The obscenity of National’s tax cuts



It should be an abhorrence in a nation that once prided itself on its egalitarianism that National want to borrow another $500 million per year while 250 000 – 285 000 children live in poverty.

There are two reasons why these tax cuts are a sick joke.

Firstly, there won’t be any bloody money to do this in 3 years. The economic forecasts are that post the Christchurch rebuild, we are going to have an economy that is about to tank. This Government has done sweet FA to manage the economy, they have shrugged and left it to crony capitalism and the ‘market’. National are about as good at economic stewardship as Cameron Slater is at honest journalism.

Secondly, MANAs ‘Feed the Kids’ to feed every hungry child in every poor school would only cost $100 million. To blow $500 million in hypothetical tax cuts when quarter of a million children could be lifted out of poverty for a fifth of that cost is an obscenity.

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The only reason National have suddenly brainfarted these tax cuts out is to distract from the fall out of Dirty Politics.

Tax cuts are disingenuous, cruel and selfish.

We are better than this.




  1. If Hone was going apeshit over iNTERNET/MANA spending too much on cannabis reform ads, he must be spitting the dummy over this moronic Nat bullshit.

  2. National policy is to increase the wealth of the rich at the expense of giving less to the majority of NZ on fixed medium & low wage or benefits.

    A sort of Robin Hood in reverse.

    The leaders debate confirmed this NatZ aim when Key attacked the minimum wage Labour policy, by saying we cant afford any increase until employment regulations are liberalised!

    This means no unions and lower wage expectation policies, which would lower our average wage from where it is today.

    National believes in making employers rich so hopefully “trickle down” benefits will eventually give workers increases in wages.

    Free market economy is what they want while we all hold our breath and go into abject poverty while their market driven policies may hopefully work or not.

    No “stable Government here we say”

  3. Hi, One way to change our rotten reverse Robin Hood Government is to vote for a proper investigation of this administration.

    I just signed this petition — will you join me?

    Governor General of New Zealand: Investigate all the allegations of corruption in the National government
    To: Governor General of New Zealand

    The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

    Thanks so much,

  4. These tax cuts are aimed at the low to middle income earners, but aren’t intended to come into effect in 2017, just prior to the next election.

    Considering the 2010 tax cuts aimed at National’s wealthy contributors and cronies, became a reality in virtually no time, the obscenity of the issue is the fact struggling working class Kiwis are expected to wait three years for theirs!

    This screams loudly of the contempt FJK and his mobsters have for ordinary working Kiwis!

    I hope this point is taken on board by ALL workers and is reflected at the ballot box on 20 September!

  5. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before, but the reduction in car registration fees is a hidden tax cut for the rich in my opinion.

    When it was announced, National (and the media) proudly proclaimed that the average NZ motorist will save $130 a year.
    This is completely false. The average saved per motorist is $130, but that saving won’t go to your average motorist, they will be lucky to get as $5 or $10 cut.

    How it works is that your car will be given a safety rating, and then the higher(safer) your car is, the more will be dropped from your registration.

    For your average motorist driving a 1996 Nissan Pulsar etc, the safety rating is very low, so they only receive a very low cut (if at all).
    Brand new cars with all the mod-cons will receive a very high rating, and so will receive a very high cut to registration.

    So who owns the brand new cars? It’s not your average motorist, it’s the moneyed up elite of course.

    • Yes that was another Collins massacre of the poor – to help her rich mates.
      This can only be described as greed.

      The corporates and govt fleet expenses will be heaps cheaper now. And so nevermind that you can only afford a cheapie car – how dare you be lower class and poor! Collins got that brainfart of hers passed through pretty quickly, and nobody in govt bothered to stop it!

      I’m fed up with seeing so many poor and struggling people being penalised!

      FJK be gone!!!


  6. “Tax cuts are disingenuous, cruel and selfish.”

    Why the outrage? It’s our money! It’s your money, it’s my money. It’s not the “government’s”. The starting point is that tax is a (generally) legitimised form of “theft”; given this, the onus is on the government to continually justify that “theft”. In any event, Cunliffe was in agreement with Key about tax cuts, just that they should be post-poned to his “second term”.

    • Ah, the old “taxation is theft” rubbish. Said by someone who got,

      … a taxpayer funded education

      … can rely on taxpayer funded hospitals

      … taxpayer funded electricity generation

      … taxpayer funded police to protect their privilege

      … and of course taxpayer funded copper cables which she/he used to post their garbage through the internet.

      Try living in Somalia Jan. I understand there’s bugger all taxation there. Ain’t it a hoot that none of you libertarian types are exactly flocking to that country to live?

      • I used the word in quotes and said it was generally legitimate. There are limits however. I also noted that Cunliffe said he supported tax cuts in his second term. Save for some differences in priorities around spending, not a huge gap in overall policy settings between the two major parties.

      • Yeah…you gotta laugh at these neo liberals sometimes…whereby most of its senior exponents grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s benefiting nicely from our pre neo liberal ‘usesr pays’ social democracy….then proceed to shit all over the very country that gave em birth , feed em , clothed em and housed em , gave em cheaper power, didn’t bill em for water…..

        Key being chief among them…as was Douglas before him.

        And that was happily financed and built up by the generations before them.

        What a pack of arseholes.

    • We also live in a society with services and infrastructure that are not provided by god. We as a society have to build them ourselves, and pay for them. If you want to connect to the sewers, drive on the roads, use mains electricity, use imported goods, and not pay taxes, you are the thief. Feel free to leave at any time. You seem to have no desire to be part of society, so out, damned spot!

  7. Seems a few of Cameron Slater’s mates have been visiting so they can exercise their digits. Lap it up trolls, you lot are about to get your buts kicked!

  8. Greens have the best tax policies of this election.

    A bit like Robin Hood – take from the rich and give to the poor – which is the very opposite of what is happening now.

    I like the sound of that.


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