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About Chloe King

About Chloe King

Chloe KingChloe King is an artist and human rights activist from New Zealand, Auckland but moved to Melbourne in 2013. She undertook five years of study in Visual Arts and Art and Design at AUT, graduating with a Post Graduate Dip.

She then moved on to a Post Graduate qualification in secondary teaching after graduating, she volunteered with not-for-profit organisations working with marginalised and at risk young people. She is currently a practicing artist who uses art as a form of political activism and protest with a focus on social dissidence and revolutionary movements.

Chloe has been involved in movements for social change and Indigenous rights since she was 14 and become increasingly more and more politicized following the Americas invasion of Iraq. She holds a strong feminist position in both her art and writing and has given speeches at Occupy Rallies and Slut Walks.

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