800 Cops to detain 15 ‘terrorists’ – why Australia’s hysterical Islamophobia is more false flag than defending the flag



I’m sorry but I can’t take this current Australian terror threat seriously. 800 cops to detain 15 people and arrest one of them? A week after Abbott decides to send in Australian forces to the cluster fuck of Iraq, suddenly there is a ‘terror’ threat is there?

How convenient.

Was there a ‘terror plan’ to kill a stranger? Maybe. Maybe not. One person murdered is hardly a justifiable position to mass surveil the entire Australian population. How many rapes, murders, road deaths, serious domestic violence cases occur weekly that wouldn’t see this kind of concerted focus by security departments?

This isn’t about safety from Terrorism, it’s about creating fear of terrorism. The over kill to this supposed ‘threat’ is deliberate. It’s to induce fear and silence criticism of re-entering Iraq to deal with the mayhem that was generated when Australia and America first illegally invaded Iraq under the false pretence of weapons of mass destruction that never existed.

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The ease of manipulation is astonishing and watching our own Prime Minister like cretin attempt to hold this false flag ‘terrorism’ as a justification as to why the GCSB should mass spy on every NZers is intellectually shallow and deceitful.

We should not allow fear to decide our security, we should allow rational deliberation of the the risks to determine it. A dozen people planning to kill a stranger and record it is a crime designed by thugs, not a threat to our society. We should refuse to allow the State to manufacture that risk into a justification for mass surveillance.


  1. The very same people that conduct mass surveillance i.e. USA are the very same people responsible through their foreign policy who create that terrorism. The goal of mass surveillance is to isolate people and create fear. If the situation continues the only way to effect any kind of change will be at the end of a gun, much easier to vote against it while it still remains an option!

    • Spot on David. This is all about ensuring public support to “go all the way with Obama”. People might object to spending 500mil/year of taxpayers money to fight a foreign enemy in another country. But what if the enemy is already among us, threatening to kill one of our own? Then it becomes a different story and any objector will be branded irresponsible and unpatriotic. This is a well proven and predictable tactic which the criminals that are running our country and the US are employing here. The amazing and sad thing is that it still does the trick with the majority of people. Personally I think we have far more sheep in Australia than NZ.

  2. The whole thing has been laughable when you can see what is really happening. No such thing as coincidence and it was all just so well timed.

    • Yes they thought they would give their embattled mate John Key a hand and bring the raid forward to just before the NZ election

  3. Hey, Martyn..
    Don’t forget our ‘Urawera Terrorists’!!!! um that didn’t work out so good for jonkey crusher & co did it?

    Sometimes if an enemy doesn’t exist,it seems for ‘reasons of state’ we have to invent one..

    Keep up the good work.

        • What no-one (particularly amongst those arrested) is prepared to acknowledge is that the Urewera raids successfully shut down a terrorist operation, i.e. neutralised a number of people who were preparing to bomb and shoot us, and disturb our peaceful way of life.
          So, what’s your theory then??

          The fact none of them were convicted or charged of any terrorist acts seems to have eluded you. Fact. Not theory. First warning not to post BS on this site. – Scarletmod

  4. Brilliant @ Martyn .

    Good hearts and minds can rest easy at The Daily Blog .

    One of the reasons I come here is because I feel like a member of a mentally healthy Whanau .

  5. Look: its as much about the politicians and their fat cat mates in terror of losing their plush and privileged lifestyles and ill gotten gains from progressive theft of the Common Weal for over 30 years. Being spineless, gutless and bollockless, they quake in a blue funk behind the whole machinery of security.

    Whom do they fear? Us. They fear us.

    Benjamin Franklin, among others, has been credited with remarking, ‘Who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither freedom nor security.’

    How much more contemptible, then, are those who, to obtain security for themselves, would sacrifice the freedom of others?

    • Fine words Ben Franklin – but merely words, and even that old black south african terrorist people love so much got tired of words.

      Strike 3. One week holiday. Enjoy. – Scarletmod

  6. Yes, it is just about creating a fear of terrorism in the general public.

    When these leaders of our countries are the ones killing people in other countries – and this is the real terrorism! These acts of murder undertaken with the help of our (rather Americas) spy networks sitting in our countries.

    The spy network needs to be brought down now – before this escalates any further into the realms of lala stupidity!

    F the US, and FJK and any govt that supports it.


  7. My god – are you insane? “One person murdered is hardly a justifiable position to mass surveil the entire Australian population”

    Would it make a difference if that person that you are so happy to sacrifice was somebody close to you?

    • You’re missing the point. Obviously, the murder of an innocent is a bad thing. However, given the number of other murders, what is it that makes this one so special as to warrant new anti-terror laws and sweeping state powers? Ah, yes, there’s a vaguely middle eastern chap we can dangle around accompanied by some spooky music and a serious tone, in order to scare the locals into submission. It’s horseshit, plain and simple. If a single murder was enough to justify these laws, then why weren’t they enacted years ago? Because they didn’t need to justify themselves to a skeptical public years ago.

      • Actually I would have thought that this was worth nipping in the bud. As a female I consider radical Islamists to be my mortal enemy

      • I’ll tell you why it is so important … every Government has a responsibility to protect the population as much as it can. So, yes the introduction of new laws is warranted. You obviously have no idea of the limitations that the Fed Police, ASIO and various law enforcement agencies were operating under in Australia. As for mass surveillance – well another conspiracy theorist!
        So many people here commenting would be the first to scream blue murder and blame the police if it was their love one that was beheaded. So easy to sit back in your ivory towers and comment about things one knows little about in a supposedly funny manner, mocking reality. How purile!

    • If one assumes that terrorists are unlikely to tell the truth when you ask them if they are about to kill someone, you must gather knowledge without their assistance. If you don’t do that effectively (for lack of knowledge) or in a timely manner (in time to prevent a crime) then someone is going to die. The Aussie op’ was undertaken with the optimum number of staff to minimise casualties and deal with surprises. You don’t go to a gunfight with a letter from your Mum.
      I find some of the commentary on this site quite naïve. Wanna know a secret?

      Strike 2. – Scarletmod

  8. No mention of the intercepted telephone conversation between an alleged Aussie recruiter for IS and the Aussie in Sydney being asked to do a public murder for IS publicity. Why not Martyn? From that intercepted tel con the cops would have determined the numbers of cops needed to handle the raids for their safety. Is Martyn competent to assess this? (800 I agree seems a high number but it is not my life at threat from the unknown).

    The timing of these raids was likely settled to prevent the murder of an innocent person. I hope the conversation is published.

    • is this a variation on the old “never question police actions, you don’t know half of what the police know”…”the police know stuff so damning that even they can’t make it public”.

      I heard a lot of that sort of thing back in 1992 when the police where stitching-up Peter Ellis, and again all through the Urawera fiasco.

  9. Some background on post WW2 security arrangements:

    “To paraphrase Edmonds: though the collusion with radical Islam had been going on for decades, it wasn’t until 1996 that a formal decision was made by NATO to abandon their previous secret relationship with neo-Fascists and arch-Nationalists and replace them with Islamists.”

    Unwrapping the politicization of radical Islam involves looking at they way in which all the Abrahamic religions have been corrupted by man-made doctrines which insinuate secular power into the matrix of religious belief.

    Fear can be a valuable response to a threat, but it’s wise to assess the true nature of the threat before attempting to form a strategy to counter it.

  10. The question Western governments should be asking is what have we done to cause this radical Islamic reaction. A quick review of recent history should reveal the answer to even the most dim witted politician.

  11. When did you last work for a Police Dept either here or overseas. You have no idea what goes on when urgent search warrants take place. It is not just a couple of cops turning up at an address looking for their target, finding them and leaving. There are many things like finding evidence, recording it and its location then logging it in to a system. There is a thing called the chain of evidence and it is crucial that it is followed to the letter of the law. That is just one job of many required in these situations. Unless you have physically done a big warrant when you were in the police then I would suggest you keep your ideas to yourself.
    You would see a murder differently if it was one of your family, then you would want to know why it happened and want justice.

    • @BofMTW:

      Well of course we know – its on telly and in movies all the time!!!
      Oh if only every murder was treated this way – but they are not! Why arent they? Because terrorists are just people who are really pissed at the way foreign govts around the world go and bomb their countries – and nowadays using stealth drones.

      You are off the planet if you believe all this govt propaganda about terrorism!

      You sound a bit over-policed to me. Do you make sure you have your bullet-proof vest on when you go about in public nowadays.

      I suggest you take a break from the brain-washing, and playing with guns thing. Its not a computer game you know.

      Bring down the 5 eyes network, and stop helping other countries (mainly the USA, and a soldout NZ) to commit acts of terrorism against them. Leave them alone – its their country – not ours! Stop inviting terrorism into NZ!

      Blimey we cannot even sort out our own govts corruption – so why waste time on mythical terrorism!


      • What an interesting reply – little debate or evidence, but full of ridicule. Says a lot about where the “Opinion” is coming from. When one cannot refute an argument, attack the person via ridicule and sophistry!
        The reason not every murder is treated this way is because in this instance, there was no murder. It was stopped by early intervention. Secondly few murders are publicly discussed beforehand, so prevention is nearly impossible. Want to rethink your question????? Perhaps apply a little logic here?

    • Strange how selective you are….we have had ample ‘chain of evidence ‘ about the NSA and GSCB and the fact that not only were the public NOT consulted,,…we were lied to. Stitched up.

      Mass surveillance is a tool used by fascists.

      The fact that JohnXKEYSCORE deliberately lied , sought to confuse the public and then was finally forced to concede he had , – galls the voters.

      Similar to the lies about ‘weapons of mass destruction ‘.

      And we all know what happened to Tony ‘weak as pig shit Blair’ because of that , don’t we now….

  12. What a sick sick thing to say. Mr Bradbury you should be ashamed of yourself for not only thinking that but committing it to writing. If it does happen anywhere in the world from now on, I want to see you on the first plane to that place, with your family to say that to the grieving family.

    If surveillance could be used to prevent rapes, murders, road deaths or serious domestic violence cases it most certainly would be, but in the case of terrorism it requires organizing multiple people and hence leaves a trail that can be found if you know where to start looking.

    • Another idiot believing the terrorism hype.
      I reckon you’ve been watching and reading too much MSM!

      There could only ever be one reason for any act of terrorism in NZ, and that would be to bring down the 5 eyes network, so that the USA cannot use drones to kill people in their country. Cut the cable!


      • I almost never watch, listen or read the MSM, and you do not need to believe in Terrorism, it happens. Has happened since he Babylonians and it has taken down whole societies (Just look up the start of WWI, started by a terrorist attack on some obscure prince, by the time the war was over it brought about the end of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman & Russian Empires). What you need to do with Terrorism is control it. If the best way to control it is to use police information to find a potential node in a communication network and then use spy tools with legally approved warrants to determine if that information is correct through a targeted electronic monitoring.

        The reason for my initial posting on here was I was completely shocked at the callousness Mr Bradbury showed towards human life. He would call other people out on hate speech and then show scant regard for human life as long as the criminal/criminals privacy wasn’t breached. That is a Truly horendeous & hateful thing to say about anybody.

        • @DG:

          I think you’ve got your brain on upside down.

          Just because a person thinks about murder – this doesn’t make them a murderer!

          People are murdered in every city around the world every day – this doesn’t make them acts of terrorism – it makes them acts of murder!

          And just because someone thinks or does something against the USA doesn’t make it terrorism either – unless of course you count every act of murder and violence done on other countries, by the USA, acts of terrorism too! This is now true for NZ too, as they continue to allow the USA to use their drones via the 5 eyes spy network!

          You can’t have it both ways.


  13. “A dozen people planning to kill a stranger and record it is a crime designed by thugs, not a threat to our society. We should refuse to allow the State to manufacture that risk into a justification for mass surveillance.”

    This was a cleverly disguised spoof setup by CIA/NSA ops coming off the damning Five eye Expose’ shown by the Auckland Town hall meeting and input televised admission from Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon.

    Hitler did set up similar threats to sway the public before the WW11.

    He would use his Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels to “stage” similar threat attack planned attempts by some Jewish so called extremists to harm Government officials.

    Then he legitimately would seemingly have the Gestapo kill, or imprison those who oppose Government policy.

  14. The only terrorists of real notoriety I can see and hear within spitting distance of this False Flag event, are Tony Abbott & ShonKey – our very own CEO and protector.

    Betcha Barry-O is real proud of his partners in assorted misadventures / war crimes – watching two of his Five Eyes winking at each other in full swing. Both puppet PM’s spinning the lies and spreading the propaganda via Presstitute Media. Yes those MSM whores working for the Corporations + Wellington + Canberra and Washington. . . MIC.

  15. It will be interesting to see if the charges bear fruit in a court of law, as I too find the timing of this raid more than a little suspicious.

    Victoria state police are about to gain a ton of new computer hacking powers as can be seen in the article below. What is most remarkable is that they include the ability to alter data on a targets device not just intercept it. This is simply insane as it means that people can be set up for things they never did,said,or intended to do.


    “Victorian Police could be allowed to copy, delete and add data to a computer as well as remotely access a target’s PC to prevent a terrorist attack as part of an overhaul of state law, at the same time as the state’s police data watchdog raised concerns about internal security practices at the force.”

  16. Is it a coincidence that Abbot is sending 600 troops and and some jet fighters to the conflict in Syria, and Australia was divided down the middle then this distraction appears.

  17. What is the main catalyst for fear and unrest in our Western society?

    Without doubt through the years it has been ‘FALSE FLAGS’ Now we all know or most of us believe that election tomorrow Saturday the 20th of September 2014 could be a cliff hanger.

    We also know that what will surely have tipped the balance is firstly Nicky Hager’s book ‘Dirty Politics’ and secondly the big occasion at the Auckland Town hall last Saturday hosted by Kim Dotcom with those amazing speakers especially Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

    The Prime Minister has been on the back foot ever since!

    Is there anything that might save him?

    After all all he probably needs is another 1 or 2% support!

    So out come the big guns.

    We know that he has all the support he could desire from the International Zionist bankers, that’s who he is giving our country to!

    So what can they do?

    Simple really.

    Just create yet another ‘False Flag’ this time across the ditch in Sydney in Australia.

    Oh yes they were going to behead the Australian Prime Minister and other people in high positions.

    No evidence forthcoming yet but they were after all Muslims, says it all really doesn’t it.

    So our PM right on cue comes out and says it just shows you how important our security is, and you know what?

    I would be surprised if the Zionist’s had not succeeded because these sort of ‘False operations’ have worked a treat, especially in the US.

    Most of the people or should I say sheeple over there have been scared out of their brains by this nefarious absolute bull shit to make them totally compliant!

    How many sheeples in New Zealand are now backed up into a corner of the paddock shaking in fear?

    Christ! Vote National, vote National, they’ll save us!!!

  18. Congrats Bomber,
    so Great to see other like minded people stand up and call BULLSH!T
    to these false flags & fear monger tactics when they see it .this this very suspect timing. now not every one may agree but all too often there are other suspect headlines, with these recent fake beheading videos using tiny rubber pearing knives or the boston trouser bomb & of course sandy hoax. good to see not everyone is too scared to say “No” I Dont Buy it ,just because the Lame Stream Media says its ‘true’, I’m sick of the fear porn & I am not afraid either to call them out on it, neither should anyone. The Emporer Has No Clothes!!

  19. Meanwhile, noticing a gap in police coverage, 400 cars are stolen, 1,600 burglaries are committed, and 300 calls to 111 for violent crimes are not responded to.

  20. It seems strange to me that the majority(if not all)
    of the western born/based jihadist/fighters who have travelled over to Syria,Iraq etc,choose to engage themselves in warfare/acts of violence against other muslim factions/groups or government based organisations etc.yet only on there return from said countries do they then decide that in fact the destruction of western freedoms,liberties,ideals are actually there true targets.

  21. I think we can now safely assume what political event this false flag event was trying to influence. The Australian Senate just passed a law with an overwhelming majority removing freedoms of Australians and installing a Stasi secret police -http://rt.com/news/190760-australia-spy-laws-freedom/
    “Regrettably, for some time to come, the delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said regarding the law.

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