Methane cop out by climate denial Government highlights how incremental James Shaw was – lessons for the Left

National Party environmental policy

And the corporate Farmers win again…

Coalition exempts farmers from ETS, sets up fresh working group

Farmers have been given more time before they start paying for emissions as the coalition replaces He Waka Eke Noa with another working group.

The coalition has confirmed it will keep agriculture out of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), as promised by National ahead of the 2023 election.

It is scrapping the sector-led group He Waka Eke Noa and setting up a new Pastoral Sector Group to “constructively tackle” biogenic methane.

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The government will amend the Climate Change Response Act to remove agriculture, animal processors and fertiliser companies from entering the ETS in 2025.

…the Corporate Farming Lobby have won again! They have as much influence as the Real Estate Pimps over this new Government and have no effectively managed to put off doing anything serious about climate change for 21 years now…

He came to nationwide attention in late 2003 when he drove a tractor up the front steps of Parliament House as part of a protest against a proposed agricultural emissions research levy, nicknamed the “flatulence” or “fart tax”

… this is a lobby group who have lied and manipulated and cheated any attempts to stop any real change and as NZ faces a $26billion climate fine for failing to reach our Paris obligations, the Insurance industry eyes up the reality that Climate Change will cost us a Trillion each year…

Lloyd’s new data tool highlights vulnerability of the global economy to extreme weather

Lloyd’s, the world’s leading marketplace for insurance and reinsurance, today launched a systemic risk scenario that models the global economic impact of extreme weather events leading to food and water shocks, estimating the loss to be $5trnover a five year period.

…killing off He Waka Eke Noa is a reminder of the agricultural industry’s political muscle and just how meaningless James Shaw truly was.

He Waka Eke Noa was always a lemon…

Agri-industry climate plan ‘He Waka Eke Noa’ an absolute lemon

Greenpeace has dubbed the agri-industry’s He Waka Eke Noa climate proposal ‘an absolute lemon’ that will fail to cut climate pollution from NZ’s biggest polluter.

Greenpeace Aotearoa lead agriculture campaigner Christine Rose says, “The government needs to abandon the idea of industry self-regulation, bring agri-industry fully into the Emissions Trading Scheme and phase out the synthetic nitrogen fertiliser which drives agricultural emissions.

…I think there is this belief now in NZ that you can brownwash your organisation by giving it a Māori name and pretending that is somehow progressive.

The corporate farming lobby were always taking the piss with this nonsense solution to a problem they refuse point blank to address.

Cows create the feacal load of 14 humans.

There are 10million cows.

That’s 140million humans pissing and shitting all across our lands and waterways.

Corporate farmers are refusing to acknowledge this.

I just don’t think understand how serious the most recent temperatures are telling us things have become…

Seafloor methane tipping point crossed in 2024?

The heat in December 2023 was felt most strongly in the Arctic, as illustrated by the NASA image below, showing anomalies above 1951-1980 as high as 9.9°C. 
The image below further illustrates heat striking the northern latitudes in 2023, showing that the temperature anomaly in 2023 was 2.19°C above 1880-1920 in between 24°North and the North Pole. 

The danger is that ocean heat could abruptly be pushed from the North Atlantic into the Arctic Ocean, temporarily raising temperatures at the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean, as discussed in earlier posts such as this one

Terrifying rise of Northern Hemisphere ocean temperature anomalies

The image shows the terrifying rise of Northern Hemisphere ocean temperature anomalies from 1901-2000, illustrating crossing of two tipping points, i.e. the Latent Heat Tipping Point and the Seafloor Methane Tipping Point.

This threatens to cause rapid destabilization of methane hydrates at the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean and lead to explosive eruptions of methane, as its volume increases 160 to 180-fold when leaving the hydrates. 

…if we start seeing Methane Hydrates reaching melting points, that will herald an explosion of methane that will be able to push the temperature up globally by 10 degrees within a decade.

Such a heat spike would see Greenland lose all it’s ice, which would desalinate the Labrador Sea which will shut down the Atlantic Current which will plunge the Northern Hemisphere into a mini ice age.

This is existential crisis level ramifications here and all the agricultural industry are focused on is maximising as many cows as possible and never ever ever ever reducing herds.

The Corporate Farmers and their political representatives keep lying to you about how extreme climate change is and the scale of damage it will wrought.

We are in denial about the changes that are coming.

We are in denial about the need to adapt.

We are in denial about the new realities.

Look at this heat map…

…We. Are. So. Fucked.

As Kiwis we are a very laid back culture and we are fastidious about ignoring things that might lead to conflict, until conflict is upon us and then we are unrelenting in fighting for a righteous egalitarianism.

I believe we are at a turning point on climate change and we need to start being honest that nothing we can do now will stop what is coming.

For many of us, climate change has been a theoretical argument about something that might happen in the distant future.

It is no longer that.

It is now a present on going risk factor that poses an existential threat to us as a species and it is here now.

I’ve been following the IPCC reports on climate change from the beginning, and the criticism made against the IPCC was that due to its strict need for only unilaterally agreed science to make the official report, it was always underplaying the urgency and severity of the climate crisis.

There was always a section in each report where the science was presented that wasn’t universally accepted but included to show the reach and scope of debate.

Increasingly over the years, the worst case scenarios in the IPCC are playing out in real time.

The scientists were wrong, but only in their optimism.

You understand that each year that passes now will get worse or remain as starkly bad as they are now right?

You get that it doesn’t go back to normal after this right?

The extreme weather will get worse and worse.

More extreme than these extremes now.

Consider the baseline extreme current normal.

Sure the war in Ukraine is hurting food prices, but that’s damage on the baseline reality of a mega drought that has interrupted the agricultural calendar of major food producers globally!

The radical adaptation required to get us ready for what’s coming will splinter the political spectrum whether we like it or not.

NZ has to radically become more self sufficient.

We need a basic pharmaceutical industry.

Engineering industry.

Green Power.

The supply side shocks caused by Covid and war are not going away, and they are being compounded by catastrophic climate change.

Radical adaptation and communal community resourcing alongside a Big State approach to lynchpin infrastructure for basic self-reliance as an Island country facing enormous economic shockwaves is the only means to build the muscle mass to respond to the ever intensifying external disruption of late stage capitalism.

The need to increase military spending to 5% alongside the new costs for this infrastructure must be funded via new taxes aimed at corporations and banks.

A financial transaction tax and windfall profit tax would take the yoke of taxation off working people and place it upon the shoulders of the wealthy.

National and ACT  see mass immigration as a means to create fake growth at a time when we should be focused on de-growth.

Climate Crisis is here and adaptation is now.

We need to start rethinking Isolationism as a strength and Hyper-Regional Think Big as Economic Sovereignty.

The geopolitical shock waves are only getting more intense from here on in.

As you look around at the devastation these extreme weather events have caused, doesn’t being carbon neutral by 2050 look pathetic now?

We need a far larger vision than Luxon can produce, we need a far larger vision than the Left are even currently thinking.

We are beyond the tipping posts now: Greenland ice melt, the entire West Antarctic ice sheet, the Atlantic current failure, the changing of the jet stream, total biodiversity collapse, FFS what actually needs to happen before you sleepy Hobbits wake up!

I remember when the idea of instability in West Antarctica was a ‘never’ prospect, now in barely decades that has been turned on its head…

Meltdown of West Antarctic Ice Sheet unavoidable, study says

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet will continue to melt this century regardless of how much the world slashes planet-warming emissions, research from the British Antarctic Survey has found, locking in further sea level rise over the coming decades.

The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change on Monday, found no matter the degree of warming this century, the melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will speed up as warmer water in the Amundsen Sea erodes ice shelves bordering the ocean.

…the melt will happen regardless, no matter what we do now meaning we are fucked!

Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions that are causing the climate crisis, and big oil KNEW in the 1990s that they were creating catastrophic climate change.

The comparisons between how Big Tobacco lied and manipulated the science linking smoking to cancer is as audacious as Big Oil has lied and manipulated the science linking CO2 to global warming.

We should be collectively suing Big Oil now and using the payouts to fund the urgent Green transition away from fossil fuels.

It is outrageous that our Government has not led this fight and instead capitulate to the polluters rather than challenge them. Indigenous people have been at the forefront of the climate crisis battle and have been the frontline between corporate polluting greed and sustainable habitats.

You can see why the State illegally spied on Māori Iwi fighting big oil in this country.

We need a vastly different vision for this country now, and it will require a revolution at the Ballot Box.

A specific plan to get elected with a radical agenda, force other Parties of the Left to agree, a 100 day plan to force it through and a strategy to hold the changes in place.

The next 3 years will start seeing climate change events beyond the ability to ignore and will terrify the electorate.

We as a movement must have a plan and an ability to articulate that or we perish as a movement, as a people and as a country.

This is now an existential threat to our species playing out in real time.

The time for an eco revolution is now.


    • The farmers don’t look after the environment as when interviewed on redneck said “there’s no such thing as climate change”.
      It seems he was your brother.

    • So why are farmers in such a mess then since we have had National in charge more often than Labour for all my lifetime? They pay crazy prices for farms that do not give a realistic return on investment so they rely on capital gains which is almost inevitable since we are not making any more land however the shock when Britain entered the EU will be inconsequential compared to the havoc coming when countries ban or restrict our products due to climate change and animal disease runs rampant.

  1. Russia will take advantage of this global meltdown of the Antarctic give them another trade route corridor and easy access of mineral extraction wonder why the west see them as a threat beside militarily advanced weaponry.

  2. Undoubtedly a problem. Where do you stand on nuclear power Martin and what can we do to move the anti-nuclear narrative in NZ? If there is an incident, yes catastrophe. But no doubt whatsoever it is the most efficient and clean energy we can get. Cost price energy for all NZ perhaps?

  3. Our environmental party says all our problems are cishet white men.

    Can we avoid climate change by burning white people? Is that a clean energy source?

  4. @26 billion? I’d say $30+ when we miss our Paris 2030 targets – and we will miss them. You’re not going to get that money out of NZ taxpayers and short of bankrupting small farmers as you go for the corporates, you’re not going to get it from the farmers either. Basically the whole thing is a bust and we just have to hope that Canada and Aussie leave the Paris Accords before we do, because they ain’t making their targets either short of economic collapse.

  5. The biggest problem for AO/NZ and its agrarian primary industry is that farmers are, generally speaking, as thick as pig shit. I’ve met a lot of fellow farmers. I’ve met a lot of farmers as having been an active farmer but also via scouting and locations management, I’ve met the farmers who are my neighbours currently and generally speaking they have no idea what the fuck’s going on in a broader context. And neither do you, the urban, pinky-up latte sipper people. Town and city people have no idea what’s really going on and it’s because you, like country people, have chosen the gift of ignorance. Because you’re too stupid and lazy to bother to think just a little outside the spoon fed narratives you’re given by your masters and controllers you keep barking up the wrong forest because that’s what you’re told to do. Your Gods gift of stupid will be your undoing and one day, and now sooner rather than later you’ll wake up to discover you’ve just lazily thrown away your beautiful AO/NZ into the arms of the enemy.
    James shaw is a banker. An HSBC banker what’s worse. Watch this…
    This is what’s happening. Traitors within our politics and our economy are deliberately tanking our economy to hand over our AO/NZ for a fire sale price to the global criminal underworld known politely as bankers and for that treachery they might pick up a few billion. Chicken feed really and the dull minded little rag, The Daily Blog, is falling right into the trap along with everyone else.
    Good and actual farmers who know what I’m writing about. This is my advice. Sell up and move to Portugal because fuck this for a joke.

    • On the money again as always CB, keep up the good work, shame no one seems to be listening. Sadly ignorance is bliss.

    • I’m not disputing the content of your comment CB although it quite possible to condemn both Banksters and climate change (deniers of any colour) and still be consistent and aware of the damage both do.
      (I’m also expressing my thanks at your omission of any reference to Russell Brand).

  6. Damn those farmers how dare they feed us.
    Climate emergency cookers, your all fucking mentality ill, luckily the adults now run the country and will do around the world decimating you woke far left unicorn riding lunatics.
    What are you going to do?

    • Did you know that farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in New Zealand? Obviously not growing animals, fruit & vegetables, that’s a mugs game and there’s not much money in that, supermarkets etc see to that. The real money is in farming people.

      Average people can be farmed by supermarkets charging a premium for produce grown by those trying to scrape a living off the land and banks charging interest on loans & mortgages on over priced houses for decades. That’s where profits are.

      However if you want a really lucrative crop, you need to farm farmers. Lend them money to upgrade their (your) business, they’ll work themselves to death, trying to make payments while hoping weather or other events don’t destroy their crops. You can live in a comfortable home, drive a nice car, safe in the knowledge that your crop of farmers are slaving in the cold & mud to make you money. What could be better than that?

      Farming people is what New Zealand’s economy is built on.

    • Pedro we are going to watch you brainwashed non thinking far right worldwide maniacs destroy the planet as you multiply by having a child with your sister. Keep drinking the coolaid.

    • only mentally challenged people can ignore evidence right in front of their face. How many tonnes of milk powder did you eat today to get so fucking thick.

  7. ” We need to start rethinking Isolationism as a strength and Hyper-Regional Think Big as Economic Sovereignty. ”

    Yes Bomber but like all ignored well meaning advice its ignored because of where it comes from. Intelligent , non profit advocates who just want to educate and not enrich the already opinionated privileged classes that they support and protect at all costs the plutocracy.

    Maybe there will be a national protest against this legal extermination of ours and the next generations right to live.

    Probably not while Netflix is on with its salacious content.

    WE ARE FUCKED Bomber but you already know that.

  8. Lessons for the left that does not exist Bomber.

    Why was Shaw incrementalist ? Because he should have been a LINO MP which would have meant that he didn’t have to pretend what he really was which is a pretend corporate environmental sympathiser like his colleagues in the Jacinda Arden lets do this brigade who pretends to signal and along with a millennial type marketing campaign that I will do as little as possible with a majority in the parliament not to upset or move against the established status quo but make it look like were doing the minimal when we aren’t really achieving anything.

    That is the power of the neo liberal plutocracy , they have created an opposition to most western countries conservative parties when they grow unpopular like Sunak in the U.K and replace them with a slightly less alternative without changing any of the unregulated status quo.

    Bernie and Jeremey tried and the lesson of that was to provoke the enemy to show its true colours in stopping any opposition.

    Corbyn unfortunately timed his campaign with the hugely divisive Brexit fallout and did not anticipate the power of anti Semitic influence that were positioned to destroy him along with support the British establishment and BBC , Daily Mail that gives its regular updates on Microsoft news headlines that makes no secret of its political bias as it has no alternative posted on its platform just sensational headlines.

  9. ” The big problem with the last Labour government was that they were chickenshits who did nothing with the absolute majority we had given them. They governed as if they were scared of their own shadows, afraid of making decisions lest it upset someone – usually someone who would never have voted for them anyway. As a result, they pleased nobody, delivered nothing, and were abandoned by their voters at the 2023 election. ”

    • Grant Robertson enfumes that. His student loan device to win the 2005 election and I assume he was behind the family subsidy that neglected the neediest. Then proud as punch to win over the farmers 2020. The shit was a waste of time.

      The Labour of the woman won, and delivered sugar water, as we also knew she would.

      Glad for Jacinda’s CV.

      They both prove not too clued up Cunliffe right.

  10. ” Senior Tories last night warned the public not to hand Sir Keir Starmer a ‘super-majority’ at the general election. In a shift of strategy, a string of Conservative figures issued blunt warnings about the danger of delivering a landslide victory to a Labour Party that has said little about its plans for power. The new approach is designed to convince Tory voters flirting with Reform that they risk handing untrammelled power to avowed ‘socialist’ Sir Keir unless they return to the Conservative fold. ”

    The right wing Tory press is still using propaganda to ensure that somehow there is a threat to established greed and control should the pro capitalist UK Labour party be even a minor threat to pro market policies even after they drove Jeremy Corbyn out of the Labour party leadership for simply bringing the party back to its founding principles after ” New free market Labour ” was created to wipe out its founding principles of the original working man.

  11. As bloody red as the reality.

    Humans can’t cope with cliffs.

    Trotter is very funny about this. The ‘possible; that doesn’t meet the needed.

    Funny, as long as you sit in your own armchair.


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