Why Rachel Glucina is the female whaleoil



This poisonous and nasty little opinion piece by  Rachel Glucina where she denigrates Campbell Live and repeats the mantra that there is no political motivation to end the only TV journalism that challenges the powerful (other than Native Affairs), has to be understood in the context of Glucina being the female whaleoil  with her own brand of Dirty Politics.

Glucina is a Judith Collins acolyte, Judith once forced her attack pet Cameron Slater to bury the hatchet in his long running feud with Glucina so that they could better operate together for the Right.

Glucina is also a Julie Christie sycophant who has been leading the destabilisation agenda against Campbell Live with her constant columns attacking the show and trying to get a female co-host onto Campbell Live.

Glucina is a well connected Dirty Politics smear artist who is part of the Judith Collins attack club and her nasty diatribe against Campbell Live is a perfect reminder of that.



  1. [I have a problem with attacking people based on appearance, personal traits, etc. Can we steer clear of such commentary and leave it to places like Whaleoil, etc? – ScarletMod]

    • @ Scarlett Mod . You may have a problem with that but not me and I have a face born to ridicule . If I was an arsehole I’d expect to be called an ugly arse hole . What’s wrong with that ? You’re being a Princess here I think . Bulbous paula bennett also wears a leopard print circus tent . How else does she and her four arses remain clothed ? I see NASA launced a sattelite to map the dark side of her arse ? An iceberg ran into paula bennett and sank within thirty minutes .
      The leering, shop window dummy in the image above deserves to be called a wax figure made by a dislexic special-needs gardener with time on her side. Let me apologise in advance . Sorry.
      Jesus. Or was that being Jesus-ist ?
      Political correctness is bollocks I’m afraid . Bollocks, as in balls by the way.

    • Nasty bullying harrassment

      In the past, I have compared her to the likes of Heather Mills and Sarah Palin, because like the former governor and the ex-Mrs Macca, she always tried to persuade us she was misunderstood. And nothing was off limits.

      From the hair extensions to the Botox, plastic surgery, marriage, adoption, sex-tape spat, depression, reality TV shows, plus-sized modelling, psychic celibacy messages, ruptured breast implants and the mean Kiwi media who drove her to Oz, every episode in her life seems to have passed as an opportunity to grasp the spotlight.

      Was nothing ever private and sacrosanct?

      New Zealanders didn’t buy her squeals because we felt Dawson’s constant blabbing reeked of self-pity and a desperation to be famous. Was there anything she wouldn’t say or do for a quick claim at fame?

      Hmm? Wasn’t there meant to be jail-time for cyberbullies and nasty bitches like Glucina?

      The irony of this is just priceless

    • I usually steer clear of appearance based critique too, but he really really does look like the penquin.

  2. Right wing bloggers are forever bitching about the Herald. The opprobrium is extreme when any columnist asks a question or has the slightest skerrick of even a hint of criticism of some Government action or Nat person.

    The most ongoing grizzling and contempt though is for the ‘dumbing down’ of the Herald. They expect the Herald to be a serious journal, mainstream media fulfilling the accepted traditional conservative role, being what a newspaper used to be, and should be. Not for entertainment of course and to always be presenting or massaging their view of the world.

    And then we have Glucina whose columns’ style is the antithesis of what they want a newspaper to be. The gross, cheap, gossip, lowest common denominator sort of stuff. Yet she’s there, their agent for putting their message out with snide bits and pieces and ever so gently and casually sticking needles in.

    The photo above could be straight out of the Herald gossip writer’s column “Seen at the National Party fundraiser, David and Rachel of Thimblerigger and Gruesima.”

  3. On the few occasions I’ve read her work, it has consistently maintained an air of gossip and let-me-tell-you style prattling, yet never an air of journalistic integrity. She seems to be sharing the bottom rung with a few others in that respect. It’s a bit of a sad day when you wish more journalists would raise themselves to the level of some of the Herald’s more senior writers.

  4. She sure is a piece of work
    she will also be working hard to bring the milk maid into the limelight again, it has already started

  5. The nice thing about NOT living in Auckland (or even on Pig Island for that matter) is that we don’t have to expose ourselves to this sort of super city bullshit. The right are the right wherever they crop up but in this case I can leave the stones unturned and the Slaters and Glucosytes can stay in the mud unseen.
    I would also advise all those with diabetes to avoid contact with someone with a name such as “Glucosina”.

  6. [Partial post deleted. I have a problem with attacking people based on appearance, personal traits, etc. Can we steer clear of such commentary and leave it to places like Whaleoil, etc? – ScarletMod] …. I can’t believe people waste their time or money to buy and read this woman’s vacuous drivel in rubbish like The NZ Herald – more Globalist controlled media …

    Yes, media worldwide is being either bought for corruption, shut down or a combination of all of the above, like Rupert Murdoch’s … look at what National Party Arsehats like Mark Wheldon are doing to Campbell Live at Tv3 for example – a dark political agenda, and a blatant attempt to dumb-down NZ, all of it … Example – have you seen reports in NZ newspapers or televised coverage of Indonesia’s assaults on Western Papua? Communities – children, women, families are being murdered there, and we’re not being informed … think about this guys …

    If you’re looking for biased, controlled propaganda and vacuous idiocy keep wasting your money on The NZ Herald every morning …
    otherwise be discerning about your sources of information/ intelligence, and look for genuine, unbiased online sources …

  7. [I have a problem with attacking people based on appearance, personal traits, etc. Can we steer clear of such commentary and leave it to places like Whaleoil, etc? – ScarletMod]

  8. [I have a problem with attacking people based on appearance, personal traits, etc. Can we steer clear of such commentary and leave it to places like Whaleoil, etc? – ScarletMod]

  9. Why are people attacking her based on her appearance? I don’t get it. She’s actually quite attractive. Too bad the only brain cell rattling around between her ears is riddled with Stockholm Syndrome.

  10. Our mainstream media has become a sick and dangerous propaganda machine. A quality, independent, public broadcaster is a must have, not a nice to have. But the Government doesn’t want that, clearly.

  11. Dirty politics.

    Dirty backroom deals.

    Dirty media.

    When all this comes out just before the next election, a la Winebox, a la Hollow Men, a la Corngate and a la Dirty Politics maybe the shine will go off the Teflon coating of John Key and his cabal, acolytes, sycophants and hitmen and hitwomen. Here’s hoping.

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