SIS letter means it’s over for Key



It’s over.

I may not agree with all of Phil Goff’s positions, but you can’t question his integrity the way Slater did in Dirty Politics and not be deeply concerned that our Secret Intelligence Agency is being used for political purposes.

The SIS letter destroys Key’s claim that Key wasn’t advised that the SIS were about to hand this information over to Slater…


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Tucker notes 3 times that he informed Key that they were about to release SIS info to Slater so Key’s claims that he wasn’t informed but his office was is simply not true…

Mr Key said that while his office was told the information was being sent to Slater, he personally wasn’t told.

“What does happen is my office gets told if an OIA [Official Information Act response] is going out. More often than not they don’t tell me.”

This is clearly not true. Tucker says Key was informed, not Key’s Office.

The wheels are falling off now.

Let’s see Key use a rugby analogy to get out of this.


  1. Mr Key’s definition of being told apparently means someone has to physically hold his head between their hands and yell the words into his face.

  2. Likely he will claim he simply doesn’t remember it (that’s standard practice for politicians). Of course this will seem a bit hypocritical, since he expected Cunliffe to recall something he signed off on over a decade ago… If he wasn’t a politician, I’d suggest Key has Alzheimers.

  3. Usually the crowd yells out to the referee that he should’ve gone to specsavers.

    It’s sort of weird when the ref yells out at the crowd of 4,500,000 that they should go to specsavers.

  4. One can surmise why Marwick has coughed at this point, and why “Whaledump” is dumping but the effect will one way or another hopefully be an assist to those that want to see a change of government and the poor residents of Hawaii have their population increased by one shonkey GodKey.

  5. Just saw the new Nat-Ad for #teamkey rowing backwards towards a better future.

    If you look closely, Slater is the cox, Judith is the stroke and the boat has been holed by a “Dirty Politics” book dropped from a great height by Hager.

    I’m waiting for some computer wag to replace your de-railed National Party Landcruiser, with an inappropriate ‘6-weeks in a leaky boat’ graphic.

  6. It is truly baffling that Shonkey has been allowed to get away with his performances for so long. I’d been a watcher of UK politics for about thirty years and now NZ for nearly ten and have never seen such evasion, piss-poor articulation, bad grace and mendacity. I liked the interview on RadioNZ the other morning when CE did a good impression of Paxman on Key.This is a supposed ‘world-leader’ and prime minister? More like a dodgy businessman who’s been caught with hands in the till, or worse.

    • Seen Barak Obama and the US in relation to Russia, Putina nd the situation in the Ukraine. The UK press is feeding those lies well.

  7. So where does Tucker stand in all of this now that he claims that telling the PM actually meant telling the PM’s office, leaving Key with a vestige of plausible deniability? It’s clear that there has been an extensive (albeit unworkable) strategy of attempting to keep the PM out of this if the shit ever hit the fan.

  8. Turns out it Key is probably in the clear – he is still adamant he wasn’t told & Warren Tucker has since confirmed he advised the PM’s office, not the PM himself.

    But Collins might be in the poo……a guy rang up Radio Live to say he was at the bus stop opposite Key & saw him & Collins leave Key’s house in a Crown car.

    The plot thickens!

  9. Kiwiblog is trying to spin it that Tucker meant “the prime minister’s office” when Tucker wrote “prime minister” in the letter. I can imagine that people *internally* might use that shorthand but there is no way you’d use that shorthand when writing to a journalist. With a journalist, in an official letter, you know you need to be exact because a journalist might quote from it – exactly as has happened here.

    The only other explanation is that he is totally incompetent in dealing with the media.

    • I don’t wish to blanket copy American culture but one thing they do in American Govt/Millitary is nail down everything with an accurate title (and then shorten it for everyday use) e.g.
      COMPACFLT – Commander, Pacific Fleet (U.S. Navy)

      It does sound like a better deal than people using “prime minister” to mean “prime minister’s office” … although it does give people deniability if things hit the fan.

      • Yep ….I think youd be right there, getting things precise and accurate avoids the pitfalls in the English language that is so easily exploited by characters like FJK…..and other undesirables.

  10. Ah but now the Herald has posted a new article about that fella Felix……someone is lying….now looks like Key AND Tucker are liars!

  11. This just keeps getting better every day. I can’t wait to see how he fudges his response to this.

    JK: “Umm, yeah, well, what you’ve got to understand is that this is an orchestrated left wing consp-”
    Press adviser: [Jabs Key in the ribs.]
    JK: “At the end of th-”
    JK: “Dirty Benes?”
    JK: “Uh, what I meant when I said I wasn’t informed is that I was never given written confirmation, and… ummm…”
    [Draws picture of man with potatoes in ears on an etch-a-sketch]
    JK: “…”

  12. Everything that goes into the PMs office, first goes through one of his staff, who let you know they’ve got it, and that the PM will respond once it has been read.

    So this is the standard practice. The staff review it, and then Key gets to see it, and make comment, and then the staff respond on the PMs behalf.

    Tis a slow process, but it is what happens – same process in FJCs office.

    Opinion and belief.

    • Mistery says “Tis a slow process, but it is what happens….”
      Slow except where WhaleOil is involved it seems, who gets Official Information requests expedited in half an hour …

    • Its bloody ironic that Newstalk ZB has been so accommodating to this cause. What will Hosking have to say now?

  13. Ambergris …Freshly produced ambergris has a marine, faecal odour. However, as it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent.

    Somehow this fits the current situation ,don’t you think ?

  14. “I informed the Prime Minister..” ” I notified the Prime Minister…” “I advised the Prime Minister…”

    “I said and said and said those words. I said them. But I lied them.”~Dr Zuess

  15. Bomber,
    Judy Collins crawled out from under her rock to visit her friends, the former mayor and mayoress of papakura, at fishpond, a not successful bookseller which exists solely for the unattainable goal of being bought by Amazon. Note that although “Dirty Politics” is quite available elsewhere, you can’t get it on fishpond until sept 28, Eight Days After The Election.
    Back under your rock now, Judy.
    Still wondering what it takes for NZ to eject all these nacty low-lifes, and get on with being a real sovereign nation.

  16. Martyn, Goff lied about not being briefed. Key’s position has been supported by both Tucker and Wakem. Game, set, match.

  17. Intrinsic troll does not even realize Key & his pal slater have lost the game and set ………….. we have to wait a couple more weeks before the games over for this most devious and corrupt national government we have ever had.

    P.s Keys chief of staff wayne eagleson used to be a top dog a DB breweries.

    So in the prime ministers office we have Alcohol industry ethics mixing with a Wall Street Banker prick.

    The result is dirty dirty politics.

    Its fun watching this national party train wreck though ……..

    And there’s more trains coming for them 🙂

  18. I’ve never been able to trust Key.
    Anyone who can make $50 million shuffling currencies around the world is a gambler. Except he’s not using his own money; he’s making his fortune on such as the backs of real workers, many in third world countries who work for about $2 a day.
    As he and his colleagues remind us, nothing’s for nothing in this world. Someone paid dearly, probably some with their lives, for the P.M.’s ill-gotten wealth. I have no pride whatever in him being our country’s P.M.
    Show me a Nat MP who has calloused hands, burnt brow, and stooped posture from genuine hard work – very hard to find even one.
    Like their leader, the PM, most have made their money parasitically. They wouldn’t know a hard day’s work if it hit them!
    Labour, in any form, is anathema to them!

  19. I am enjoying this. Nemesis for the liar hiding behind the faux toffee eyes. How he managed to get away with it for so long I will never understand. He’s finished now, thank God.

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