National Party Scum threaten Urban Maori, Salvation Army and John Campbell

By   /   May 14, 2017  /   19 Comments

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…these National Party scum, these corrupt slum landlords, these arseholes who have grown the property bubble to bribe the middles classes are threatening Urban Maori, the Salvation Army and John Campbell for daring to point out the utter failure of National’s Housing policy.

Alfred Ngaro is an arsehole who needs to be wiped


The National Party scum have reacted to the attention on their housing failures by threatening Urban Maori, Salvation Army and John Campbell…

The associate housing minister Alfred Ngaro led the charge in a presentation laced with political menace against those who question National’s performance on housing.

He even suggested Labour list candidate Willie Jackson could expect to lose Government support for his Manukau Urban Māori Authority interest in a second charter school, and its Whānau Ora contract should he “bag us” on the campaign trail.

“We are not happy about people taking with one hand and throwing with the other,” Ngaro said.

“Do not play politics with us. If you get up on the campaign trail and start bagging us, then all the things you are doing are off the table. They will not happen.”

The MP’s extraordinary blurring of party politics and government policy implementation came after he claimed to have told Jackson of the risks directly.  “I even went to see Willie Jackson at Waatea Marae.

“He has put another application for another Kura that is a Charter School. Their MUMA has taken a contract with Whānau Ora.”

But Jackson told Newsroom from the Labour Party Congress in Wellington the claim was hard to understand.. He had not met Ngaro but sent his deputy, who had reported back “something along those lines, but not as direct as what you are saying.”

“I don’t know what he is on about there.  I talk to any party, National or Labour. I would not be doing my job as a community official if I didn’t”

Jackson said he would “bash National whether I was in Labour or not. I have told them all for years I have never voted National.  Just because I talk to them does not mean I am going to agree with their policy.”

Ngaro didn’t limit his attacks to Jackson, however.

He also attempted to paint the Salvation Army as divided over its criticisms of government housing policy.

He had been told by the Prime Minister Bill English “at a priority session” that English had met the Army’s policy leader Alan Johnson at an airport. Johnson had reportedly told the PM he was part of a media campaign against the government’s homelessness measures.

Ngaro said: “The Prime Minister said ‘I need you to get close to him. I need you to love him.” The associate minister had joked back: ‘I think that’s a bridge too far.’

But Ngaro met Johnson (“not alone”) on Friday.

He told the conference there were issues within the Salvation Army. “With the Sallies, you have the Church, the social programmes and the policy part.  The policy part is running riot and sayings all sorts of things and there’s some tension in the Church because they are not sure about that.”

Ngaro also targeted media coverage of housing.  “We have to push back against some of the media,” he said, detailing an exchange he says he had with RNZ’s Checkpoint presenter John Campbell, challenging him over questioning, or the lack of it, over a person housed in a motel. 

…these National Party scum, these corrupt slum landlords, these arseholes who have grown the property bubble to bribe the middles classes are threatening Urban Maori, the Salvation Army and John Campbell for daring to point out the utter failure of National’s Housing policy?

How many ways can we count the failure? The thousands in motels costing us millions? The families who live in cars and are too afraid to go to Housing NZ for help? The 40 000+ who are homeless? The fact many are now considering living in Trailer Parks? That entire generations are locked out of home ownership? That tens of thousands of children live in cold houses that make them sicker?

And the National Party response is to threaten those who are criticising the Governments utter inaction over a bloody decade?

That is completely out of line.

What level of arrogance must these fuckwits exist in to dare threaten the critics of their free market madness? Allowing these pricks to threaten Government critics in the manner they have demands an immediate push back.

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  1. Richbuggar says:

    Getting desperate are national, luke Skywalker.

  2. jay1 says:

    100% The dictatorship of the housing speculators for capital gain and National.

  3. Sam Sam says:

    People need to hold there MPs accountable!

  4. KatyPi says:

    I would have thought that a threat such as that to an opposition candidate during an election year was an attempt to interfere with the electoral process. Any thoughts?

  5. Mike in Auckland says:

    It is just typical Nat speak, I cannot see this as anything worse than that, they have been doing this all the time, often when they are not recorded by media, though.

    Alfred Ngaro is a narrow minded kind of jerk, I know, he is not the kind of persons I would ever want to be associated with.

    He used to be a pastor of a church too:

    “Ngaro trained as an electrician and was self-employed in the trade for five years.[3] As per his grandmother’s wish,[2] he then completed a theology degree and became a pastor at the Tamaki Community Church.[4]”

    Something else of interest:


    In 2009, Alfred Ngaro allegedly punched former Tamaki College art teacher Christopher Scott Roy for not bowing his head during a prayer. Roy alleged that Ngaro, whose son was in the Tamaki First XV rugby team, approached Roy after the prayer. Roy alleged that he was then confronted by Ngaro and that he then punched Roy in the back of the head.[15] Tamaki College denied any assault occurred. In a judgment released mid November 2013, ERA member Tania Tetitaha did not make a finding about the alleged assault but found there were several issues with Roy’s statements including: despite initially identifying the principal Soana Pamaka, Roy changed his evidence at the hearing, saying he didn’t see her strike him at all. Roy then changed the location of his injuries and provided no corroborating evidence. The alleged motivation for the assault (Ngaro’s displeasure at Roy’s refusal to bow his head during grace) did not ring true. When Roy took the matter to police, they declined to investigate. The ERA also found a lack of evidence of bullying behaviour. The police and Employment Relations Authority decided not to investigate the incident.[16]”

    He comes across a bit bigoted and overzealous at times, the above may explain it. Now he is in politics, and we see the nasty side of him in his actions there.

  6. mosa says:

    Funny when they say things in private and all of a sudden some idiot says it publicly.

    Look at Joyce and the damage control in the last few hours.

    At least Ngaro was honest and spelt out the real agenda.

    • Michelle says:

      Ngaro has said what others have be saying but behind peoples backs
      we don’t need people like him and he needs to be reminded where does he come from. And how did he get to where he got and who is he serving? He is just appeasing his masters and he is showing how much of a follower he is not a leader another brown face sheep baa!

    • Wensleydale says:

      Honesty is anathema to the nasty party. And it’s an election year. The last thing Joyce needs from exuberant junior ministers, is honesty. I think they felt they had quite enough of that sort of thing from the late, unlamented Aaron Gilmore.

      Not that it matters overmuch. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and the most basic observational skills knows exactly what sort of party National are, and whose interests they serve.

  7. XRAY says:

    I always wondered why National selected Alfred. Clearly he was more useful than just their diversity card for appearances sake.

    Obviously his “debt collector/rent man/bouncer” persona, threatening anyone who disagreed with “The organisation” aka the National Party, was seen as useful too.

    Weird but never would I have thought a Minister of the Crown could be such intimidating extortionate filth, but there you go, National plumb a new depth in the sewer they occupy.

    I suppose their gangster style in your face stand overs are a change from the old model where an agent did the ministers bidding so they could deny all knowledge.

  8. countryboy says:

    Now you’re talking! Lets go there and lets do that ? I’m in ! When and where ?

  9. bert says:

    The last person who behaved like that was Aaron “Don’t you know who I am” Gilmour. We know how well that went!

    Be careful Alfred Ngaro, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    Remember Alfred, we still think your a nobody.

  10. bert says:

    So just how long has National used the threatening mantra? Have the media had this threat hanging over their heads for many years? How many mainstream media presenters are “in the pocket”?

    Given the Chipmunks interview of Little compared to the interview of English, clearly the Chipmunks been threatened and told to tone down his questions.

  11. National’s hierarchy has forced Ngaro to apologise;

    Joyce has stated;

    “It’s not the way the government operates, we work with providers of all types in terms of working relationships and they all have different politics and their politics doesn’t get involved with the way that the government contracts and nor should it.

    Which is rubbish, of course. Ngaro was made to apologise not for what he said, but that he publicly voiced National’s covert policy to hit back at criticisms.

    In National’s eyes, that was Ngaro’s mis-step, not that he actually said it.

    • Wensleydale says:

      Oh to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation between Joyce and Ngaro. I suspect, given that it’s an election year, there was some salty language involved. It’s Joyce’s job to go around with the air freshener, banishing the stench wafting up from the putrid carcass he hilariously terms a successful government, and Ngaro, overcome by a toxic surplus of bile and testosterone, has gone and thrown a sackful of spanners into the works. Joyce must be inwardly seething.

      Nice job, Alfred. I suspect Andrew Little is grinning from ear to ear.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      Where is Alfred Ngaro’s apology to Willie Jackson, Alan Johnson and John Campbell, by the way, for the tone of the language he used? Should he not apologise to them and the public, rather than to his own party???

  12. Philj says:

    Thank you for Alfred, for your forthright honesty. Sincerely.

  13. bert says:

    Ngaro’s either Past”or” Past’it”