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  1. Kevin Hague does Himself and the Green Party no favors when describing His opponent in the selection race for Green Party co-Leadership as ‘Metro-sexual’,

    I personally couldn’t give ‘a rats’ about the chosen, or otherwise, sexual preferences of the candidates, and, focusing upon such in a political contest seems slightly petty,

    To build a broader base of Green voting citizens will require the Party to have among its MP’s a wide range of different people,

    It is the ability of those MP’s in whatever role they act to adhere to the core social and green values of the Party that is, in my opinion, the main consideration…

    • Shaw has charisma and talent in spades whether he is metrosexual or not…this is also sex appeal…he is youthful and a terrific speaker

    • @ Chooky – yes great news. And now we wait for Blair and fellow war conspirator George Dubya Bush to be tried at a court in The Hague for war crimes.

  2. some are saying that the FIFA arrest scandal and the upcoming vote to kick out Israel for racist harassment of Palestinian soccer players is not a coincidence. Surely Israel’s reach isn’t that long ?

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