Robertson vs Cunliffe Facebook Wars Round 3: Momentum David


david cunliffe and grant robertson

Last week in a clever move to subtract from the perception that Cunliffe has widespread support from the membership, Team Robertson merged his Leadership page with his Central Wellington page taking his Facebook likes from 1000 to 2206, leaving Cunliffe’s leadership page in the dust with 1312 likes.

Over the last 4 days however, the momentum has taken a clear and dynamic turn for David. Robertson’s page has gained about 150 likes taking him to 2356, where as over the same period of time Cunliffe’s has surged almost 1000 likes taking him to 2309.

Cunliffe is attracting far more popular support online and if it continues he’ll overtake Grant this week.

The debates require new ideas and policy concepts to carry media attention, so the leading candidates will need to either continue pumping out clever ideas or start to privately talk to Jones for an endorsement for his preferences.

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The latter is the easiest path to the Leadership


  1. Cunliffe’s page now at 2434 to 2381 – overtook Robertson’s page yesterday and still steadily gaining.

    Also found this rather interesting – the most traded on iPredict yet not “featured” on the website of course, given the right-wing nature of who runs the site.

    Cunliffe 70% likelihood of being next Labour Leader. Has spiked briefly to 96% over the past week or so.
    Robertson 26%
    Jones 4%

    Sounds about right to me…

  2. Think I’ll go and like DC’s page right now. If lots of people reading the Daily Blog like it, he should shoot up astronically

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