About CPAG


CPAG-LogoAbout Child Poverty Action Group:

Child Poverty Action Group is an independent national charity working to eliminate child poverty in New Zealand through research, education and advocacy. CPAG was formed in 1994 out of deep concern for the rising level of poverty in New Zealand and its effects on children.

There are approximately 2,000 members and supports across the country including leading academics, doctors, teachers, health workers, community workers and many other people concerned about the poorest children in New Zealand society.

CPAG works on behalf of the 270,000 New Zealand children (just under one sixteenth of the country’s total population) whose well-being and future is compromised by their meagre standard of living.

In a country like New Zealand with ample resources, child poverty could be eliminated completely. It’s all about choice.

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Everyone agrees children need the right conditions to grow into healthy adults. Children thrive when they have the basics: nutritious food; a warm safe home; medication attention if they are sick and a good education. Sadly too many children in New Zealand don’t have the basics.

Child Poverty Action Group works to protect children from needless poverty because a child’s potential is a terrible thing to waste.