Why Trump is winning and Biden is losing


Trump understands resentment better than any politician since Hitler.

As a wannabe billionaire, he knew the other New York Bluebloods treated him like a joke, His resentment at them is our collective resentment of a system of capitalist promise that has harvested only for the elites.

This is why Trump is winning and Biden is losing…

Poverty and Housing Insecurity

The homelessness and housing crises unfolding today reflect a broader national crisis of economic insecurity. In 2023, after all, approximately 135 million people or more than 40% of the nation, were considered poor or low-income and just one crisis away from becoming homeless. In a dramatic return to pre-pandemic conditions, this included 60% of Latinos (38.9 million), 59% of Native Americans (2.3 million), 55% of Blacks (22.5million), 36% of Asian people (8 million) and 32% of Whites (61.8 million).

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Among those tens of millions of Americans, housing insecurity is alarmingly widespread. Before the pandemic, there were approximately 8 to 11 million people who were homeless or on the verge of becoming so, relying on a crumbling shelter system and a growing constellation of informal encampments on America’s streets, or trapped in a rotating series of sleeping places, including cars and couches, or doubled or tripled up in apartments. Worse yet, even those numbers were likely an underestimate: when the pandemic hit in 2020 and millions of people lost their jobs, 30 to 40 million people suddenly found themselves at risk of becoming homeless.

In a nation once known as “the home of the brave” and “the land of the free,” there are untold numbers of brave souls who are without homes or on the verge of homelessness. Today, there is not a single state or county where someone earning the federal minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment.

As reported this May, between 2019 and 2023, rents rose by more than 30% nationally. Despite a number of local and state increases in the minimum wage this year, a living wage adequate to cover housing and other basic needs would often have to be at least twice as high as what those hourly increases add up to. In California, where the minimum wage rose to $16 an hour, single parents would need to earn at least $47 an hour to meet their basic needs, whereas a household with two working adults and two children would need close to $50 an hour. In Alabama, where the minimum wage is just $7.25, a single parent would need an hourly wage more than four times as high to meet basic household needs.

This, of course, means that tens of millions of people of every race, age, and gender identity, in every state and county in the country, are facing multiple forms of deprivation daily and will do so for years to come.

…the neoliberal free market policies that gutted working people’s economic base and replaced it with flipping burgers has borne devastating harvest in American culture.

135 million people or more than 40% of the nation, were considered poor or low-income and just one crisis away from becoming homeless!!!

FFS the American dream is a nightmare for vast swathes of its population!

40% one crisis away from homelessness???

It’s a United States of Poverty, of alienation, of misery of resentment.

It’s a United States of Resentment and Trump harvests that resentment better than any politician since Hitler.

Trump has also mastered utilising culture war ammunition generated by Identity Politics and Identity Politics becomes most dangerous when white people start seeing themselves as the victim.

The Right have co-opted the victimhood mentality of Identity Politics and twisted it so that white people see themselves not as citizens or as a class, but as an identity that is victimised and under attack.

We should be deeply frightened and deeply concerned at what happens in America this November.

Thanks to the Washington Consensus (that none of us consented to), our Government answers to the American Government so what happens in Washington matters to Wellington.

If Trump wins, if this Criminal President steals the election using culture war emotional manipulations, if this orange fascist wins via the ballot box what he couldn’t with violent over throw, if all that happens and Trump wins, then the American Midnight begins and the planet darkens.


  1. That US housing insecurity is replicated here in NZ. Biggest cause of poverty here in NZ: housing/rent costs.

    Still waiting for Labour’s and the Green’s comprehensive legislative and policy reforms unlocking land supply and removing building restrictions – like height and car parking requirements.

      • Nah … interest rates have been far higher, up to 18% in the 1980s, sitting between 7% and 9% in the early 90’s. Although undoubtedly tough for home owners most would agree houses were more ‘affordable’ back in the day. No, not usury but the increment of capital gain and the failure of successive govts to address this. As Bernard Hickey (if I recall) once commentated, NZ has a housing market with a economy tacked on. That’s what makes houses so expensive for younger generations.

    • They had a policy of housing intensification that National initially supported then reversed their decision when the NIMBY sector started complaining.

      • yep, in year 5 of their government.

        There are lots of leg, policy and reg barriers to building cheaper housing and more quickly. Lots of things an Opposition party could work on.

    • Ada, don’t be so naive, large scale private developers are always going to drip-feed new property on to the market so that they can keep land prices up. I would have thought a right winger would have understood this most basic of economic principals – I mean who in their right mind would flood the market and crash the price of the very thing they’re trying to sell?

      Also, it was National who ran away from a multi party consensus on removing building height restrictions – and councils have been lowering parking requirements for years now.

      I know this is a particularly bad example but could you right-wingers get us someone better to debate with.

      • There are many more property developers than just the large scale ones, who you appear to believe coordinate their businesses, somehow.

        And you’ve forgotten the homeowners who simply want to build two units at the back of their one single section. Hardly large scale, are they?

        You tried to sound smart Aaron, but you failed badly.

    • Labour’s social housing policy underperformed no doubt, but now looks positively stellar compared to what we have now. A huge payment to Bill English to provide the pre agreed torpedo to social housing by the government. An ex finance minister who somehow forgot there is another side of the balance sheet. Let’s watch as homelessness increases as they bullshit about other providers coming close to the scale needed. Or alternatively a private provider will end up costing the taxpayers more through some guaranteed rental income to give higher returns to someone’s mates.

  2. The American empire has committed more evil acts in service of its masters than any other in human history. While I feel bad for what those Americans who hate America will have to go through to destroy it, it will be a good and necessary step to free the world from evil.

  3. Who will win the political illusion to be the chief sycophant to the donor class. Why do we continue to put up with this shite!!!

  4. Ok so America is a mess. You can extend that assessment to the collective west, including New Zealand. That much is easy. But then you need to start looking at the causes before you can start looking for solutions. Those causes are a corrupt political system, an exploitative economic system, and a debased culture. Joe Biden, Keir Starmer and Chris Hipkins and their respective parties are part and parcel of that system. They are not the solution, and Donald Trump, Rishi Sunak and Christopher Luxon are only symptomatic of the crisis of western civilization. They are not the cause.
    Anyone who talks about a candidate “stealing” an election by using “emotional manipulations” is laying the basis for a seizure of power by those who consider that they have an inherent right to rule. As always the real answer lies with the people, who must provide their own defence against the excesses and iniquities of corrupt state systems.

  5. The answer is simpler than this. There are two third rate runners who are third rate for different reasons. One of them also seems to have dementia.

  6. Immigration, lack of border control, the mishandling of the Afghan withdrawal, woke madness, Bidens cognitive decline.
    Not hard to see why Trump is surprisingly popular for such an unpleasant individual.

    • Rape, sexual abuse, cheating on his wife whilst pregnant, causing and insurrection resulting in 6 deaths, corruption, yeah Keepcalmcarryon we see why you love him.

    • Yes, because conservatives are retarded and will happily ignore that Trump would have brought in more immigrants than Biden if not for COVID.

  7. The urgent need is for the Democrats to replace Biden. He’s a decent chap, but has “made his contribution”. He needs, in an act resembling Andrew Little’s vis a vis Jacinda Ardern, to anoint a replacement. My bet is on Gavin Newsom, Californian Governor; Kamala doesn’t cut the mustard. (Actually, my real preference would be Elizabeth Warren, but she might be to leftish to dump Trump.)

  8. Joe must go. As an old union mate of mine used to say before MMP in this country…“the lesser of two evils or the evil of two lessers…” The Dems DNC and Republicans are staunch defenders of US Imperialism, capital and finance capital which ever way you slice it. They have a huge alienated non vote in yankee land, voter suppression, gerrymandering and a bent Electoral Collage–so who expects a good outcome here?

    There is a massive realignment of imperialist powers taking place, commonly referred to as ‘North & South’ and including BRICS etc. but it is not on strictly geographic terms, so the world is in for a shake up like it or not. Give Bernie a last run I say–he still has his marbles at least.

  9. Biden and Trump are not causes, but at best effects.

    So, what would be the causes?

    If we try to decipher this step by step and as rationally as possible, we will come across the relationship between man and nature, the way humans live in the environment and the abuse of it.

    We come to the economic relations and means of production and the social conditions of living and reproduction of the many.

    Since the social relations created by class power and rank civilization hardly allow us to correctly interpret the writings on the wall that have been growing for decades (the term ‘growth’ is really appropriate here), and to adapt or change to them, this will result in a situation due to its own dynamic, implosion or explosion or erosion that ‘solves’ itself.

    Controlled barbarism on an adapting and re-aligning planet under changing climatic conditions.

    In such a situation, access to land, water, resources, weapons and ‘finance’ will inevitably develop to the advantage of privileged classes and estates, but not indefinitely.

    A social left/progressive, however culturally motivated, has the role of early warning, enlightenment and emancipation of the underprivileged in the world, beyond ethnic and geographical differentiation.

    There is nothing fundamentally new about this, it just has been somewhat forgotten.

    Biden and Trump are messengers of controlled barbarism, both of them.

    Everyone can find such messengers just around the corner, too …

  10. Both parties haven’t even shitted for the people for the last 45 years. ‘Next year’ for 45 years. Formal democracy isn’t worth a scrap of crap in that scenario.

  11. As long as shops are forced to stock gender neutral toys, and not what they want to stock, Trump wins. Go woke go broke.

    • Please point to legislation in the US that “forces” shops to stock gender neutral toys. The market isn’t being forced by the government to do anything of the sort.

  12. Ah yes the graciousness Ottoman Empire. Ever heard of Saladin his conquests by the sword, or the 80 million Indians killed by Muslim invaders or the Barbary coast or Spain or….

    Anyway, Trump is as much a product of the Lefts lunacy as he is the dreams of the right. Biden is a metaphor for the failing west. If you think the “Christian” right is appalling wait till you see what succeeds them.


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