Petition for Governor General of New Zealand to Investigate all the allegations of corruption in the National government


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Now we see the inquiry will be a whitewash, that is secret, won’t be consulted with the Opposition, will have limited scope and will ignore Nicky Hager’s book, we must demand the Governor General step in and demand an investigation into the allegations of corruption inside the National Party.



  1. Yes Indeed.
    I had already got that picture too – about it being a farce.

    FJK probably said No, and therefore it will be No! Just coz he said so.

    The Governor General is FJKs mate – so I don’t see how any path can take you directly through there. Probably need to go to the Queen herself – but now she’s too old to do the job.

    FJK knows he has it all stitched up in his favour, with his far reaching cronyism, and his monied up mates watching his back. He makes me want to puke – all over him.

    I bet someone will write him a speech to read out to the public about this, and I bet someone will write him a speech to read out about the horrific incidents at WINZ today too. He wouldn’t know what to say about anything – other than I can’t recall, or I don’t remember – unless someone wrote it for him.

    Heaven forbid he would actually speak what he is really thinking. Mind you, I guess he would just make the same noise that his own personal money till would make – Kaching! Kaching!


    • Honesty and Integrity is a need for leadership for any job and John Key is not sitting on a throne as a right.
      People in parliament are a joke and no example to the people in NewZealand and we need it all to be changed and having deserving with being committed people up in parliament with serious intentions for our country and people

  2. Sighed and signed.
    I never thought I would be required to put my name to a petition like this in this wonderful, Savage country.

  3. Signed! Excuse my ignorance but is the governor general not independent? Does he need permission to do this? Who does he work for?
    I am one of the ‘ground workers’ think- underpaid service worker. Believe me we are standing up and taking notice of this corruption. We used to keep our heads down and bum up to pay the bills, we have slid down the pay scale under tnis rock star economy and will add our votes on sept 20!

  4. Phil Goff very good on Morning Report …angry, articulate ( when he could get a word around Espiner)..talking about Mossad agents in Christchurch after the earthquake ….and NOT being briefed by the SIS ( when is a briefing not a briefing?)

    Maybe an interview here with Goff would be interesting?…( this combined with the emails exposing the plotting of Slater et al to get rid of Goff)

    ….because I dont think Espiner gave Goff a proper hearing…i dont think Espiner wanted to hear what Goff had to say

    ….i would be interested in hearing Goff spell it out in the printed word as to what exactly happened with his so-called briefing, what the implications are ( given the Whaleoil emails) …. how far the corruption of power goes under John key …and what is the proper way ahead….recourse ? ie what sort of Commission of Inquiry is required.

  5. “In the public interest” a wide ranging investigation into all matters of corruption by National Government in the Dirty Politics is now required.

    1. “An inquiry into the events surrounding Judith Collins’ downfall will not examine the relationship between her and Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater or the Serious Fraud Office investigation into Hanover Finance, Prime Minister John Key says.”

    2. Key Government’s denial of a wide ranging investigation into criminal information sharing between Government and media & blogers. – This will be seen for what it is, “evidence cover up.”

    Nixon tried to cover his black op’s activities also, but it didn’t work.

    The truth came out with a wide reaching impeachment (public) hearing and for Opposition not to demand this is denying our rights to justice.

    With critical evidence based public hearing investigation the truth always comes out.

    If an acceptable terms of reference for a wide ranging investigation was to happen, those that have been harmed by this corrupt black op’s operation carried out by Government will be compelled to come forward with the truth eventually.

    A public petition must be generated.

    Of course a strongly worded public petition for justice in the public interest can be initiated by all the opposition Parties affected with the goal of forcing a Royal Commission investigation with wide powers to look into every issue must be set up now, and will set the issue as a moral and human right to have justice done correctly.

    To just whitewash the whole corrupt black ops operation still going on by this Government is unforgivable and against the public interest for a fair and corrupt free democracy.

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