Cam’s ‘Slightly Left of Centre’ sock puppet threatens Key in public



What did Judith Collins say about payback? Looks like Slater has taken that lesson to heart as he uses his sock puppet over at Slightly Left of Centre to drop threats and hints that he has recorded conversations with Key that has forced Key to return to Parliament and admit that he has misled the House.

Slightly Left of Centre looks like a side project set up to create a manufactured left wing voice that Slater can feed info to. This cleverly allows Slater to remind Key in public of how much leverage he has over Key while Slater’s sponsor Judith Collins looks set to try and wrestle her way back into Cabinet.

More Game of Drones than Thrones.

Focusing on who leaked a report early rather than contents of report is like demanding a witch hunt for shoplifting while a homocide occurs. Why are the msm reporting Slater’s conspiracy when they haven’t even investigated the conspiracy they have actual evidence of?

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  1. Ahhh – that would explain Tai Henare’s indorsement of ‘Slightly Left of Centre” on RNZ’s the Panel on Monday.

    • Yes, my bullshit detector hit red alert when I heard Henare mention it.
      It came out of the blue and seemed highly suspicious !

  2. The majority of NZer’s want a fair society governed by fairly elected representatives. We don’t want the Americanisation of our political system that has occurred. The voting public need to be informed of the full details of dirty politics so that who ever they vote for, right or left, the result is true democracy. Can MSM regain their independence when they are owned by those who benefit from the present system?

  3. Yes I think Whale Oil will be Keys downfall, hes done everything Keys lot ask of him and if Key messes with Slater he wont be used and abused, Key is trying to distance himself from Slater now ,Slater has probably realised by now Key is a user and looks after number one.

    Dita Di Bona writes than Kitteridge is looking after Key,so we cant rely on her to look after public interest, they will all turn on him in the end,sooner rather than later would be good .

    • Good post Elle.

      Given Slater’s unstable mind, I’m waiting for the day he turns feral on Key and exposes everything! Wouldn’t take much, particularly if Key upsets and threatens the blogger’s narrow little world of delusion!

      If Key wants to disassociate himself with Slater, why does the WhaleOil have the PM’s new mobile phone number? I’d say Key obviously wants to continue with his toxic brand of dirty politics, using Slater to spit the venom on his behalf! Key wouldn’t be able to survive politically without Mr WhaleOil to deliver the goods! It’s the way he works!

      Time will see the pair of them destroy each other! It’s coming!

  4. Slater claims that Labour has plotted/threatened to kill him.

    It’s not the first time he has concocted “threat threats” to muddy the waters;

    Of course, he won’t lay a complaint to the Police. Not when a false complaint can result in a criminal prosecution for wasting police time. And does he really want to add to his criminal record and other list of litigation against him?

  5. Slightly Left of Centre – they are not led by a person called Kevin Phillips Bong by any chance are they? like the Slightly Silly Party in the Monty Python sketch? Blog would be more correctly titled “Slightly less than a sandwich short of a picnic.

  6. Any blog that has the backing of Cameron Slater and Tau Henare would only be a front for the obnoxious right – regardless of name.

  7. “Why are the msm reporting Slater’s conspiracy when they haven’t even investigated the conspiracy they have actual evidence of?”

    this is based on he premise that the MSM IS neutral.
    we shouldn’t be at all surprised.

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