The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey – 4 stars



Oh the delightful oddities one can come across on a Wednesday night in the big city. The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey is one such delightful oddity.

The London’s Battersea Arts Centre has put the eternal tale of Homer’s Odyssey into a wondrous mix of pictures, puppetry and music that focuses upon the angst of Homer and his yearning for his family rather than the action packed fight fest it’s usually portrayed as.

It is story telling at it’s most clever with visual effects that generate a unique nights worth of entertainment. I’ve never seen a cyclops struggle with being poked in the eye before, but the puppetry provides an experience that gives the true emotional sense of that loss in a way that is surprisingly moving.

Genius and beautiful – 4 stars.


  1. Agreed Martyn, our household had started reading Adam Nicholson’s “The Mighty Dead, why Homer Matters” when we noticed that Paper Cinema was staging it during the Nelson Arts Festival – so we travelled down there especially to see it. We were not disappointed. It was captivating, clever, and witty. Heartily recommended.

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