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  1. RIP Emma-Lita Bourne…

    Another death of a New Zealand kid that need never have occurred, in 2010 there were 25,000 New Zealand kids admitted to hospital with respiratory disease,

    The cost???, $1200 a day for each and every one of them, this is the glaring example of the classic ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ approach to health in New Zealand,

    We, despite our appearance, have an ugly record when it comes to the health of our kids, of 30 OECD nations only Turkey has worse child health statistics than New Zealand,

    Most of the children, 25,000+, admitted to New Zealand hospitals, i forgot to dig up the statistics for the average time each child with those ‘respiratory diseases’ spends there with each admission,(4–5 days???), need not have been admitted,

    You can bet, befor these kids appear in the hospital admissions statistics there has been prior to those admissions any number of visits by these kids to their local doctor for treatment for these respiratory diseases and finding the cost to the health system of both the total cost of both doctors visits and hospital admissions would tax my small ability at research beyond it’s limits,

    Most of such respiratory disease admissions to hospitals and doctors visits caused by such are in fact preventable, and, preventable with far less cost in terms of the bad health effects for the kids and their parents as well as preventable in terms of cold hard cash,

    While much has been made of the need for a ‘warrant of fitness’ for rental housing in New Zealand such a system would, arguably, not have saved the life of wee Emma-Lita Bourne,

    As a HousingNZ tenant Emma-Lita’s mum was provided a heat-pump,(stupidly these things are singular and attached to the wall in the lounge), and, like most of us HousingNZ tenants, Emma-Lita’s mum did not have the financial resources to be able to make use of such a heating device for any period of time that would have made a material difference to wee Emma-Lita’s health outcomes,

    The fix to this is simple, wee Emma-Lita’s Doctor should have had the ability to write a prescription aimed directly at WINZ which would simply state the number of weeks/months that Emma-Lita’s respiratory condition required home-heating as part of such a conditions treatment,

    Based upon previous electricity usage, for the period of weeks/months of the Doctors prescription, Emma-Lita’s mum would then have WINZ direct credit Her electricity provider the difference of what was Her previous electricity usage without heating for the period of the Doctors prescription,

    While not being a mathematical genius i would like to suggest that the cost of preventing many of the 25,000+ yearly hospital admissions and multiple visits to Doctors by those kids with such respiratory diseases by providing them all with home-heating via Doctors prescription would be far far less than the provision of the hospital and doctors care does now…

    • agree this is a disgrace…would not have happened in an earlier Labour Party run New Zealand with well maintained and new state housing

  2. I dont know if tbe TV3 poll results confirmed what National already knew but in the following days there’s been a nasty campaign in the msm against Labour.

    First up the “leaked” internal report on their election short comings that was sent out to members. Quite how one is vetted as member I don’t know but what if a about member was part of Nationals dirty tricks team? Would you get hold of your best boy Paddy Gower to “scoop” the tip off? Of course you would!

    So in no particular order Patrick Gower went openly feral in a tirade against all things Labour with fellow Nat sympathiser Dunky Garner.
    Then Mike Hosking on the likely demise of Andrew Little (so objective) followed by tabloid labelled sensationalist headline late afternoon by Bryce Edwards that Labour is facing oblivion, again in the Herald summerising Labours so called woes.

    I was left wondering what had Labour done this week to deserve all this vitriol but when Keys popularity dropped as did Nationals poll rating with all oppo parties up, perhaps that was the catalyst. Or maybe its the Saudi corruption deal or the festering housing bubble in Auckland, or Police cut backs. So much material around lately showing up Nationals credibility!

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