Peter Dunne Causes Waste Of Perfectly Good Champagne By Faking Resignation

200511. News. Photo: screen grab from YouTube video. Peter Dunne combs his hair during a video blog where he makes comment about his hair.

200511. News. Photo: screen grab from YouTube video. Peter Dunne combs his hair during a video blog where he makes comment about his hair.

Damnit. I thought Peter Dunne was supposed to be resigning! Turns out the whole thing was a farcical troll-attempt on his part.

Confused? Let me explain:

Every MP, during the course of their three-year term selects a Youth MP. This is a representative for the young people in their community/constituency, and helps to keep the MP in touch with the opinions and sentiment of young people. They also get to participate in a Youth Parliament mid-way through next year.

Now, for most parties and politicians … recruiting a young person to be their Youth MP is not especially difficult. The only serious problem is finding some way of filtering through the many, many applications of seriously talented young people that come back in order to find the stand-out youngster to be it.

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Not so for Peter Dunne.

Evidently, he’s so short on youth applicants – or, heaven forbid, youth appeal – that he has to rely upon perfidious gimmickry in his press releases in order to get noticed and manage to lure some unsuspecting young person into his clutches.

Which explains yesterday’s press release.

Ohariu MP Peter Dunne says he will stand aside as MP for Ohariu next year to enable a new, young MP to be chosen for the vibrant, growing north Wellington electorate.

“I have been MP for Ohariu since 1984 – but plan to hand over to a new youthful MP in July.

So you can see why I was initially overjoyed that one of the longest-serving wastes of space in our Parliament was *finally* giving the people what they want – and vanishing from public life in a puff of synthetic cannabis smoke.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. And as Andrea Vance revealed later in the day (why is it *that* journalist getting the inside word…) – the whole thing was merely a fake and false-front exercise in gimmickry designed to attract widespread media attention in order to assist his bid to find a youth MP.

As former Greens staffer Simon Tapp put it on twitter: “how am I supposed to get the cork back in this bottle?!


Oh well. Guess we’ll just have to get back to the serious business of rolling him the old fashioned way.

With less than 700 votes between Peter Dunne and his next most strongly performing rival (Labour’s Virginia Andersen) at the last Election … I’d say within three years, he’ll have a serious decision to make about what he intends to put into his *actual* letter of resignation and farewell.

That date can’t come soon enough.


  1. His resignation certainty would be something to celebrate…I disagree with the fact most bills need his approval to past or not! Such a useless politician with so much say so is wrong…

    • Peter Dunne makes David Seymour look intelligent and relevant.

      National, however, are getting rid of the loony, fruit-loop, fringe element.

      Dunne and Seymour won’t be around much at the next election as National baton down the hatches and hunker down for an FPP election.

  2. The Minister for Fucked-Up Ideas Parading as Common Sense is trending yet more random.
    Having seen the gong bestowed on the pony-tailed one, he must be all ashiver. That and an ambassadorship!

  3. So many dissapointments lately and Dunne is the biggest one ,hes a fraud of an Mp. But he is proud of himself ,his master needs his vote,and he just needs to be needed.

    • It must also be said that the Labour/Greens failure to shut him out in Ohariu has seen the perpetration of an outstanding gerrymander – converting 0.22% of party vote into 1 seat out of 121 i.e. 0.83%.
      He fills a seat having taken only about a quarter of the votes it should take. That’s brilliant in a fucked-up way. The other (.83 – .22) .61% can go to filling a Nat seat – 2 seats for the price of one.
      Steven Joyce (Nat party strategist) must continually piss himself at how stupidly dumb his opponents are in gifting a precious seat.

  4. He fits well with NatZ chameleon-ship approach of “Hide & go seek” ideology.

    Like they are doing over & over using phantom process’s suposeldy to prop up the failing economy, so as the asset bubble crumbles he will sure wish he had seriously decided to go.

  5. An example of a politician who stands for nothing, and goes with the tide.

    The Maori Party is the same. It kids itself it is making a difference while propping up a Government that pours scorn on working people.

    Principles and serving others are rare indeed today.

  6. And not a word from the SPCA about the dead pekinese on his head… Is it still alive ? If not, was it humanely dispatched ?

  7. You can thank the Greens for Peter Dunne’s continued presence in parliament. In the last 3 elections the combined Labour/Green electorate vote has been greater than Dunne’s. Yet the Greens insist on having an electorate candidate, who siphons off enough votes to enable this scumbag to continue his political career. Nice one, Greens.

    • You mean Labour approached the Greens and asked them to do a deal. Or do you mean that Labour think they are superior so the Greens should hand them a deal.

      Without the real facts it is difficult to believe the Greens are to blame.

      The Greens stood by Hone Harawera and were horrified that he lost his seat to that right winger that is up in Northland now. Unlike, LABOUR, the Nats and Winston.

      • Try reading what I wrote. Both Labour & Greens had electorate candidates in Ohariu. Their combined total vote was greater than Dunne’s in the last 3 elections. If the Greens had not run a candidate, Dunne might be an ex-MP by now. Dreams are free.

        The Greens standing by Hone is irrelevant.

  8. Principles often get in the way of a short-term fix – in life and in politics.

    We’re just not used to seeing them much anymore, Harry.

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