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  1. Sell some advertising…..or do not enough people visit the site (and on saying that I must say I often find the site refreshing) so will flick you a tenner

    • We support you with a conscription and drop buying the herald or the other rags Martyn , – as now we can print and receive the real truth here only now.

      ​‘These prosecutions shut off investigative journalism in the national security field’ – Daniel Ellsberg to RT

      Daniel Ellsberg is an activist and is one of the co-founders of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. He became famous when as a military adviser he released the Pentagon Papers, a top secret account of US government actions in the Vietnam War, to the press in 1971. He was charged under the Espionage Act but all charges against him were dismissed in May 1973.

      Martyn can you cover this emerging story by Daniel Ellsberg a staunch truth advocate unveiling how the Supreme court has now ruled the NSA unconstitutional, and may even quash the privatisation bill of all data collection under “Freedom act” also as constitutional also.

      Keep up your excellent work for our freedom saint Martyn.

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