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  1. This is what is giving the Nats a free ride. Can’t the opposition parties just work together and make it a 2 way fight against the Nats?

    It will take effective and united effort from opposition to stop the Nats master agenda of complete privatisation and loss of sovereignty of this country.

    From Grandaddy herald (so, biased).

    Green co-leader James Shaw responded to Mr Peters’ comments about the next election being a three way fight with a tweet saying, “Dreams are free”.

    Mr Peters said those who believed the Greens would realistically be in a position to have any real influence come 2017 were mistaken.

    “James has been in the game for five seconds…if your mathematics gets them to being a majority, you tell me how it does…I can do the mathematics, I have been in situations of forming a government twice, and missing out on doing that by only one seat three other times.

    “Now, what’s the Greens’ record? Not getting within cooey of doing it.”

    Mr Peters said the Greens had ensured the “unlosable election” was lost last year, returning National to power.

    “The Greens came out and attacked the Labour Party four times in the last election.”
    Despite that, he would not rule out forming a coalition with the Greens in future.

    (Thank god for that at least). Voters don’t want a rabble in parliament, The opposition need to attack the Nats policy for a change not each other.

    The TPP and residential property foreign investment is something the opposition seem to mostly agree on and is an issue clearly on voters minds and against the Nats, can’t the opposition show they are capable of uniting on issues?

  2. Does anyone remember quite a few years back when school children sang the Beatles’ “Nowhere Man” to PM Jim Bolger? I was just thinking, wouldn’t it be it great if some kids sang Supertramp’s “Dreamer” to John Key?

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