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Things to Keep in Mind For Muscle Health

  Muscle health is quite important not only for improved athletic performance but also living a healthy lifestyle. Weak muscles lead to body pain,  limit you lifting even light weights and reduce your grip hold. Soft tissues are there to make up the muscles that make you play, jump, and do physical activities at your pace. Protein powder supplement is quite helpful to nourish these soft tissues as they are mainly made of protein. Here are some points everyone should know about their muscles. 
What makes muscles weak ? 
Weak muscles commonly take place due to  aging, medical condition, lack of exercise and nourishment. Other than that some causes are depression, stroke, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis. 
Potential complication of Weak Muscles 
Loss of reflection, Can’t lift weights, Weak immune system, Loss of sensation, Body pain, Weak Athletic performance
How to Treat Muscle Weakness
Always consult with the doctor before jumping to the muscle weakness treatment. If you have a medical condition, only with the right approach prescribed by a doctor would help you. Only he can say what is the reason behind the muscle weakness be it thyroid, neuromuscular diseases, and autoimmune diseases. But if you have muscle weakness due to a sedentary lifestyle, here are some points you must take into consideration. 
Stretch more often: Break the vicious cycle of sitting and lying all the time. If you are indulged with such a habit just break it right now. Start from walking and slowly level up to running, and then intense workout.  But if you have a job which includes a sedentary lifestyle, you need to stretch out more often. For doing so just set a timer that you are going to stretch after 15 minutes.  Stretching is far better than gym and other intense exercises for the beginner as it helps you to avoid fatal injuries. Start doing yoga and check your body’s flexibility from time to time as it shows your muscle strength. 
Nourishment: Calcium, vitamin D, and proteins are very much required for improved nourishment of muscles. Other than protein powder supplement, one must take care of natural sources of protein including peanuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, milk, eggs, mushroom, peas, and others for nourishing muscles.  Make sure you are avoiding all those meals which are filled with high level calories. Because burning calories is one of the main challenges for people with a sedentary lifestyle. 
Try to improve your body posture:  For that you can do the posture exercises or take a posture belt. Always choose your chair and bed carefully. These must not be so soft. Choose the chair where your feet are touching the floor. If not, use some support below your feet.  Your desk should be below your shoulders, not parallel. Other than that you can check your standing posture just by placing yourself opposite to the wall.
If you are feeling unnecessary pain in your lower back, neck, shoulders, and legs, it means it is time to check up on muscle health.  Underestimating these signs can be heaving on you for the future. With some of the aforementioned points, you can live a healthy life.   

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