Can we just remind everyone Winston sneered at Willie for getting an invitation to the Oxford Debates that Willie then won? + 10 best jokes from the speech


Can we all just remind ourselves of what Winston said when it was announced that Willie Jackson had been invited to the Oxford Debates?

I blogged at the time

The reason Winston is acting so bitter is because Winston is jealous.

The Oxford Debates are the greatest debate series in the world where Winston’s great hero, Churchill spoke at. To be invited to speak is a prized honour that clearly Winston always wanted and his naked jealousy that Willie was invited and not Winston is the reason Winston is acting with such Trump level malevolence.

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…well after sneering at Willie, what happened?

Why Willie won the debate with a speech that enthralled Oxford, made them laugh and most importantly made them think…

“I can smell the colonialism on your breath from here!” he said, which got a few laughs from the crowd.

Over the years, the Oxford Union has welcomed some of the world’s most prominent people to speak – Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa and Queen Elizabeth II.

But the debate has always been the flagship event.

The Labour MP added to New Zealand’s legacy in the chamber.

“Willie Jackson – what a guy!” said one attendee.

“I thought it was very rousing. I thought the way he was able to utilise the motion to talk about a point he was passionate about was amazing,” another said.

And ultimately still fighting for the return of Māori artefacts.

“We hope your British tradition of justice brings my ancestors home,” Jackson said, speaking of seven mokomōkai (preserved heads) still held by the British Museum, which has refused to repatriate them in the past.

…it would be classy if Winston apologised, sadly Winston is too far up his own arsehole for that.

We should all feel proud of what Willie managed to achieve with one speech in the best debating chamber in the world.

10 best jokes from the speech


10: I stand before the brilliance and magnificent history of these
most revered Oxford Debates to tell the house that British
Museums ARE VERY British because it is very, very, very
British to take from indigenous people and never hand it

9: To paraphrase our great former Prime Minister David Lange’s
famous quip during the Nuclear weapons Oxford debate 39
years ago, “I can smell the Colonialism on your breath from

8: The British Museum is without question a bastion and symbol
of Imperial privilege and cultural condescension, and what I
ask ladies and gentlemen of this great debating tradition is
what is more British than Imperial privilege, and cultural

7: The British stole from the Greeks, Indigenous peoples and
Muslim scientists and when they don’t like something – they
try to pack it off to Rwanda.

6: Who else has the audacity to arrive on distant shores, and
declare that they now own everything in the name of their
God, their King and their country no matter who was
originally living there! The British, that’s who!

5: The mindset that Britain must hold on to 2000 year old relics
because the silly people they stole these treasures from
won’t be able to look after them properly, is so British it may
as well be having a cup of tea, draped in the Union Jack doing
the Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks skit routine.
Where on earth do you get off telling us we can’t have our
treasures back?

4: Last year it was revealed the British Museum lost 2000 items
from its priceless collection and couldn’t remember where
they had misplaced them. Imagine having so many treasures plundered from around
the planet that you lose 2000 of them and can’t find the
paper work? That’s very British.

3: In 2022, the Greek culture minister accused Lord Elgin of “a
blatant act of serial theft”. A Greek accusing a Brit of stealing?Wait until they hear what Locke and Hobbes stole from Plato and Socrates.

2: At least Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor,
the British Museum stole from the indigenous and gave to
scores of bored touring school students.

1: Rule, Britannia! Britannia, misbehaves
Britons never, never, never will pay for robbing graves?

That’s not the defence of global culture, that’s the argument
of a deflated quartermaster from a broken empire that hasn’t
realized it’s just a Kingdom with a Scotland wanting to leave.


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