New Nicky Hager book launch this Tuesday

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The book is not a sequel to Dirty Politics nor related to the election. It is a completely different book but nonetheless gripping and important.

You are warmly invited to the launch of a new book written by Nicky Hager. The launch is being held at Unity Books, 57 Willis Street, Wellington at 5pm Tuesday 21 March 2017, with speakers at 5.15pm.

The book is not a sequel to Dirty Politics nor related to the election. It is a completely different book but nonetheless gripping and important.

There will be no media comment until the launch.

TDB will livestream the release of the new Nicky Hager book, 5pm Tuesday.

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  1. […] will livestream the launch of the new Nicky Hager book, 5pm Tuesday 21st March here on the front page of The Daily […]

  2. Jane says:

    [Comment deleted. Trolling not welcome. – Scarletmod]

  3. CLEANGREEN says:


    I am so exited, I am buying a book for each of my family.

    Thanks for this, kudos to Nikky.

    All we need now is an update to the “Planet Key” song as now will it will be;

    “Planet Key 2”?

    Someone got a better name but we need to keep the planet key words as the song has them and the existing “Bad Ac tors also still” such as English, Joyce and Collin’s’ so we don’t need a change of characters do we?

  4. Jane says:

    If it has nothing to do with Dirty politics then why was the launch tweeted from the Dirty Politics twitter account?

    • fatty says:

      Because the author of Dirty Politics has written another book. It’s called promotion.

      Also, from what this page says the new book won’t be a sequel. You’ve asked “If it has nothing to do with Dirty politics”…It’s very likely that there will be some link to similar issues if the book is about NZ politics.

  5. Sounds intriguing. I’ll be there!

  6. Dave says:

    Yawn, but I probably have a cursory interest in what mainstream media think of it.

    • bert says:

      Sorry Dave. How can something be a “yawn” before you’ve read it unless of course your not interested, have your preconceived right wing idea’s and your just trolling. And who cares what the biased Herald think of it.

    • bert says:

      So if the deaths of a dozen civilians at the hands of the SAS under the guidance of John Key is proven, is it still a yawn? Or is this something we already know of Key, that he has more value on money than people?

  7. mary_a says:

    Good one Nicky. Looking forward to it 🙂

  8. Quicksilver says:

    Glad he is in a position to publish again, after our government directed law enforcement to raid Nicky’s home because he exposed their corrupt practices.

  9. silvertuatara says:

    So proud of how you have overcome the corrupt use of power to date Nicky…..I am sure that it has come at great personal expense to you and your family, which I hope the likes of Westpac are made to remediate in an exemplary manner through the award of damages in your favour
    through the HRRT.

  10. Kim dandy says:

    I hope unlike the last book – the revelations in this book will put those who have entered into corrupt and unjust dealings – either investigated or behind bars. I am tired of no one being held to account.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      same here Kim Dandy.

      Truth and justice are now taboo to the media so the opposition must apply legal challenges as the Democratic Party are doing to Donald Trumps administration.

      I venture to say that even Trump ( who like us is another enemy of the media) would take the Dem’s to court if they had a Nicky Hager expose of the Dem’s.

    • mary_a says:

      Here here Kim Dandy. Seems dirty politics followed on from Dirty Politics.

  11. D'Esterre says:

    I was shocked by the revelations of Dirty Politics, and even more shocked by how little reaction to that book there was on the part of the msm. Looking forward to this latest publication.

  12. Joanna says:

    John Key farewell speech Wednesday…Nicky Hagar book released Tuesday. DB intimated ‘a damming book’ with focus on John Key and the reason for him standing down.

  13. EE says:

    Nicky Hager’s Book Launch – Tuesday Evening.
    John Key’s final speech in Parliament – Wednesday.
    This should be interesting.

  14. darth smith says:

    iam buying the book to help support Nicky we owe him so much

  15. CLEANGREEN says:

    100% Darth Smith

  16. Be so funny if it confirms that Barry used the GCSB to hack Trump with our 5 Eyes setup as a way around the constitution. Would explain the sudden resignation of Key too – I see the article Bradbury cited the other day from Felix Marwick suggested that you OIA Key’s comms now that he’s quit…

    • CLEANGREEN says:




      The Democratic administration were deeply aggressively attempting to undermine Trump all the way so this now will all come out, and this is why Donna Brassile resigned also and yesterday admitted finally she lied while being campaign official Democratic Party Chairwoman.!!!!!

      “Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile admitted Friday in an op-ed for Time magazine that she did give Hillary Clinton’s campaign debate questions despite her repeated denials. She is not sorry”


  17. D'Esterre says:

    Cemetery Jones: “Be so funny if it confirms that Barry used the GCSB to hack Trump with our 5 Eyes setup as a way around the constitution.”
    Indeed. Nothing would surprise me at all now. I’ve lived long enough to have heard all the indignant denials – that nice Mr Kennedy/ Johnson/ Nixon/Reagan/ Clinton would never do x – only to read the ugly truth some time later. Latest revelations are that the CIA helped the Holland government with strike-breaking during the 1951 waterfront strike. Now that nice Mr Holland wouldn’t do anything like that, would he?

  18. CLEANGREEN says:

    This Sunday: Chris sits down for an exclusive interview with Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

    This Sunday: Chris sits down for an exclusive interview with Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

    The file report on this may interview may be obtained later today, as it just appeared two hours ago on Fox News TV. Watch this expose’ which now appears some other party was used to hack Trump tower and that the hacker used cover-up system’s that can paste a false footprint so to accuse the Russians!!!!

  19. Hemi says:

    I had the opportunity to talk with Nicki at some length last year. A very focused and morally driven man. A real pleasure. Oh and – love your chooks lol.

  20. Steve King says:

    Panama papers, perhaps?

  21. mosa says:

    I hope that i will be able to buy a copy of Nickys latest book.

    Trying to buy a copy of the Hollow Men in 2005 in Whangarei was impossible, when my wife tried at Whitcoulls the manager said they would not be selling it because people would not want to read it.

    Dirty Politics was the same but Whitcoulls had John Keys book available and marketed as one of their best reads and plenty of stock available if you interested in great works of fiction.

    Very telling about Whitcoulls and their preferred political allegiance.

    • bert says:

      Thanks, will boycott Whitcoulls from now on.

    • D'Esterre says:

      Mosa: “Very telling about Whitcoulls and their preferred political allegiance.”
      Down our way, local Paper Plus sold “Dirty Politics”. Will check this week to see if they’re selling this latest from Hager. There’s been a change of ownership in the intervening years, though, so we’ll see….

  22. silvertuatara says:

    I am hoping that the new book, is an investigation into John Key, Peter Thiel and the National governments direct links and association with the installation of the Palantir software, systems and technologies within New Zealand, which commentary emanating from the Beehive has remained pretty much covert on any and all matters citing non breach of operational matters as the primary reason for non disclosure.

    It has been noted on this blog site;

    that spying funding had been increased by nearly 60 million for the 2015/2016 year for the GCSB, and I am really interested to know what percentage of this funding increase to $143, 568, 000 last year has been allocated to the purchasing of Palantir products and services.

    With the NZ military, security and intelligence organizations use of the Palantir package, possibly already having been signed off for a number of years in advance, it has the real potential to place NZ in an end game position of being beholden to Planatir, a start up that has it’s genesis within the CIA

    The Palantir software and technology, because of it’s ability to be able to search, in what has been reported as real time, and from just about any source, historically linked to the mass of hovered up data through the 5 eyes, has the potential to have breached many civil liberties, privacy and human rights included.

    The recent and current security and intelligence and privacy legislation being driven in tandem in NZ to remove any historical and or remaining barriers for the NZ spying community to be able to spy, at will, without any and all accountability, given what Nicky Hager was/is exposed to, shows that those seeking transparency and accountability in an investigative manner, can be persecuted by political means which stands in direct conflict with the concepts of a democracy.

    In the event that the Palantir systems become entrenched in the military and spying orgs, it will not be long before the systems will be filtered through to most government departments.

    IMHO the “individual” through the application of “Big Data” will shortly and swiftly become replaced by a unique identifier that predicts the statistical behavior of what the Palantir software determine the person/unique identifier will behave in a response to a situation that a government agency puts to or asks of the Palantir system.

    This will mean that access to public, social and health services will be justified by Government in terms of percentages with the responsibility for accountability for the fair and equitable distribution of these services being removed from current human decision makers, and deferred to the “The computer said to” .

  23. mary_a says:

    Maybe Nicky’s latest book reveals the real reason John Key suddenly upped and walked! He’s an investigative journalist after all and a very good one at that.

  24. countryboy says:

    I bought my copy of ” Dirty Politics ” at Auckland AP. It took some finding but there it was. Way down there and in behind etc.
    Clearly on display, however, was jonky’s book. ” John Key. Portrait of a Prime Minister. ” ( Little bit of sick. )
    No one took the slightest notice as I moved all the ” Dirty Politics” copies and stacked them beside ” Portrait of a Prime Minister. ”

    Go you, Nicky Hager.

  25. Philj says:

    The Dirty POLITICS launch @ Unity last election was packed and the atmosphere was electric. Pity the impact of the book was largely down played. What will it take to really unsettle the public of NZ?

  26. Kim dandy says:

    Nice work CB – the truth will out!

  27. Sorry Not Sorry says:

    That Murdoch Stephens works for the SIS?

    Kidding, kidding… but the speculation is out of control!

  28. See you tomorrow, Deep State – and Bill English.


    Welcome to the new age of transparency.

    Oh, look, it’s just started raining in dry season, here: thank Thor, buddies.

    There’s a hole in the matrix and we have found a way through.

    Again, goodbye, liars.

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