No one can be serious about merging the SIS and GCSB right?


I just can’t take seriously any suggestions that the GCSB and SIS are to merge.

The SIS are the thought police of the State who spy on activists and anyone who isn’t a 7th generation National Party voter, they have been given vast powers to abuse with warrantless spying   and go hunting for monsters that don’t actually exist.

The GCSB on the other hand is the all seeing Eye of Mordor built for the 5 eyes that uses military grade hardware to track satellite traffic primarily from China. They work hand in glove with the NSA and have been allowed mass surveillance powers by Key.

Merging the military hardware of the GCSB with the domestic paranoia of the SIS would be a monstrous over reach by the Government, one so large there is just no way that even the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind would agree to it.


Not even stupid old John Key loving NZers would agree to this?


Sure, they’ll vote for the most corrupt Government in NZ history who use the state spies to smear political opponents, but they won’t just allow Key to merge the two most powerful intelligence agencies into one behemoth? Right?

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Please Christ tell me NZers aren’t this dumb?


  1. The suggestion raised by Andrew Little that the reason for Ian Fletcher’s resignation from the Director’s role of the GCSB is because of information he’s received about possible plans for his agency, even the merging of the agencies is certainly worrisome in the extreme.

    It would be a classic case of the softly, softly approach of creeping power expansion. Give one external spy agency expanded powers, give the other internal agency expanded powers, then in a coup-de-grace merge the two agencies and say that they now have the legal powers of search and surveillance of both.

    This would mean, for example, that any merged agency would have the power to conduct warrantless surveillance for 24 hours on New Zealanders suspected of terrorist activities using all the hardware and capability of both agencies (without any need to prove just cause) and that this information could then be shared with the 5 eyes network.

    If this is the master plan of John Key and his cronies then we must stop it immediately, it is a complete overreach which will certainly be misused for political purposes.

    We must be very vigilant on this issue.

  2. Sorry I have to be the one to tell you this Martyn, but they are more concerned with the size of their allowable snapper catch.

  3. A merger of the two spy agencies, gives one entity more power and makes for easy pickings for Key & Co to put surveillance on all those Kiwis who dare stand up and challenge the status quo! Nothing to do with terrorism at all! That’s only part of the plan!

    Sources which provide platforms for anti establishment ideas, views and discussion, such as TDB will be targeted.

    Time to roll out the protests methinks, in the form of well organized passive resistance and/or civil disobedience. Only the people – that’s us – coming together as a united collective, can put a stop this continuing corrupt abuse of our rights and freedoms!

  4. I don’t think you are helping the cause by suggesting that it is ‘sleepy NZ hobbits’ fault. It is the governments fault and the opposition parties and the MSM and journalists and the academics and professionals who should be speaking out first.

    I think you are reinforcing the view somehow ordinary Kiwi’s are too blame for this corrupt government. They are the recipients of attack politics which if you see what has happened to an education moral person like Nicky Hager is, who is now being persecuted that is how hard it is to be heard in this country. Dotcom used to have millions for legal but somehow has not even years of Simpson Grierson’s team of Lawyers have got an illegal search defeated. Let alone if you are an ordinary Kiwi with an IQ of 100 and a mortgage and 2 kids and read the Herald.
    How the hell are they going to find out what’s going on?

    A newspaper used to be full of facts, but ours are full of propaganda direct from the governments office.

    Our opposition party Labour has been a joke for a number of years now and it is their job to be the opposition. Instead they play Little, SIS say sorry and he’s panting all over them and giving them an extra $8 mill in government funding and more power.

    You need to put your pen to who the real culprits are , and stop your defeatist attitude!

  5. Lets not forget …

    Most New Zealanders are not aware of most of the things discussed here . And by here, I mean The Daily Blog et al .

    Conduct your own survey . You will see . Most Kiwis have no idea that we , us all, are out there expressing points of view, making plans , disecting lies and being supportive to one another .

    Most New Zealanders still rely on the MSM News for information and see other avenues of News feed as flaky and weird still .

    It’s going to take awhile yet before people realise that the MSM is a dead duck and that the real News is on-line . But once that happens ? Hold on to your hats boys and girls , it’s going to get funky .

    Jonky-stien and his ‘ advisors ‘ well know that and they’ll be flat out to plan ahead for that day . Hence your Post perhaps @ Martyn ? They’re trying to get the jump on the shit storm coming .

    • what you say is true. My parents and their friends all get their news from MSM. When I go to stay at their place I guide them to online news sites during the 6’oclock news to give alternative perspectives. They are usually shocked when they find out what’s really going on behind the scenes and realise that the MSM is giving them very selective information that suits the powers that be. It’s the older generation, the generation with all the voting power that lets this country down, in general politics is a mature persons game, the youth in most countries don’t give a shit about politics. Middle NZ simply does not realise what’s really going on. MSM coupled with mindless TV drama/reality shows has a choke hold on so many of us. To change theses things we need to take back MSM, otherwise nothing will change.

  6. Good word SaveNZ

    Key is being controlled by overeas interests and he is just a puppet being forced to carry out the setting our country up to effetely be another future “Military Junta”

    I was a Conscript in the NZ Army in 1964 and now shudder at what I see ahead here in this once a paradise land.

  7. Good word SaveNZ

    Key is being controlled by global elite interests and he is just a puppet being forced to carry out the setting our country up to effetely be another future “Military Junta”

    I was a Conscript in the NZ Army in 1964 and now shudder at what I see ahead here in this once paradise land.

  8. Essentially, all the state’s spying orgs are collaborating as if they were one already. The GCSB acts on requests from the NZ Police, the SIS passing on info to the police, the STG training with the SAS and the various intel groups that meet on a regular basis etc. etc.

    Some time ago, it became crystal clear that the assumed distinction between internal (SIS) and external (GCSB) spying was totally wrong; and has since been confirmed through law changes increases the powers of both. Rather than opposing a merger, we should keep advocating for their abolition.

  9. Terrorism is only a pathetic excuse for cover up, so Key can do what he pleases without him being held accountable for whatever he’s done wrong, by placing emphasis of blame through distraction upon anybody who opposes political tactics of his dishonesty, and his secrecy remaining with the TPPA issue that lay ahead.
    The only terrorism that is truly happening, is coming from the Key administration in New Zealand, in connection with the Obama administration of America. Between the two, they’re using power abusing tactics of bullying in shares to dominate wherever they can, and claim whatever they feel is theirs for themselves.
    Be aware Key and Obama, people are rising against your means of tyranny and oppression. You’ve both started a war that will be your own consequential downfall.

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