John Key’s crimes against Journalism



The hypocrisy of many of the world leaders turning up to proclaim their support for free speech has been mirrored in NZ.

The disgraceful manner in which Israeli War Criminal and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forced his way into the protests was particularly shameless, especially when there is so much journalist blood on his hands from last Summer’s war crimes in Gaza.

Closer to home however, our own Prime Minister’s hypocrisy when it comes to paying lip service to the role of journalists and their supposed democratic freedoms is just as eye rolling.

John Key’s crimes against Journalism

  • Killing off Public Broadcasting TV by shutting down TVNZ7 and having Minister’s lie about how many people watched the station.
  • Raiding newspapers and broadcasters to stop them publishing the tea pot tapes.
  • Defaming investigative journalist Jon Stephenson who questioned if NZs SAS had committed war crimes in Afghanistan by handing civilians over to known torture units.
  • Defaming investigative Journalist Nicky Hager by calling him a communist conspiracy theorist when Hager opened up the Dirty Politics black ops team working within Key’s office.
  • Calling award winning Journalist Glenn Greenwald and whistle blowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden ‘Henchmen’ when they revealed the truth of Key’s mass surveillance plans.
  • Having all of Andrea Vance’s emails and phone records taken.
  • Using far right hate speech merchant and Fascist Cameron Slater to smear public servants the Government didn’t like.
  • Falsifying SIS information and working with the state spy service to smear Phil Goff in the media months before the 2011 election.

The worst part about Key’s crimes against journalism is that most of our own mainstream media supported and helped him by either working with Slater over the last 6 years with their dirty smears or they simply let him off the hook altogether.


  1. Good summary Martyn.

    NZ has free speech. But only if John Key agrees with what’s being said and authorizes its publication!

  2. This is an interesting link In my humble opinion .

    I worked with this Director at the beginning of last year . Craig Zobel has an abiding interest in social psychology, as do I, and we talked for a little while about Professor Stanley Milgram who Craig mentioned in relation to one of his films ( based on fact ) called ‘ Compliance ‘ .

    The reasons for jonky-stien being able to still freely walk around the country he’s raping for his profits and power is worthy of closer attention . Particularly since he’s such a crook . Why is jonky so invisible to the naked mind ?
    After all that has happened ? After Greenwald , Assange , Snowden, Hager, Dotcom and independent News outlets AKA Blog sites like this one ? He still remains at large . How is that possible ?

    While Craig may be talking about his film ‘ Compliance’ specifically , one can see this link as a metaphor and/or an analogy to in some way explain just how jonky does it .

    One must be very , very wary of authority figures . jonky is our most powerful authority figure . One dog controls 4.3 million sheep .

    • “One dog controls 4.3 million sheep .”

      So – unleash the fleas!

      Bring on the borer!

      Shoo on the Deep South sandflies!

      Cumulative undermining of the relentless marketing message is urgently and persistently required.

      (Which may be why National’s positioning works so well for the MSM: it’s speaking their language, and we don’t. Yet. Time to bring in the direct marketers if you want to get people ‘buying’ what the ‘left’ is offering. )

  3. John Key’s success can be attributed in large part to his control of the media message about substantive issues. That he claims to be supportive of the fourth estate’s role in a democratic society is laughable. He has defamed journalists, launched police raids against them and his office has been found guilty of constructively manipulating the media via Ede and Slater.

    He stated what was politically expedient, not what he believes or practices.

  4. Every NZ Prime Minister needs to be held accountable for how they procure and suppress information, since the Prime Minister is also the Minister for the SIS. Allowing GCSB to spy on Kiwis routinely has gone on for too long. They don’t seem to be accountable at all.

  5. Don’t take you eye off the man behind Key that is working the strings..

    Yes it’s Goebbels ilk, in the form of Steven Joyce, the radio station man turned media empire board director (Media works) now turned himself into a real live Propaganda Minister

    Now he is in total control of our biggest and most authoritative Ministry “MBIE or the “Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment.” and this agency can pressure any employee to “Comply” with his wishes no less.

    Scary shit right, so much that I hope and pray one day someone inside this shadowy agency blows the whistle on the control mechanisms this agency has over the broadcasters.

    • @ cleangreen – I’m having trouble deciding which category Steven Joyce fits into. That of Goebbels or Lord Haw Haw. The former was a master at churning out Nazi propaganda to justify activities, while the latter pushed out misinformation on behalf of the enemy at a great rate of knots!

      Our Mr Joyce does justice to both!

  6. Has John Key declared himself as “I am Charlie”? If so, that would be hilarious. It’s as if another identity has been added to that twisted Multiple Personality Disorder he appears to exhibit.

    The saga surrounding this tragedy is really quite farcical. The “I am Charlie” slogan mindlessly uttered in supposed solidarity with free speech; with those who had to have the courage to critique the works and events involved in a respectful manner, and the response by many decrying this as justification of violence or censorship; made the outgoing and informal “Charlie” sound more like the authoritative, formal and foreboding “I am Charles . . . .”

    After a protest presided by a mass murderer, warmongers and liars, then the vilification and trial of a “Charlie Coulibaly” expressed in response, and now a war machine mobilised to do its dreaded work. “I am Charlie” can be regarded as “Chuck” now, effectively chucked out.

  7. Yep we have free speech all right! We are all quite free to worship JK and get selfies with him at any time. Unfortunately this is the kind of freedom for which I have absolutely no use.

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