It’s not our job to be the PC Police – epic fail for Eden Park



Gay slurs ruin rugby night
A young woman who asked three All Blacks fans at Eden Park not to use homophobic slurs was told by the men that “it’s just part of the game”.

Hannah Spyksma, 24, was at the All Blacks versus France test on Saturday with her family and the three men were sitting in the row behind.

The men, believed to be in their early to mid 20s, were yelling at players, calling them “homos and faggots”.

When Ms Spyksma complained they yelled back: “If you don’t like us using the word faggot then don’t come to the footy because it’s just part of the game.”

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New Zealand Rugby and Eden Park management both said last night they did not condone the men’s behaviour – but stadium bosses said it wasn’t their job to be the “PC police”.

Eden Park spokeswoman Tracy Morgan said it wasn’t Eden Park’s place to “be the PC police” and that “it’s not our job – I don’t believe – to try to move the cultural morals of society.”

You can almost hear the hiss of spiteful contempt from Tracy Morgan can’t you? She knew it wouldn’t look good that gay slurs were being directed at a young woman by a collection of knuckle dragging testosterone pumped homophobic dick heads. But Tracy, like so many NZers when challenged on their ignorance and bigotry, resorts to decrying anything that intellectually intimidates them as ‘Political Correctness’.

Sport has had to take a leadership role in stamping out racism and racist chants in stadiums, why not so with homophobic slurs? Rugby are currently trying to clean up the standards of behavior from the sidelines, why does that stop at gay slurs?

Seeing as all NZ taxpayers and Auckland ratepayers have contributed hundreds of millions to Eden Park for its world cup revamp, why shouldn’t those very same taxpayers and Auckland ratepayers feel safe and comfortable at the Park minus homophobic insults?

Eden Park need to move Tracy to something more suited to her limitations. Cooking hot dogs perhaps? There is no place in NZ society for homophobic slurs and we should demand leadership from our cultural establishments in stamping this sort of bullshit out rather than resorting to a phrase as intellectually bankrupt as ‘Political Correctness’.

Epic fail Eden Park. Epic fail.



  1. It’s because , by and large , generally speaking and overall , we’re fucked in the head . And it’s with no small amount of irony that rugby is without a doubt the most Gay past time I’ve heard about since I read a book about gladiators . To go to a rugby match and call someone a homo is , to me hilarious . ( I can’t believe that , that sort of thing still goes on . ) It’s like calling a woman , a woman as if it’s insulting and derogatory . ” Ya fuckin’ woman ! ” . Yeah , well Duh , you fuckin’ red neck ” .

    Isn’t it strange that Kiwi men are loath to share their intelligence and wit yet happily and enthusiastically display their ignorance and intolerance ??? WTF ? I might ask .

  2. It would cost them close to nothing to make a few signs saying Eden Park is a punter-friendly zone and hate speech that violates human rights (e.g. homophobic and sexist abuse) is not tolerated – and to make this their policy. Want more female rugby fans at Eden Park, Eden Park management? There ya go.

    On a very related note, during RWC I had a man tell me he would slice me up, and that I was a little bitch, because I was holding a flag that supported the opposing team to his. He wouldn’t have said it to a man. None of his large group chastised him or said anything to me. I felt sick for the rest of the game but Eden Park don’t have a visible policy on this sort of thing, so I sort of told him how horrible a thing it was to say, then just let it go. If Eden Park had had a policy I could have pointed it out to both him and a security guard.

    Nice to see this issue being brought up!

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