ANOTHER CHINESE SPY INSIDE THE NATIONAL PARTY???? Look at this stage I think it’s easier to ask ‘hands up who isn’t a Chinese Spy inside the National Party




Former MP and alleged Chinese spy anointed mentee as successor

A Stuff Circuit investigation reveals decades of foreign interference by China in New Zealand. Video credit: Stuff Circuit

A National MP was mentored and endorsed by a predecessor who departed politics under a cloud of his ties with the Chinese Communist Party.

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First-term list MP Nancy Lu was sitting in an interview with Chinese-language media outlet Panda TV37 next to Dr Jian Yang in 2020 when the outgoing MP and alleged Chinese spy admitted he handpicked Lu to be his successor, saying he had “trained” her to stand for the party “for a long time” and kept it secret from his colleagues.

Lu told Stuff Circuit she could not control who would offer an endorsement and would “leave it to others to comment on their statements”.

Yang abruptly retired from politics in July 2020. The three-term list MP previously studied and taught future Chinese spies English at schools run by the Chinese military for them to monitor communications before he emigrated to New Zealand, but denied ever being a spy himself.

The National Party is little more than a front for Chinese business interests!

Look at this stage I think it’s easier to ask ‘hands up who isn’t a Chinese Spy inside National.

Can we please all thank National and their Farmer mates for putting all our cows in one Beijing Paddock and placing us all in a position where China can hack us and get away with it because we are so beholden to our Chinese Economic overlords now!

NZ Dairy farms were forced to take on huge debt for Dairy intensification that our environment couldn’t sustain WHILE enslaving us to our new Chinese Economic Overlords.

The Corporate Farmer Quislings tell us the $20billion in trade they get from John Key’s ‘all our cows in one Beijing paddock’ strategy is beneficial for us.


We don’t see any of that fucking money!

We pay a price for NZ dairy and NZ meat that is set by an international market, so we are competing with the 400million others wanting that product!

So we don’t see no price benefit from those quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

A cow shits the same as 14 humans, we have 10 million cows, that’s the equivalent of 140million humans pissing and shitting into our rivers.

We don’t see no environmental benefit from these quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

We are now utterly addicted to Chinese money and can’t disentangle ourselves from their influence and power, especially with 200 000 Chinese NZers now living in Auckland, a city of 1.2million.

We don’t see no sovereignty benefit from these quisling corporate farmers getting richer.

The quisling corporate farmers claim they are generating jobs, yet they import cheap foreign labour to do those jobs!

Look at the fuss kicked up by Farmers at the mere suggestion they pay for their pollution!

This money generated by trade with China comes with so many fish hooks there’s more hook than fish.

We have been betrayed by the quisling corporate farmers and their National Party patsies. THEY are getting rich, we aren’t.

Can we all please thank John Key, Corporate Farmers and the Banks for addicting us to our Chinese Economic Overlords?

Look at the image below and consider the naked hypocrisy of the Quisling Farmers in NZ who have enslaved us to China bitching about Jacinda being a communist!



  1. Those stupid Groin swell protesters. The whole country now has to subsidise their pollution, but somehow they are not the socialists. Free loaders.

    • Another absurdly ignorant comment by a Wheel.Without farmers your standard of living would be seriously reduced.What contribution of moment do you make Mr.Wheel?

      • Which farmers Bob? Stop using such a broad label.

        The FACT is the dairy industry has been polluting the water ways and producing a crap load of omissions so why the hell should they get a free ride relative to other sectors? It’s non sensical. Despite all the bleating they haven’t paid a cent. Gutless National supposedly acknowledge it’s an issue but in their usual dickless approach kicked the can down the road another five years.

        I have paid a lot of tax over the years unlike half the arseholes you worship, so sod off.

  2. English is a small man, mentally and physically, IMO, and as such may welcome anyone who makes him feel big. The whole Nat ethos at this time appeared very venal and self-centred.

  3. Martyn – Nancy Liu selection was not well received by many within the National Party due to her links to the Chinese Communist Party.

  4. Yup again fucking ridiculous that this can be allowed to happen and time for the Nats to realise there should be limits to trying court the Chinese vote and funding.
    Looking forward to ‘Shanghai Mark’ wading in with his comments.

  5. Most of the Natzos are committed to local and international capital and finance capital. Tobacco, oil, industrial farming, booze and banking. A few lean more to SMEs and local capital–but nonetheless they are anti working class, particularly organised labour. Their record speaks for itself from Massey’s Cossacks, the ’51 Waterfront lockout, the 1991 Employment Contracts Act and Mother of all budgets, through to this latest Govt.s version of the neo lib war on the poor.

    One Chinese MP is hardly the end of the world. In fact China is part of the rising “South”–non geographical grouping that is growing including BRICS. The “North” comprising US Imperialism, Euros, and Japan are the main issue with 5 Eyes etc.

  6. A Chinese spy in AO/NZ ! Ba hahahhahahahahah bab abababa a ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahhh …………
    Bahahahahahhahaa a a!
    That would easily be THE most boring spy job ever. ” Xi Xin Pingpong reporting in.” Luxon’s just washed his head and his undies…. Hipkins is still in bed asleep…. seymour’s putting new bra on his blow up sex doll… Peters has just farted, rolled over to his left side. Objective achieved… Homeless people eating cats for DOC… Farmers have collectively conceived of a new science regarding quantum physics, also laying down the groundwork to pollution free energy, invisibility, the hyper carrot, the mega bean and the four ton eight legged sheep that self-butchers to classical music. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to be exact.”
    Xi Xin Pingpong… out.

  7. NZers as a nation have had farmers at their throat in a choke hold for decades. It’s completely outrageous and fuckin dumb that this sunset industry can get away with the pollution, hold enormous debt the banks are willing to lend them and treat animals like machines. China will eventually fuck us over and then that’ll be the end of it. Too bad it has to be that way for innovative change to come.

    • Is the reason why you’re a lone comet because no one wants to get too close to your highly infectious stupid?

    • The way I look at it is we have too choices .The Aukus fuckers will say you have to join up and fund us or we will bomb the shit out of you .The Chinese will say we will help fund your roads and new water needs and repairs to the national grid .We will also give a good price on solar and wind generation as we are now really good at those things and lead the world in renewable power .You chose

  8. “…I think it’s easier to ask ‘hands up who isn’t a Chinese Spy inside the National Party”

    Followed by a show of hands who isn’t an embedded US stooge?

  9. “sunset industry” really? Everyone is going to voluntarily eat insect patties and facon! Surely, only if they are forced to by green diktat or povertynomics. Even if that became the case would low carbon footprint sheep and beef grown on the lush green hills of Aotearoa be traded like French Champagne compared to $6 Sparkling Wine.

    • “There is no such thing as bad soldiers, only bad generals” Napoleon

      To paraphrase Napoleon, ‘There is no such thing as bad voters, only bad politicians’

      Rather than cursing the voters and wishing a pox on the majority, you might consider the Labour leader that guaranteed National’s victory with his “bonfire” of progressive policies, and Chris Hipkin’s captain’s call on a wealth tax, which would have done so much to rescue our failing health system and schools.
      Hey, if National lite policies are so good, why not vote for the real thing, right?

      • Typical. A bitter sectarian Labour Party hack uses a crude and offensive profanity exposing his contempt for the people.

        Maybe he thinks, in the immortal words of Bertolt Brecht, we need to elect a new people.

        “Some party hack decreed that the people
        had lost the government’s confidence
        and could only regain it with redoubled effort.
        If that is the case, would it not be be simpler,
        If the government simply dissolved the people
        And elected another?”
        ― Bertolt Brecht

  10. Political parties are easy to join, It would be of greater concern if Chinese spies were uncovered inside our security services and armed forces. On that score the Yanks have beaten them to it. The Chinese are late comers to influence peddling where it counts.
    It is common knowledge and accepted that the New Zealand defence forces and security services a stocked chock full of US arse lickers


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