Unemployment rises – where are the jobs Paula Bennett?


See no Poverty, hear no poverty, speak no poverty.

As the Government throw as many beneficiaries off welfare using whatever bullshit excuse they can come up with, it is interesting to note that despite the proclamations by the right that John Key has somehow ushered in a golden age of economic growth, unemployment surprised all the false banking prophets by rising, not dropping…

Unemployment rises more than expected
Westpac economists tipped the rate to rise from 6.2 per cent in the March quarter to 6.3 per cent in the June quarter.

But BNZ economists expected a slight decrease, with unemployment of 6.1 per cent.

…so where are all these jobs that these beneficiaries will be forced to do now then Paula Bennett?

The yawning gap of inequality between the 1% richest and the rest of NZ will swallow an entire generation if we have political leaders who believe in government with a microscopic g, NZ needs bold leadership, and we are waiting for the Opposition to provide it.

Let’s hope we are not waiting too soon.


    • Actually Stephen; from the site you linked to and from the Education and social services area:

      “. . .Jobs in Education and Social Sciences


      Special Education Teacher

      Special education teachers teach students with hearing, vision, emotional or behavioural difficulties, physical and/or intellectual disabilities, or special needs in learning or communication. They also help schools and other teachers provide suitable learning programmes for these students.

      Market and Social Research


      Statisticians collect, analyse, interpret, then present numerical information to assist in decision-making. . . ”

      You need degrees for BOTH these areas. Perhaps you simply assumed that short-skilled jobs were good enough for us ‘no-hopers?’

    • Your list isn’t linked to one actual job. It’s a list of skill categories which people can use for immigration purposes. You could and should do better.

    • I totally support you Stephen, there are jobs, and they should all be shared. There should be no high flying job holders earning 40 or 60 thousand a year, they should all show solidarity with carers and others, and narrow the gap, by either forgoing advantages, or by paying more tax to level the ground.

      I look forward to you taking up a carers job at $ 14 an our, and do not forget, you and all of us will age, and need care, of some form now and then. Do we need people with your qualifications? I do not know, as you have not disclosed them. If you are a banker or a profit earning manager or owner, good on you, but pay your taxes, and respect the ones looking after you and others, when your colon can no longer hold the load.

    • And, just as you upskill, or prepare to take on such work our Blessed Government changes the rules, cuts the funding, downsizes, puts it all out into the community and asks you to take a zero hours contract.

      Skills shortages are guaranteed when there is uncertainty. Who wants to spent six years and more developing a skillset only to have to seek employment in a more stable political environment.

      PS – it’s not only BAs that are unwanted. Ask the B Eng and B Sc grads how they’re loving their unrelated employment.

  1. Stephen, I checked out the link. Whatever the qualifications needed, the positions call for people trained in highly specialised roles.

    People in such careers are either already employed or have shot through to Australia, in search of better opportunities.

    But wouldn’t it be nice if National actually paid the unemployed to re-train instead of giving $270,000 to McDonalds as a subsidy to hire people as low-paid burger flippers??

    Source: http://fightback.org.nz/2013/08/06/state-gives-mcdonalds-270000-in-subsidies/

    I wonder how many unemployed we could have trained to fill those specialised roles you linked to with $270,000??

    And how many solo-parents could’ve retrained using the Training Incentive Allowance – had Bennett not canned it?

    By the way, that’s the same Allowance Bennett used to further her education through University.

    See more here: http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/hypocrisy-thy-name-be-national/

    Perhaps you should look more closely behind the headlines and propaganda. It’s amazing what you find.

  2. “Notice how you don’t need a BA for them?”

    I do notice how they do all require some form of qualification or skills training (probably why it is a list of skills shortages, not actual jobs). Maybe the government could be boosting funding for tertiary study or training to help meet these shortages? Nope, they’re making cuts to that and trying to attract foreign-trained workers instead (the actual point of the website you linked to). so, nah.

    We have skills shortages because we have an underfunded education system and high inequality trapping large numbers of people in low-paid, low-skilled unemployed limbo.

    Notice how you’re blaming the unemployed rather than those whose job it is to see that our economy runs well and minimises the number of people suffering poverty and unemployment?

    Kind regards,

    teh nommopilot

  3. An open Letter to Ms Paula Bennett

    Two weeks ago my parnter went to WINZ to inform them that as his firm had lost a roading contract his role was being disestablished and he wanted to know
    1. how long his stand down period would be , 2 what forms he would need to fill out , and any other conditionshe needed to meet
    Please note we as a family receieve a small accomodation supplement so they have the name etc of our landlord already on file .
    He was give a bunch of forms and told to bring these back when he finshed work
    He did this and then was told to attend a jobseeker seminar he did theis , then he had to send his CV on line to winz this to was done.
    He made an appointment to see a case manager was then told sorry we have lost your forms and cv forms were wrong anyway fill these out then get back to us
    this was done but no! he now needs another appointment and cannot apply for any of the jobs on the board until he has done this So $30 bucks in gas later we still dont know how long his holiday pay needs to last and guess what no apology from the staff at all for their misdirection is this good enough really ? He wants work and yet the stumbling blocks are huge

    • They do not care

      The Careerists
      Posted on Jul 23, 2012
      By Chris Hedges

      The greatest crimes of human history are made possible by the most colorless human beings. They are the careerists. The bureaucrats. The cynics. They do the little chores that make vast, complicated systems of exploitation and death a reality. They collect and read the personal data gathered on tens of millions of us by the security and surveillance state. They keep the accounts of ExxonMobil, BP and Goldman Sachs. They build or pilot aerial drones. They work in corporate advertising and public relations. They issue the forms. They process the papers. They deny food stamps to some and unemployment benefits or medical coverage to others. They enforce the laws and the regulations. And they do not ask questions.

    • Be nice now! Paula Benefit needs you to wait a little longer so The Figures look better. You won’t mind, I’m sure. (sarcasm)

      I wonder if there are quotas to fill at WINZ? Delay, dissemble, defer, dump…

  4. The job situation is actually VERY EASY TO FIX! – Think about it.

    New Zealanders are some of the smartest, hardest working people known to the world.

    Our Politicians are earning too much to be told how to vote. Tow the Line is not the stance to take Mr Key, they are in parliment because we believed they would make a difference and have their ideals heard.

    I would like our politicians to earn the AVERAGE New Zealand wage. If they do a good job, let New Zealand decide what their payrise should be.

    CEO’s earning more than 20x their lowest paid full time employees, is WRONG.

    We are in a country where 70+% of people earn lower than the average wage, this is due to over inflating the pay packets of our “so called” educated management.

    I believe, if we spent our money on employing our people, and over populating the lower income jobs, rather than overpaying paper pushers, the money will come from the over inflated job descriptions of our highly paid “professionals”.

    John Key does not deserve a payrise, and yet when he is ousted, New Zealand tax payer will still be paying for his retirement above $100k. And lets not forget we will be paying his wife, and his airfares and… the list goes on… but what has he done??

    Are you happy with this??

    • I’ve never been happy with the lingering perks of ex-parliamentarians. They need to be abolished tout suite.

      Some people love to make money and exhibit their ‘cleverness’ in doing so. Even if you start them off as dirt-poor they’ll do this.

      We probably need to find places and ways for them to do so while ensuring the rest of us don’t suffer. And perhaps even benefit from their industry.

  5. On that photo I see three “smug” little faces, all full of themselves, thinking they are so “smart” and “important”, now what if we put them out of their jobs in 2014? Ah, yes, they will never lose, they have the old girlz and old boyz netty-works readily available, for back-room deals for jobs in diplomacy, in CEO roles for SOEs and whatever else, right?!

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