TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. Birds of a feather flock together to push everyone else out the nest ,both cuckoo’s.

    Was going to say birds of a feather sh**t*ng in everyones nest but that would be impolite ahem!

  2. “I said black” “I said white”, “actually most people don’t care about colours anyway”
    Mirror images spouting the same rubbish,both sides of the Tasman.

  3. ‘ The main fault in these factory standard robot models is that they all have a bad case of flatulence at the end of everything they say – as evidenced by the screwing up of the facial features ‘…

    ‘ We are working to rectumify this design fault’…

  4. 1. My people love me. I am their 2. Sounds good to me, what do I
    God. have to do to get that?
    3. I reach out and dominate my 4.Like this? I can dominate my
    environment. I am like the environment, too. So what do you
    mighty raptor. do next?
    5.You wait for an idea to come. 6……..

  5. “You put your head like this,
    You put your hand like this,
    You put your mouth like this,
    And shake your head all about.
    You do the hokie cokie and then do a U turn,
    That’s what it’s all about…”

  6. They both remind me of a great line from Blackadder:

    I’ve got a banker that’s shaped like a thingy; that’s funny I’ve got a thingy that’s shaped like a banker.

  7. We have real problems letting these people loose with our financial assets and the country’s cheque book, as they look at them as items where they can realise value, they have no social conscience as they have never lived in the real world and they have never done an honest days work.

    We have borrowed $105 Billion here in NZ and spent the money on what.

    I have not seen $105 Billion Improvements in NZ since the Natz have come to power plus we are selling State Assets.

  8. All kinds of weather, we stick together
    The same in the rain and sun
    Two different faces, but in tight places
    We think and we act as one
    Those who’ve seen us
    Know that not a thing could come between us
    Many men have tried to split us up, but no one can
    Lord help the mother who comes between me and my brother
    And lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man…

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