MELTDOWN – Maori Party turns on their own Te Tai Tokerau candidate – again


The tensions are building in Te Tai Tokerau with the Maori Party on the verge of meltdown.

Days out from the election, the Maori Party Executive has tried to heavy their own Te Tai Tokerau Electoral Committee and their own candidate, Te Hira Paenga, to tell his supporters to get behind Labour’s Kelvin Davis to oust Harawira.

It seems everyone from the Maori Party to NZ First to Labour want to try and shut MANA down this election. The less said about Kelvin Davis’ own nasty attempt at dirty politics (which had the whiff of Simon Lusk about it) the better.

To his credit, Paenga told the Maori Party Executive to go to hell. Rumours are that things got so heated, Te Hira hopped on a plane to Rotorua and confronted Te Ururoa Flavell before his appearance on the Maori radio election debate, Te Wero, hosted by Willie Jackson.

This sad little episode is a case of history repeating itself. Back in the 2011 by-election for Te Tai Tokerau, the Maori Party entered a candidate to try and split the vote with Harawira so that Davis could become the MP for Te Tai Tokerau. When they found out that they hadn’t put enough of a dent into Harawira’s support, they then turned on their candidate, Solomon Tipene, and shafted him in an attempt to tell voters to support Davis. Behind the move was Harawira’s old foe, Te Ururoa Flavell. In the past many Maori voters have wanted to bring the Mana Movement and the Maori Party together, to stand united. Hone has never made any secret of the fact that he remains open to unifying the two political factions but every time the offer of reconciliation is made, Flavell’s contempt for Harawira gets in the way.

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Getting back to the “Kill Harawira” campaign for the current election, the Maori Party asked their dinner speaker drawcard, John Key, to tell Maori voters to vote for Kelvin Davis. Key thought it was a great idea to eliminate the one Maori MP that poses the biggest threat to another term as PM and went on camera to tell Te Tai Tokerau voters that a vote for Kelvin Davis is the way to go. When John Key, David Farrar and Cameron Slater are your biggest supporters, Kelvin can’t be that much of a win.

It’s fine for Te Ururoa to continue his obsession of trying to kill off Hone, but to drag his own candidate into this mud seems a slap in the face to Paenga’s mana.

These last desperate acts by the Maori Party are the very reason they have fallen on such hard times after so much promise.


  1. I cannot believe these two people want to shaft us. Not you Hone but people like me. I’m solo on welfare with two kids. You have given so much already

  2. Maori Party have committed treason within its own ranks , from its own leaders … National Party stooges , commiserations to their Maori Party whanau , who put their faith in Maori Party Leadership!!

  3. You know you have mana when the National Prime Minister endorses the Labour candidate running against you (and that is only one of many plots to unseat him)


    Your ancestors stand behind you.

  4. Full support for Hone from this Pākehā, have already cast my Internet Mana party vote and will support Mana Movement in the community in future actions.

    • This white woman is with you on this. I have been a staunch Labour supporter but not this time. My party vote goes to Internet/Mana

    • Well you wasted your vote didn’t you.

      And you wasted oxygen and pixels posting here. First and last appearance. – Scartletmod

  5. I wish such energy was spent ousting a gaudy candidate like Peter Dunne rather than an eminently honorable one such as Hone. I can’t wait to see the demise of the neoliberal Maori Party.

  6. Its all richly ironic that the modern labour party is opposing a candidate whose policies are closer to the principles from which Labour grew. How far have they drifted from their roots? Will they ever come back?

  7. This old white boy sez that as long as we keep voting for IMP and Hone – their gonna be a constant prick of conscience in Labours side.

    You KNOW that when JohnXKEYSCORE advocates for a Labour candidate – that not only is he done and dusted…..that they also see the rise of a formidable new force on the Left.


  8. Don’t blame Labour for the actions of Peter’s, key and the right wing Maori Party. David Cunliffe, who of course supports Labour’s own candidate has said that under a Labour. Green, NZ First government, Internet Mana have a choice of giving support in a confidence and supply capacity, or not. Think about it, what does that tell you? Its not labour who are worried, but it looks like the nats and the Maori party sure are. And Winston is being, just Winston.
    Really surprised that people have gotten so sucked in. To reiterate. Would have thought the prime objective is to kick John key out of office, and that would remain front and centre, not allowing it to be derailed by scaremongering articles.

    Personally, I have no doubts that Hone will retain his seat.

    • Yes we do realize the behind the scenes maneuvering , we also know there are the things that are for public consumption and those that are not.

      However – it would be far more convivial if the Left presented a very unified front publicly .There are many swing voters who are exactly that – swing voters..who can be falsely influenced by impressions of divisions ..and who actually BELIEVE all this stuff.

      It is that which is irritating , and your quite right , after the election , ALL Left parties will have a role . And IMP will have quite a powerful part to play as the smaller party of the Left.

      Child poverty , wage increases , – and govt lies and surveillance will feature strongly.

      • Hopefully Key (XKeyScore)–lol), Winston, Māori Party and even dozy Dover’s support for Kelvin will add impetus to boost Hone over the line if anyone in Te Tai Tokerau needs encouragement!

        Internet Mana has a achieved a lot in a short time, the effect of which will be felt for months to come.

        Mana Movement itself will be back in action too come Sunday whatever happens in the elections.

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