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Wellington, NZ, 23 August – The following is a true story and shows how the natural inclination of the rank-and-file of our main left-wing parties is to work together…

I’ve been in contact with both the Green Party and Internet-Mana, to offer both parties a spot on my front lawn for election billboards.

The Green Party was the first to respond, and I outlined my idea to them that I wanted a billboard frame to be erected on an angle, so that Internet-Mana would build the second “arm” of a V-shape frame, and attach their own election corflute. The plan;


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election frame construction


The Green’s billboard team were agreeable to the idea, and a couple of members arrived two days ago to erect their hoarding frame.

Before they started their work, one of the team members – Ian –  knocked on my door to advise that they had a spare hoarding frame. He offered a suggestion – and what followed was perhaps the most remarkable and positive story relating to this election campaign.

One facing was covered with the main Green Party hoarding;



Green Party


– with a smaller, detachable corflute (the plastic sign) attached to the other side.

Ian’s suggestion? That the second facing of the V-shape could be used by Internet-Mana, when they arrived, to attach their own corflute sheet. The small “Green Party” corflute could be easily detached and stored away until collection on 19 September.

In effect, two Green Party volunteers with no allegiance to another political party, had decided to extend a helping hand and assist Internet-Mana’s own election campaign by putting up a wooden frame for them. Nothing was asked in return. It was sheer Kiwi good will.

It was an amazing experience and perhaps, sometimes, we forget the good people of this country who want to participate in our democratic process – and not just focus on those politicians who are self-serving and negative. Especially to allies on the Left.

Without naming names, certain other people on the Left might reflect on this story.





vote mana labnour green

Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen/Lurch Left Memes



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  1. Can’t beat the good old Kiwi community spirit.

    Hardly surprising it is coming from the left, because that’s what we lefties are all about. Looking out for and helping each other, with no hidden agenda.

    Good to see this spirit is still alive and thriving.

    Go the Greens and IMP.

  2. Great, but not unique, thank goodness. At Newtown market in Wellington the Labour and Green parties have stands, often next to each other, and often very constructive discussions take place between the ‘rivals’.

    And we are all on speaking terms with Mana activists who are there too sometimes.

    I even saw Annette King volunteering to take a photo of the Green activists with their party leader.

  3. ahhh A big cuddly moment, just like the Arab Spring …. happy happy joy joy, just you wait, give it a few years of reality, and the blood will be flowing in the streets.
    We are not going to Morris dance our way through the shitstorms that are coming.
    I will be good seeing Labour/Greens facing what we warned them about 11 – 14 years ago, you know back when the honorable Pete Hodgson could have prepared us for the inevitable http://oilcrash.com/articles/hodgson.htm
    Better not ‘approve this’, you know the plebs don’t like the truth.

    • You do realise that not all revolutions are violent, don’t you?

      What happened when the Berlin wall came down? Not a lot of violence at the overthrow of communism.

      The Rose Revolution, the Orange Revolution, the Prague Spring, the Singing Revolution, the Velvet Revolution….

      Its a good thing Ghandi didn’t take things like you said in your comment as truth.

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