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  1. 30 years after France bombed the Rainbow Warrior, I would say we are as close to having an accidental nuclear exchange as we probably were during the early 1980’s.

    Wars are in progress in the Middle East. No one seems to have a clue how to deal with them. Anti-_________ hysteria is high and rising and communication between the major powers seems to be constantly negative. Progress towards nuclear disarmament seems to have stalled.

    But just for today, lets remember the fact that a supposed western ally bombed a ship doing nothing wrong in Auckland harbour because the activist organization that owned it supported (and still supports) nuclear disarmament.

  2. Despite desperately wanting to see FJK nailed to the wall and crucified one way or another, somehow I can’t see Labour’s formal complaint against the PM here, re misleading Parliament about Kiwisaver, coming to anything.


    Because it will involve even more lies and deceit, to cover up previous misinformation. Remember we are dealing with the liar supremo here, FJK! He has a track record of slipping and sliding around issues, emerging squeaky clean.

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