Key’s crocodile tears over dirty politics



John Key: Bloggers ‘not big part of my day’
Prime Minister John Key says bloggers are not a “big part of his day” but he lives in a world where he can’t ignore them.

Speaking on TVNZ’s Breakfast programme today, Mr Key said the “ugly” tone of the 2014 general election campaign was the low point of his year.

“It was all kind of hate stuff…the whole thing was just awful.”

Can you believe this crap? Oh it was all awful was it? Your Office initiated and co-ordinated with the SIS to falsify information to smear Phil Goff months before an election, while hacking into the Labour Party’s website, while feeding a far right hate blogger smears, while calling Slater regularly!

Where the hell does Key get off playing the victim?

Key’s claims that he doesn’t have any contact with Slater now is just a joke. Slater says he has dirt on Key and the rumour is Slater has taped all of his conversations with Key and one such tape has Key referring to a West Coast mother as a ‘feral bitch’. Key is trying to generate some damage control and is now signalling that Slater’s real master, Judith Collins, will make her way back to Cabinet in an attempt to pacify Slater and keep him on side.

That our PM has to suck up to a far right hate speech merchant and keep him happy is sickening.

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The fact that the only apology Key has made is to Slater for pissing him off by revealing a private conversation regarding Collins speaks for itself.

This is the leader NZers fell over themselves to re-elect.


  1. Objectively you cannot conclude in any other way that Keys apology to Slater is because he’s scared of him. I mean for all the stuff ups this year alone, the use of the SIS for political smear campaigns or even the Iain Rennie’s botched leaving do for Roger Sutton (that example probably set back dealing with harassment in the workplace by years), that’s the only apology? Really??

    Nice inversion of the truth by Key though, vintage, polished and oh so natural but tiresomely predictable.

    Sadly this is the leader NZers fail to notice on a daily basis not helped by the MSM also failing too.

  2. Yep , and so there ya go….the clown who gets financed to travel to Israel and write glowing reports for the Likkud party V the fool who wants to be part of George Bush seniors New World Order.

    But the question is …..who’s watching who?

    Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to bring to you direct from George Bush senior’s New world Order direct from Trolleywood this night the heavyweight fight of the century !!!…….

    In the one corner of the ring we have Rancidoil , – a heavyweight wannabe journalist with aspirations as a covert govt manipulator…….

    In the other we have John xKEYscore , the darling of the forex market who teamed to bring down a nations currency while working with Beryl Pinch !!! – and then decided to be the head honcho of said country!!!

    And as we can see from the scoreboard, both contenders have had a string of knock out lies to their belts and so – far undefeated rounds with other contenders to the title.

    Rancidoil leads with a ‘ punt for Crusher Collins ‘ right jab , xKEYscore counters this with a right cross ‘ leaked email’ to Rancid’s snout.

    Rancid dodges this with a back peddle onto the ropes, xKEYscore deftly moves to neutralize the power of the ‘ Crusher ‘ right jab and delivers a right handed ‘ apology ‘ uppercut at the same time.

    Rancid comes out of the corner fighting with a lightning ‘ TXT before ISG official report ‘ right hook.

    xKEYscore swerves and ducks and dives before the crowd with a ‘ denial Im in contact ‘ right straight …..

    The crowd roars as xKEYscore gets hit from a wild swing from out of nowhere with an ‘ electronic proof I lied ‘ flail from Rancid , –

    He’s down !!! He’s down !!! xKEYscores going down for the count after slipping on a puddle of some of Rancid’s oil and taking a heavy pounding from Rancid !!!

    But wait !!! xKEYscores up on his feet again though groggy and slugging it out through all this with a ‘ media it was just awful whine ‘ combination – !!!!

    What a fight Ladies and Gentlemen !!!! -what a fight !!!

    We will be back after round 2014 after the ad breaks to see this showdown play itself out for the ‘ Blunder down Under ‘ match of the century !!!!

  3. There must be a legal way to get Key out of power ,others have fallen on their swords for far less, how about a coup while hes in Hawaii on holiday,hes looking pretty tired ,hes probably had enough now people are on to him. 2015 should be interesting and I suspect pretty awful.

    • Sir Jerry Mateparae is our man…

      From the GG’s website –

      The Governor-General’s Roles
      Governor-General’s strategy 2011-16 (summary)
      New Zealand’s Constitution
      An Essay on New Zealand’s Constitution
      The Head of State’s constitutional role
      Royal Prerogative of Mercy
      The Executive Council
      Credentials ceremonies
      RESERVE POWERS (my emphasis)
      Administrator of the Government

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      “In a very few instances, the Governor-General may exercise a degree of personal discretion, under what are known as the “reserve powers.” The most important of these is the appointment of a Prime Minister following an election, or accepting the resignation of an incumbent Prime Minister.

      “By convention, the Governor-General will always appoint as Prime Minister the person who has been identified through the government formation process as the person who will lead the party or group of parties that appears able to command the confidence of the House of Representatives. The Governor-General expects that there will be clear and public statements that a political agreement has been reached and that a government can be formed that will have the support of the new Parliament. The Governor-General abides by the outcome of the government formation process.

      “Other reserve powers are to DISMISS (my emphasis) a Prime Minister, to force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections, to refuse a Prime Minister’s request for an election, and to refuse assent to legislation.

      “These powers to act without or even against ministerial advice are reserved for the most extreme situations and with the exception of the appointment of a Prime Minister following an election, no New Zealand Governor-General has ever needed to use them.”

      Is now the time to start asking him about it?

      Crawling steadily to when it might come in handy –

  4. The Opposition Parties have only themselves to blame for Jno Key’s re-election; have only themselves to blame for the damage Jno Key has not only caused already to this country’s economy, sovereignty and reputation and will continue to wreak over the next three years; have only themselves to blame for this country’s further sinking into the status, in effect, of a banana republic (actually a monarchy, or if you prefer Fritz Hayek’s definition, temporary dictatorship, but what the hell).

    National used to be known as the Pig Party, but now its the Donkey Party, led by a shonky donkey, guided by Billock (the Pillock) English and a Treasury rendered incompetent by its slavish adherence to Neo-Classical economic stupidity masquerading as ‘scientific’ theory.

    Be that as it may, it amuses me to hear the WhaleOil merchant blubbering about his ‘stolen’ data. By his own criterion, he has outed himself as a receiver of stolen goods, and that makes him as much a thief, and a hypocrite into the bargain. His professed Christian values seem to stop short of ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you.’ And that makes him doubly a hypocrite and liar.

    Politics in this country has descended in three short years beyond ‘dirty’ into the sort of filth that has besmirched American politics these last forty years. Mr Slater is aptly named: a bottom feeder.

    • Totally right. I’m actually and just as angry at Labour for supporting National and this filthy mess by being their enabler. Dirty Politics Mark Mitchell for example – why support his bill? It is so crazy and yet half the Labour people seem to think the compromise was the right decision. $%&( What? Not a peep of dirty politics, no mention in MSM and so forth that Mark a 3rd rate mercenary caught out in dirty politics got a safe National seat and is proceeding to put forward the stupidest red neck security policy possible, so we too can have daily ‘terror’ attacks from dumbo policy from dumbo religos just like Australia with Abbot’s equally stupid policies driving nut cases over the edge.

  5. Everyone is on fire with the quality of comments on this article .
    This is great stuff and leaves nothing more to be said except ,well done !!

  6. Does that mean we have a slater at NZ’s helm. Dirty Politics revealed absolute filth – beyond what I expected. And I am sure that JK doesn’t approve of such tactics, in spite of it being a National two stage policy – 1. JK portrayed as ‘nice boy next door’. 2. Others do the dirty work. What other explanation is there for JK to stay in touch with Slater? – other than he is scared that Slater could ‘spill his guts on his shoes’ to use the latter’s language.

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