ACT Party inspire settler redneck cracker death threats

Right Wing Bigotry alive and well in NZ

The ACT Party have inspired settler redneck crack death threats…

Auckland University students and staff faced death threats over spaces for Pasifika and Māori

The University of Auckland has revealed students and staff received death threats during the controversy over designated spaces for Pasifika and Māori studentsearlier this year.

The university’s four pro vice-chancellors revealed the threats in a newsletter posted to the university’s website. The leaders are Equity Professor Cathy Stinear, Māori Associate Professor Te Kawehau Hoskins, Education Professor Bridget Kool and Pacific Professor Jemaima Tiatia-Siau, who is of Samoan descent.

“In March, a temporary sign identifying a space by Māori students and Pacific students was described by political leaders as segregation.

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“The uninformed claim resulted in real harm – including triggering abuse and death threats directed at our students and staff.

…it is offensive and outrageous in the extreme for ACT, NZ First and National to call Women’s Space, Queer Space, Māori Space and Pacifica Space at Auckland University ‘KKK’, ‘Separatism’ or ‘Segregation’…

University’s designated areas for Māori and Pasifika students ‘comparable to Ku Klux Klan’, says Winston Peters

Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters says the University of Auckland’s action of having designated areas for Māori and Pasifikastudents were comparable to alt-right racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

“It is phenomenal that we not only would accept this as New Zealanders, but that some people have not learnt the lessons of our world’s history of horrors with this type of thinking,” Peters said.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said he hasn’t seen “the detail” of the segregated sections but at first glance, he said they looked “totally inappropriate”.

“There is no place for discrimination or segregation in New Zealand. Universities should be places of inclusion, not exclusion,” Luxon said.

Act tertiary education spokesperson Dr Parmjeet Parmar said she is contacting all the universities in the country and will be attempting to remove the “segregated” areas.

She said the signs are reminiscent of an “ugly past” that New Zealand has left behind.

She wants an explanation from Auckland University to the taxpayers who “keep their doors open”.

“It is disappointing that it even needs to be said, but Act’s position is that blocking people from spaces based on their ethnicity is unequivocally wrong,” Parmar said.

…they are competing for culture war bullshit rhetoric against spaces that have been at Auckland University for 4 decades FFS!

These spaces provide important resources for those students to access alongside support and counselling.

To denigrate these spaces on a University and threaten them is fucking fascism and the speed and ease with which this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing

Government have moved to start purging those their redneck voters despise should wake every Kiwi who is disgusted by these tactics.

They are openly vandalising the egalitarian state and calling it performance art!

Women’s Space, Queer Space, Māori Space and Pacifica Space are not comparable to the KKK!

Women’s Space, Queer Space, Māori Space and Pacifica Space is not segregation!

Women’s Space, Queer Space, Māori Space and Pacifica Space is not separatism!

They are spaces that have been available to support those students at University for decades! To attack them in the manner National, ACT and NZ First have done based on nothing more than redneck anger on social media shows how far we’ve allowed the extremes of this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government have stooped to.

This is Redneck Fuckwittery 101. We should not allow these right wing fanatics to start culture wars on our Universities and it led to death threats!

This is the direct ramifications of using vile hate speech for political point scoring for right wing fuckwits on Twitter!

The Political Right should be ashamed of themselves!

How dare the Right denigrate the memory and values of Efeso Collins by attacking the spaces he set up!

How dare the Right denigrate the memory and values of Professor Ranguni Walker by attacking the spaces he set up!

How dare the Right use their vitriol to inspire death threats!

If you are not sickened by this hard right racist beneficiary bashing climate denying Government, then you’re the problem!


  1. They do this as a smoke screen ,while they sell roads ,water ,and power to whoever wants them .Then they close everything else then say look we saved $2.9 billion to hand to landlords so they can buy more existing houses .Then in a couple of years time they will say ,look at all the extra house landlords now own ,we have fixed the housing crisis .But they wont show the thousands of families that are now homeless .

  2. ACT’s seymour’s a mechanism to deliver a message and is ably aided by TDB to divide, to conquer, to leech from, to bleed out. His job is to defend rogers neo-liberalism, a hatchling demon which has spent 40 years destroying lives and creating hardship in a rich country for multi- billionaire, multi- millionaire and foreign owned bankster wealth creation.
    When you criticise little seymour and his hateful disciples of ignorance you effectively charge up his little batteries.
    I know, we all do it, but it is the wrong thing to do. We who loath the little cunt should instead try a strong and reasoned approach to those locked up in their lonely little narratives to show seymour for what he is. An embarrassment. A funny little annoyance, a nasty little sandfly in the car, his bill lipped little snout cocked for a sneer. The redneck crackers you constantly refer to all have one thing in common. They’re all ignorant. They’re often the stupid farm boy who’s too dumb to go to university so he gets to stay at home on the farm to produce the foods you eat and the exports we earn our money from while his siblings get University educations to become lawyers and politicians, almost always National politicians.
    You can’t bash enlightenment into people. You have to carefully tease it out bit by bit.
    Of course, [enlightenment] would be a fucking disaster for ACT and The Natzo’s. They’d lose control of their free and easy income stream. That’s why they need division, acrimony and hate. White, Redneck Cracker hate to fuel the fires.
    Here’s a film. Watch it.
    Isn’t it where the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    White, Redneck Cracker farmers aren’t the enemy. You are, for fomenting disharmony generated by a little hanky twitcher on six figures with roger douglas’s cold, bony old fingers up his undies.
    One of my dreams would be to see farmers, Maori and The Green Party go off and party in L.A.
    The terrifying reality is that farmers, the red neck cracker ones who earn our economy and the party animal beautiful people slinking along Ponsonby Road clutching their budget, six- pack of fanny spray can never the twain meet because there are 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires each with an after tax fortunes of $50 mil net each and the four foreign owned banks being the second most profitable in the world only to Canada by taking $180.00 a second NET! 24/7/365 off shore ’cause fuckin’ red neck, fuckin, white fuckin cockies fuckers! White, redneck, cracker farmers? Word of advice. Strike. In 12 months time, no food, no money. Or are you going to plod on being terminal fools sniffing around the natzo’s?

    • Yeah but as the white cracker peasants are foreclosed on by the Aussie banks, guess who they will blame? Not the banks that have always been their masters sucking their labour dry, not the gentry who have lived off the unearned extrement for generations, and accumulating property and capital gain, not the foreign owners who grabbed the land for alien nations that may threaten white supremacy, i.e. black and brown folks, but the working class Maori and Pakeha whoever they are and wherever they scrape by to make a living.

      The bosses will use their wealth and power to recruit the petty bourgeois peasants with failed dreams into the ‘postcolonial’ equivalent of Massey’s Cossacks, riding their John Deeres and brandishing their arms down the roads of NACTional security FIRST significance to break up and brutalise the ‘commos’ demos and strikes.

      If it were not for the red film of fear and flicker of desperation in their eyes these screwed over peasants would recognise the enemy above fucking them, stop sucking up to the Jones boy wankers, have a hangi with the mass of other workers below who have nothing left to lose, and nationalise the lot without compensation and under their own democratic control.

  3. Apparently, Dr. Parmjeet Parmar doesn’t understand the problem. If our ‘ugly past’ had truly been relegated to the past, as she claims, nobody would have received any death threats. Simple.

    ACT has got enough guns now to shoot themselves in the foot continually.

  4. And cuntry boy you can fuck off
    Nobody thinks you’re funny or clever. Learn how to use grammar mate. Nobody reads your walls of text.
    Ever heard of a paragraph?

  5. When starting a sentence with a capital always end the previous sentence with a full stop, Freda Utterly Pathetic like Bob thick fuck no mates.

    • Again NSC displays an ignorance of the nuances of the English language.
      But he’s forgiven,English is not his first language.

      • As usual Bob thick fuck confirms his appalling understanding of the English language. Forget nuances, he’s simply a nuisance to those of us with a higher education.
        Bob clearly spent several years in the 5th form and never made it out.

    • He’d be better off in the Greens, but he is male, old and a former agrearian killer of animals (ex-farmer to the rest of us) so they wouldn’t have him in the party.

    • I agree that Country Boy has his heart in the right place although I can not see anything good coming from him being in the Labour PR team. I think the Labour Party should have him as an advisor as whoever is directing them now is clueless.

      • Well Countryboy isn’t sleazy or corrupt enough to be in the National, ACT or NZ First parties

  6. Have to say darling, us Christians got death threats of the act party rat fuckers over our opposition to euthanasia. Worse for Disabled women of colour of course, because their considered woke or some such shit.

  7. There are very few times when I think Americanisms are superior to good old kiwi or Brit wit. This occasion is one of them.
    Americans have a saying that exposed the bigotry and stupidity of white wankers claiming discrimination when others set aside safe zones for themselves, regardless of whether it’s gender, sexuality, race or religion.
    That term is a sarcastic intonation “white privilege”.
    It means claiming victimhood where it’s patently obvious there is none.
    Trouble is, the recipients are too dumb, too stupid, too thick and too inbred and uneducated to notice people are laughing AT them and not with them.


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