Will Glen Innes evictions become NZs beneficiary spring/Taksim Square?



Phase one of National’s pogrom against beneficiaries in Glen Innes has finished and this must be where the NZ Police force get nervous.

Moving empty state houses out is one thing, but dragging families who refuse to leave out of their homes and throwing them onto the streets? Now that is something completely different.

The NZ Police have been very over the top with the House removals, Hone Harawira will stand trial as will John Minto on trumped up charges but the real spark that could alight a seething anger at the Police could well be social media images spread fast and wide of Police assaulting those beneficiary families who refuse to move.

When you watch any of our authority porn TV shows like ‘Police 10-7’ you see the humiliation and abuse of Police powers targeted at marginalized groups passed off as the everyday. One of the aspects that seemed to surprise many British Police during their riots was the genuine enthusiasm so many took in taking the opportunity to attack the Police.

I think when you consider the spate of group attacks on Police over the New Years period, that anger is looking for righteousness. Police who assault families out of their homes could be that righteous anger.

If the NZ Police force screw this up and don’t appreciate the position they are in, they could see thousands rush to Glen Innes to do nothing but riot.


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