 and 5 from 7 and these denialists should not carry double weight.

      • True Frank but these “clients” were incentivised financially to upload the copyrighted material. Does that not make you pause? Remember Crown only has to establish there is a ‘prima facie’ case to answer under US law – nothing more.

        • The solicitor for the US needs to establish a case equivalent under New Zealand Law. You are wrong. It is known as the principle of double criminality. Therefore what exactly is the charge there is to be the equivalent of a committal hearing about?

  15. It would we wise to remember we are dealing with two issues here.

    One …the political issue and that of the IMP , and two…the appalling and illegal treatment of a person in this country.

    Of the former…it is easily divided into two areas of govt and media attack.


    1) The obvious ideology of the neo liberals in action in order to derail any chance of social democratic traction and reform. This was borne out in the Kelvin Davis saga whereby the National PM even advised his own National supporters to vote for their arch enemies Labour to destroy Hone Hawiras seat of Te Tai Tokerau.

    Totally unheard of and unprecedented.

    Had the IMP gained seats in parliament , we could very well have been looking at a govt of the Left. With people such as Laila Harre ,John Minto ,Hone Hawira among others.

    The neo liberals knew this was incredibly dangerous to Keys implementation of the TTPA and USA hegemony.


    2) The media harassment and negative reporting on Dotcom and the IMP.

    Graphically displayed by Brook Sabin and the reporter from TV1 who colluded in a devious set up of the IMP launch . Their goal was not to report on policy at all but use it as an opportunity to smear Dotcom in particular.

    Many of the photo shots were in fact staged and didn’t represent what actually took place at all. The manner in which the reporting- if one could call it that – was conducted resembled more the European Paparazzi than any semblance of responsible journalism.


    Brook Sabins father at that time was Mike Sabin. Mike Sabin was the MP for Northland. Hone Hawira held the Te Tai Tokerau seat.


    And now the for the ever deeper level of skulduggery carried out under the auspices of the John Key govt by which John Key himself played an important role.

    1) Under instruction from the Minster of Immigration the SIS was told to reverse its decision to deny Kim Dotcom entry into NZ.

    2) This was done around the time when the chief of the American NSA arrived into this country in the early hours of the morning to meet with high ranking NZ officials . John Campbell ran a programme that clearly demonstrated that the timing and the issue almost certainly was in regard to entrapping Kim Dotcom in NZ for the purposes of extradition to the USA.

    3) John Key from a shortlist chose Ian Fletcher for the job of head of the GSCB. Despite more qualified submitter’s for that job , Fletcher was chosen by Key. Key deny’s he even knew Ian Fletcher… yet later admitted they were boyhood friends and that a few hours before Fletcher was chosen they actually had breakfast together. After the police raid on Kim Dotcoms home it was found to have been an illegal operation and Fletcher resigned from the GSCB . To this day Fletcher refuses to discuss details about his role while head of the GSCB.

    4) Incidentally …the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry has had an important part in drafting up the foundations of the TTPA deal , which is then submitted to Congress before it was ratified. It was the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry that used the FBI to charge Dotcom with copyright , – and if that wouldn’t pass the criteria for extradition – trumped up charges of criminal money laundering and conspiracy to commit a crime was added. It was the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry that used the copyright law change of 2010 so that copyright infringement became an issue of ‘national security’ … however copyright laws are different in each country and as it is a civil case not a criminal case …and as New Zealand is a sovereign nation …there are no grounds for extradition.

    5) It has been established that at the time prior to Dotcoms raid by the NZ police , that 88 people had been illegally spied on by the GSCB. Dotcom was one of them.

    6) Because of this fact … John Key moved to have laws amended after the fact. Both in the SIS and the GSCB. One can see quite clearly that it is simply shifting the goal posts to hold the advantage against Dotcom , – whilst still using an illegal former situation to carry out the campaign against Dotcom on behest of the USA’s FBI – who lack jurisdiction in this sovereign nation.

    7) At the time of the raid … advise given to the Police Commissioner was that it was legal. It was later found that the warrant for the whole raid was invalid – thus making the raid illegal – as was the surveillance carried out against Dotcom.

    8) Breaches of legal protocol and entitlements were denied Dotcom . An example was he was denied access to a phone to contact his lawyers . Later it was found many of the police actions such as impounding his vehicles , freezing his assets and finances and other items was illegal.


    This is but a small list of the abuses leveled against Kim Dotcom and his colleagues . In this incidence , it is not a criminal case at all but a civil case brought against people by a foreign power in collusion with this govt for geopolitical purposes. In this case , the ultimate motive for this geopolitical co operation was to safeguard the dubious interests of the very group that drafted up the conditions for the TTPA – the Hollywood Movie Industry. And ,- being a civil case – hardly grounds for extradition at all.


    Another related set of issues is the manner in which John Key lied to the NZ public about the XKEYSCORE programme.

    It was not until it was exposed by The Moment of Truth meeting at the town hall that we learnt that in fact , being part of the 5 eyes spy network , we had indeed been part of the international spy rings surveillance programme.

    We leant that there was the XKEYSCORE programme in operation from Edward Snowden – and it was this very data that Glen Greenwald used to not only prove but bring the NSA of America to court – a matter which found that the NSA had indeed been indulging in illegal spying and data collation of the American public.

    Before this became public …. John Key labelled Glen Greenwald merely as one of ‘Dotcoms little henchman ‘… a desperate rear guard action to mask and obfuscate the existence of the XKEYSCORE programme. We further learnt that in fact this country has 3 servers dedicated to the 5 eyes spy networks in this country.

    After this was made public… John Key even threatened national security by dragging out irrelevant data against the wishes of the SIS to try and validate his lies about there being no mass surveillance… which , – not only were they irrelevant and failed to have the desired effect – only served to force him to admit that yes , – indeed the programme does exist.

    Furthermore…that not only do they exist ….but several months later there was apolitical storm with China and several Pacific Island nation over New Zealand’s role on spying on foreign govt’s . It turns out that this country is used to spy on country’s that others such as the USA cannot gain access to. And this includes our biggest Free Trade Agreement partner …..China.

    So in conclusion… if this sham of a a circus of extraditing several individuals on bogus trumped up charges – charges that were ramped up for political purposes and originating in a foreign nation which has no natural jurisdiction on these shores – goes ahead …. it will demonstrate that not only our democratic sovereignty has been affected by this subversive political activity but also our very legal system as well…..particularly when viewed against the backdrop of the type of political dark tactics that have been used in the Dotcom affair.

    What we are witnessing now playing out in our courts is not about just one individual’s plight …

    But is in fact all about we as a sovereign nation , – in that it is more about us and our legal and democratic system in all its totality being put on trial before our very own courts , – and infinitely less about Kim Dotcom.

    What we are witnessing today is the slide into the loss of national sovereignty and the subservience to foreign rule. What happens to Kim Dotcom has now become the litmus test of that loss of national sovereignty and the gauge informing us of just how far down that road we have let ourselves travel.

    • Thank you. Beautifully written and now I understand a lot better about what actually went down and how this will affect our sovereignty in in the near future. xx Jury

    • BRILLIANT ! WILD KAPITO – AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU WROTE HERE. You took time and care to put that all together and I appreciate it.
      We need to commend those who have the guts and courage to come out and state the truths that we are denied almost everywhere else.

      Again Thanks – you are truly an asset to this site.

  16. Thank you John, you have pretty much expressed my feelings about this whole business. Let me add my name to the letter.

    My heart is completely on Kim’s side (for what that’s worth) because I am outraged and ashamed at the Government’s and the Police/Judiciary’s role in this disgraceful affair.

    I would very much like you to stay here with us.

  17. Unfortunately you can’t change the spots on any leopard.
    Key operates on any basis that suits him, and if that means using dirty tactics to remove any honest threat that stands between him and profit, then he’ll send out his dog soldiers to instruct the media in what needs to be written to throw up a smokescreen. Then when someone sees through the Keyism shyte, Key puts his spin doctors in the arena. When the Keyism spinners have been thrown aside, Keyhimself faces confrontation of requirement to explain the truth behind the issue of concern, Key just blatantly lies. The problem for Key, the fact remains that Key is the only one left believing his own lies.
    Key thinks he’s got away with everything, including his part in the spying and the KDC issue. Right now, the noose may be starting to make it’s grip around Keys neck, over the Eminem lawsuit.
    Key must be feeling the squeeze.

  18. First up, given my absolute disdain of people being able to buy their way into NZ, KDC would probably never gotten in if I had my way in that respect.
    Having gone past that, and having offered up residency, I think he was badly treated and possibly even set up.
    I’m no techie so I can’t really see how much different his site was from a lot of others, the problems of copyrights etc in this internet age are far different from what they were in the days of hard copy, so that is where the issue needs sorting, not at the inevitable result of it, someone like KDC.
    Like many, I too, see this as a glorified civil case, and wonder what the dickens the FBI were doing involved in it in the first place. It concerns me that he may not receive a fair trial, and so I hope that his extradition case is treated seriously – not holding my breath.
    I do agree with him that he stuffed the last election for the left, he scared the very people off that were needed to change the result, the waverers, whether we like it or not

  19. Kim Dotcom has been treated very shabbily by the institutions of this country. The craven kowtowing to US corporations, the outrageous bullying, and then the character assassination, all add up to a disgraceful episode. Isn’t it odd how we demand sainthood of the victims of this kind of institutional cruelty, and chide them for falling short of it, while glossing over the lies and mendacity of the perpetrators?

    All the best with the court this morning Kim.

  20. Wish Kim Dotcom and co defendants all the very best and hope the final court judgement goes in their favour.

    They are the victims in FJK’s filthy game to promote his own interests, in the name of corporate America!

    Could be any one of us at any time next, being used and abused by US stooge FJK.

  21. btw..have i told you how much ‘lol’ ‘annoys’ me..?’s a funny old

    ..and don’t get me started on that false-affectation of over-use of capital letters you clearly still

    ..and i’ll bet you persist with chronic over-use of the sniveling-comma..don’t

    ..see what i mean..?

  22. Sorry John, the only ‘policy’ yourself and Dotcom shared was hating John Key.

    Forming a political party because of common hatred of one man was never going to go far.

        • Bg, from what I aw on the televised news report, it was a spontaneous chant from the crowd. Young people being who they are, it you tell them to do something, they’ll ignore it.

          That chant wasn’t directed.

          • Please someone explain, why is the crown representing America, which has no jurisdiction in this country, against a New Zealand resident, that is costing the New Zealand tax payer millions of dollars?

            Why aren’t the Americans funding their own representation and legal costs themselves? Why does the NZ tax payer have to foot that bill?

  23. Please, can someone explain why is the crown representing America, which has no jurisdiction in this country, against a New Zealand resident, that is costing the New Zealand tax payer millions of dollars?

    Why aren’t the Americans funding their own representation and legal costs themselves? Why does the New Zealand tax payer have to foot that bill?

  24. Good luck Mr Dotcom, I am appalled and ashamed at how badly you have been treated, and I sincerely hope that you win your case. Frankly speaking, John Key and his corporate American friends should not be allowed to get away with this, and I think it is imperative on so many levels that victory is yours, and not theirs.

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