On ‘Prominent New Zealanders’



Cough, cough. So a ‘prominent New Zealander’ has been charged with 12 charges of indecent assault against two people including two representative charges.

We can’t know who the ‘Prominent New Zealander’ is because they are desperately hiding their identity.

Who this ‘Prominent New Zealander’  is and why they are trying to hide is speculative as everyone has the right to a fair trial and no one would want to put that in jeopardy but when the person is ‘prominent’ there are extra obligations and responsibilities – especially if the prominent person has a position of power.  If a prominent person is in a  position of power then allegations of this nature requires a response that is immediate.

If that response is not immediate, then real questions must be raised.



  1. it would be in the best interest of voters to know what type of party would try to bury such behaviours to get votes, if the Prominent New Zealander was attached to a political party, specially before a by-election, hypothetically speaking

  2. From publicly available information it’s known that the prominent New Zealander is facing multiple charges including indecent assault, two of the charges are representative and they could face up to 10 years in jail. These are very serious allegations.

    On February 19th their name suppression order was lifted pending a 20 day period for them to appeal this. They have waited until the 20th day before lodging the appeal. One might think they were trying to delay proceedings as much as possible. If a person were concerned about their identity becoming public knowledge, wouldn’t they lodge an appeal quickly? Of course, if the consequences of your appeals failure were that your identity became publicly known before a certain date which could have potentially massive fall-out for people you associate with, then such a delaying tactic makes more sense.

    The above is all speculation, like the author, I believe in a fair trial and protection of the victims during this time. I think however that in this case name suppression is merely a thin veil protecting the accused and their associates from the consequences of their actions.

    Several media organisations have submitted that the appeal should be conducted with all due care, but equal haste. I don’t see any reason why it should take more than a week.

  3. I mentioned this the other day, but my comment didn’t clear moderation (probably wisely considering the context). So I’ll just repeat what I can recall of it here:

    The problem with name suppression is that it leaves everyone free to assume the worst, at the same time as preventing the accused from denying those assumptions.

    The actions of “Prominent New Zealander” would have to be; inhumanly despicable, at this point, to top the offending that I (and many others in various parts of the country) imagine has occurred.

  4. What surprise me is that there hasn’t been some sort of guessing game set up on the net over this one.. I would imagine that lots of people would like to participate in a game that has a useful function without anyone risking legal censure for breaking any laws, as such…

  5. Pisses me off this suppression malarkey I mean what if this “prominent person” was in some kind of role that was paid for out of the public purse. Should we not be allowed to know what they are up to? What if they were in some sort of high profile government position?

    • What if? Hmm. FJK is desperately trying to bury the other case of a ‘prominent’ NZer by using this one as a diversion. There are 2 cases going on here.

  6. So I guess a not-so “prominent NZer” facing similar charges, would have their name in every media outlet by now!

    While I agree a fair trial for all, it seems to me where judicial decisions are concerned there is one law for “them” and another for the rest of us!

    Hardly a fair playing field is it?

    • Of course , M ‘Lady…the Baroness and I need to keep face before the peasant rabble , dontcha’ know?

      Wouldn’t do to let those revolting peasants ruin a pleasant afternoon out on the fox hunt followed by a cozy evening roasting chestnuts with the gentry , now , would it?

  7. Hi Martyn,

    We need a catchy term for these assholes that act outside the reasonable expectation of what is “Transparent” as Key always calls his bullshit Government as always Transparent.

    So how about a phase for national as “the secret club”.

    After all John Fucking Key is following the doctrine expected of him as an official signed up member of the most secret Clandestine club in the world known as The Bilderberg group” so he is merely carrying on as they order him to do.


    List of Bilderberg participants 4
    New Zealand
    • John Key (2011-2012), Prime Minister of New Zealand

    The 2011 Bilderberg Meeting will be held from June 9-12 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. As you might know, it is one of the venues where the world elite meets to discuss global policies. Here’s a video summing up the 2011 Bilderberg Meetings.


    Check out the video of secrecy around the meetings and the attendance of those are hidden from attending like John Fucken Key has done to us the creep..


      By jove, we are getting to the heart of it now. Great work!

      It looks like you have an original document there.

      http://www.corbettreport.com Yes, he is an excellent analyst.

      We have the info, now let’s get him.

      I want to see him fall off his front bench. Wipe that grin off his face.

      Alert Winston for his campaign. Could be the ‘Slam Dunk’


  8. Speaking hypothetically, wouldn’t it be handy if there was a website somewhere overseas, outside the jurisdiction of the NZ court system, where we could simply look things up? Not that I would dream of accessing such a site, but it’s an interesting thought.

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