Time to occupy the Golf Courses?



When you consider the Government are seriously considering stealing Maori land to pretend to be doing something about the property bubble in Auckland, is it time to seriously consider occupying Golf Courses?

Golf Courses – apart from being a grotesquely elite old boys network – waste huge amounts of real estate and water. If activists were serious about protesting the 1% and the lack of housing in NZ, targeting a Golf course with tents is a good way to show the issue of housing is beyond a joke.

Shamubeel Eaqub has already identified Golf courses as space to take for social housing, perhaps his suggestion requires a focused protest?



  1. Golf courses should be turned into orchards and vegetable gardens using permacultural perspective -but maybe a few low cost eco-designed houses could be built there as well.

  2. A lot of golf courses are financially struggling these days. Golf isn’t as popular a past time amongst the general public as it was back in the 1970s. In the region where I live, with a population of around 40,000, there are at least five 18 hole clubs. So maybe this is not such a crazy idea.

  3. The rent-a-crowd whingers won’t last too long camped on the fairways when angry golfers start pelting drives their way

  4. I’d suggest occupying a few motor racing tracks – you know those places that harbour polluting, gas guzzling , noisy wastes of energy and resources that 90% of NZers spend weekends sitting on their couches / arses watching ?

    At least people can walk around a golf course and get some quiet time in a crazy world – even non-golfers ( like me ) can at least use them to go for a quiet walk – whereas motor racing tracks are just huge sinkholes of noise and wasted fossil fuels .

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