Just consider for a second if Helen Clark had done this…



My genuine jaw dropping shock that NZers could elect the most corrupt Government in NZ history has not dissipated.

I want to try in this blog to explain the audacity of what Key has done by using every right wingers favourite hate figure, Helen Clark.

Just imagine for a second if Helen Clark had used the Secret Intelligence Service to falsify evidence to smear John Key months out from the 2008 election on The Standard? Would such an abuse of political power be merely shrugged off by the mainstream media as ‘politics as usual’? Of course not, the bloody NZ Herald would run editorials calling on all citizens to firebomb Labour Party MP offices while printing Molotov Cocktail recipes, ZB would be running hourly updates on whether Helen had fled the country and Paddy Gower would be reporting on the best ways to avoid prosecution for stabbing a Prime Minister.

The double standards that the media have given Key is bewildering, and their failure to explain to the electorate the enormity of what Key did in 2011 shows they have abdicated their fourth estate obligations to hold the powerful to account.


  1. The right of the political spectrum are as livid with the MSM as the left which probably means the MSM have got it about right.

  2. Keep on saying this Martyn. It’s important for people to be constantly reminded by at least someone what John Key has done. Surely this was illegal. Someone should be taking JK to court on this.

  3. The continued apathy of the voting public of this country never fails to amaze me, although i do get the feeling that this corrupt bunch in power will eventually come to a spectacular demise. all we can do in the interim is continue to get the message out about whats actually happening in this country and educate friends family and work colleagues with the steadfast resolve that at some stage the asleep at the wheel public will wake up.

  4. Ok then ! Lets take this shit to the MSM’s offices and make them answer your questions . I mean actually and really . Next time you see paddy gower ? Kick his arse ! The next time you see a TV crew ? Fucking ask them what’s going on mate ? Make the bastards accountable for their appalling bias to jonky-stien and his motley hoards .

    I was standing in a supermarket cue and was idly looking through a Listener magazine when lo and behold ! I saw that fucking traitorous rat tricky dicky prebble’s ugly face ! He’d written a column in that now dirty rag ! I honestly couldn’t believe it . That, that little crook was still vomiting up lies and deceit ! In the Listener ! What next ? Kim Hill joining saggy maggy barry in the National Party ranks ?

    This shit needs to get real .

    • Totally agree Countryboy .
      It’s about time the media were held to account and have some hard questions asked of them!
      They have been gifted a powerful responsibility and need monitoring.
      Isn’t it strange that people don’t mind continually questioning and berating the ref when it comes to rugby, but when it comes to questioning the ref ,(ie .the media ) about the running of the country, people don’t want to know !

  5. Helen Clark did untold damage to the country by cementing rogernomics into the fabric of government and economic policies. She’s worse than John Key, betraying the legacy of Michael Joseph Savage.

    • PM Helen Clark had a conscience and compassion where Key has none nor any humanity either.

      PM Helen had shown deep compassion and wrote in reply to every letter we as a community group we wrote to her about.

      Only 12 emails were needed to be sent over 8 yrs.’ to her.

      As for John Key, here’s the facts, –

      We kept writing following no replies to him, but after finally 105 emails to Key over five years PM Key has never replied to even just one!

      Nor has PM Key cared to send someone else to respond to our community group on his behalf.

      We got every copy of our letters back through the Official Information Act from the Office for John Key to see if he had received any of them and it was confirmed that yes he did received all letters over five years, but had never replied to any, so this bears out that Helen cared when John Key didn’t care to respond once.

      Make your minds up on who is better for the people here.

      • Well put .The Clark government had a very good foreign policy which has been totally destroyed by this current government the whole thing is a disgrace

    • I would bloody well agree with you . She’s a short arsed Machiavellian fucking liar like the rest of them . Her dulcet tones of dead drone robot didn’t fool me neither . Well done @ Nguyen .

  6. That is not what John Key did. Nor what even the SIS did. The investigation in to the actions of the SIS suggest no political interference. This is a report that even the Opposition and the supposed target of such actions (Phil Goff) accept was fair and independent. Why would the Media make a big deal about this if even the person most impacted by it is not making such allegations?

    • I expect better from a right wing Troll like you Gosman.

      Did the PMs Office instigate the smear? Yes
      Did the SIS agree to the smear? Yes
      Di they both falsify the information? Yes
      Was it smearing Phil Goff? Yes
      Did it happen months before the 2011 election? Yes
      Was it published on a far right hate blog? Yes

      Now you can pretend all you like champ that none of that is political , but that’s just bullshit. You are a filthy hypocrite Gosman, if the left and done this, you would be screaming to high hell, but because it’s your mates who have done it, you are an apologist.

      You’ve got no moral high ground here – bugger off

      PS – Does it kill you a little to see all the science saying Climate Change is man made?

      • Did the review find evidence of political interference with the operations of the SIS – Yes or No?

        Has the opposition and/or Phil Goff raised any issues similar to the ones you raise here? If not, why do you think that is?

        • Yes.

          Your need to duck the implications of what is in fact the most corrupt Government in NZ history is pathetic and you have no credibility whatsoever. Oh the screams we would hear from you Gosman if the Left had done this. I love how you pretend to be some sort of rational right winger when you are as devoid of principle like the rest of them.

  7. Agreed Martyn.
    I’ve been saying this for years (on this site, Twitter, Interest.co.nz etc etc), I even warned Hone of this effect but he brushed me off.
    The fourth estate in NZ DOES NOT EXIST. It is purely a mouth piece for the National party propaganda department.
    We need major change to the NZ media, so we can be correctly informed and not have to put up with the rubbish they offer and their pathetically BIASED reporters (Gower et al are a JOKE and a disgrace to their once profession).

  8. Well well well..bout time U bloggers caught up. Most, Having given Key free rein last year now seem to have a Road to Damascus awakening.

  9. Key will be out soon, how much more can the people take of Keys lies and propaganda, misrepresentations, breaches, arrogance, negligence, abuse of power?
    Key has lost his control, now it’s only a matter of time before he’s done.

    • Totally agree Trevor.
      He’s in the death spiral and there’s no escape. There might be a bit of desperate flapping before he hits the ground, but hit the ground he will!

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