New Scoop? Is it taking back the news?


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Scoop’s latest attempt to redefine news in NZ has emerged. It still looks like the same idea they ran a couple of years ago but didn’t seem to go anywhere. Selwyn Pellet  was involved in the old Scoop, but as the NBR reports, that didn’t seem to end well…

Ownership changes at news and press release website Scoop mean several shareholders are short of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In December the website’s majority shareholder, Margaret Thompson (mother of Scoop publisher Alastair Thompson), exercised her power of sale under her first-ranked security, effectively wiping out all other shareholders.

Imarda co-founder and chief executive Selwyn Pellett held 20% of the shares in Scoop, with the rest being split between several shareholders including journalists Gordon Campbell, Russell Brown and Pattrick Smellie.

As reported by NBR ONLINE, the Thompsons have plans for Scoop to become “publicly owned” and implement an “invisible paywall.” These changes are part of “Operation Chrysalis,” for which Scoop is crowd funding.

The old Scoop Media is now a shell company and Ms Thompson is the sole shareholder of MOT Group Holdings, the new owner of Scoop Subscriber Services.

Mr Pellett tells NBR ONLINE that Ms Thompson was “under financial duress” and had securities over the assets of the company by her loan.

Asked how much he had invested in Scoop, Mr Pellett says, “How much I invested and how much it gobbled up are two different answers.”

“The truthful answer is that I don’t know, but [the total amount lost] would be approaching $200,000 to $250,000.”   

He says the amount of money lost is “painful” but it would be too expensive to pursue.

“The Thompsons are lawyered up to the hilt,” he says.

…charming. What’s also interesting is that Alastair Thompson is now leaving the country to work overseas, which was revealed in this weird interview he pushed for with Michele Hewitson. I’m not sure anyone was aware of his departure while he was calling for donations to the new scoop.

I applaud any new direction that is changing the terrible media landscape NZ has now found itself in, so good luck to New Scoop, long may it prosper.

We need to find new ways for the news media to inform NZers about their democracy, and in that vein, The Daily Blog will be hosting a live stream debate on the impact of Dirty Politics one year after it was published. Hosted by John Campbell with a panel consisting of Fran O’Sullivan, Nicky Hager plus a surprise guest. It has booked out, but you can watch the event here, 7.30pm September 29th.



  1. I wish them success. We are not well served by the MSM these days. Radio NZ is the only exception to the dross we are served up daily.

    • And even RNZ has it’s shortcomings.
      Funding frozen as soon as Key took office, in such indecent haste, should give us all the picture.
      Remember,he refused to be interviewed there.

      Their goal is to privatize everything,even social services,health and education.
      Feudal times and a new Dark Age ahead if ‘they’ succeed.


      • “Feudal times and a new Dark Age ahead if ‘they’ succeed.”


        I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news Iain, but it’s already here… 🙂

  2. It is refreshing to see “The New Scoop” taking action and stepping up to provide a platform for real journalism. News nowadays has succumbed to audience pressures and resorts to stories about pony tailing incidents and dating websites. When their 15 minutes is up, it’s onto the next mediocre newsworthy story.

    Oh well, looks like I will be turning my newsfeed off when the Rugby World Cup starts, as I’m presuming this will take center stage across every New Zealand media outlet during its run, I wonder if anyone will be commenting on the NZ Flag debate then?

    Your right Martyn, “why isn’t the media informing NZers about their democracy?” Is that not newsworthy enough?

  3. Scoop was a better coverage of current news than any other media setup, (exept TDB)

    So if they keep the hands off the reins we will be served by yet another trumpet of truth as The Daily Blog is.

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