TDB warned you Todd Stephenson was a pimp for the Pharmaceutical industry

Remember when The Democracy Project was claiming this was moderate Government?


Investigation: David Seymour’s special medicines envoy has investments in Big Pharma

Former pharmaceutical company executive turned Act MP Todd Stephenson has been appointed to a special role representing Pharmac’s new government minister, his party leader and Associate Minister of Health David Seymour. Stephenson’s experience with drug companies is seen as a boon by some – but others are concerned about his links to Big Pharma. Journalist David Fisher investigates.

Apart from train wreck interviews with Steve Braunias, TDB warned you that Todd Stephenson was a pimp for the Pharmaceutical industry…

A chilling view comes from ACT candidate Todd Stephenson who has called for Pharmac to take a “productivity focus” to decisions on who gets funded medicine. Stephenson is No 4 on the Act Party list and has recently returned to New Zealand after more than a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry in Australia.

“A lot of the treatments and the innovations being brought forward can actually deliver economic benefits because you’re treating people who can work longer or go back to work when that wasn’t possible.”

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“It would be good to be able to take a more holistic approach to what these treatments are bringing.”

When asked if that meant more economically productive people should be prioritised for treatment, Stephenson said: “Not necessarily, but when you’re looking at the value of these treatments, that should be taken into consideration.”

How Orwellian is that? Reading between the lines here means prioritising “productive” people for drug treatments ahead of the retired, beneficiaries and low-wage workers.

It’s not hard to see where this policy leads…

…TDB warned you time and time and time again that this Government was corrupt but you wanted to vote in donor pimps!

This entire Government is horrifically compromised and are passing legislation for their donor mates.

At some stage you have to acknowledge that you voted in a. Government out of anger with Labour with no real comprehension what they would implement.

Remember when The Democracy Project was claiming this was moderate Government?


So we’ve all dumped the pretence that this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government is ‘moderate’ now eh?

No one is playing that bullshit game from the mainstream media now right?

Good. Just wanted to check.

This Government is here to decimate this country for the benefit of their donor class and the sooner you all wake the fuck up to how your post Covid anger was manipulated by these right wing arseholes, the sooner we can start the resistance.

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  1. Todd Stephenson is a knob but that’s not because he has worked in the pharma industry.

    Unfortunately as cold as it sounds he’s not wrong to bring up the economics of it. What do think PHARMAC do? It’s all about ICER’s and “quality life years” ( although interestingly PHARMAC probably still places a lower value on life than NZTA). That’s why it has been such a joke listening to “big bad pharma” stories when the waiting list of unfunded medicines have been proven to be cost effective and worth the investment…..but they have no budget.

  2. This rort is not the only fishy smelling conflict of interest being talked about in the community.

    When you’re a charity amongst so many and get written instantly into a country’s Government Coalition Deal somethings just NOT right!

    Mike King states,
    ” 3400 free counselling sessions per month @ a cost of $510,000 = is $6.12M per year “.

    [ Fine print – ” We fund one counselling session a week per client with a cap of TWO sessions per client. The Gumboot Funds are not intended as long term funding solution.” ]

    That’s $150 per session to a counsellor. No.
    Where’s the counselling rooms or buildings, the lease payment,  the power bills, the coordinating admin staff ? Where does wee Jimmy from Taharoa go ? Are his parents going to let him have the remote TWO phone sessions or the laptop for the website for quote “digital therapy ” ?

    Do you think the MAXIMUM TWO sessions per kid ( I am Hope rules) before dropping them after opening Pandora’s box is SAFE ?

    Not according to Registered trained Counsellors and the breach of their Code of Practice, it’s unethical and unsafe.

    In the first instance, All workers with children have to be police vetted by the employing organisation first.

    The first sessions alone are introducions, and the necessary paperwork and giving enough information about what goals and methodologies are to be used to gain the legal  INFORMED CONSENT take up this time.

    And NO, this ” I am Hope” counselling is not what the public might think…

    # It’s not about counselling, intervention in traumatised, neglected, abused, impoverished etc kid’s homes in the other 167 hours a week they have to live as powerless kids.
    So why a whopping $24 M ?

    Instead, ” I am Hope” with all good intentions is selling a ” FEELINGS ”
    merchandised, magical fix to something ALL people feel normally.

    The public are being led to fund a cure for something that IS NOT an illness ?- that tens of thousands of kids in advance, after being pathologized by King are mentally ill because they have normal self doubt so FOR just $24 MILLION BUCKS and just TWO phone calls,

    The voice inside all of our heads that has
    us second-guessing everything we do.
    The voice of doubt that beats us up and
    tells us we’re failures, that we’re worthless.
    Having an overactive inner critic is not a
    sign of mental illness, it’s a sign that we are normal.” ].

    No  it’s not your family beating you up little Jimmy that’s the problem  … quote King IT’S-  “The voice inside all of our heads.. The voice of doubt that beats us up” ”


    It’s a return on investment says King.
    Bullshit- $300 BUCKS for 2 chats with one kid ???

    For $ 14.95c at K-MART you can buy the book that EVERY school classroom could read and discuss with kids to give the same ” FEELINGS ” content already in the Health Curriculum.

    But no !

    ‘ Oh little Jimmy, no you’re not hungry, living in a DV house , suicidal and Mum’s drugged out on the couch…No, no no little Jimmy don’t feel gloom about the environment…You’re just suffering from self- doubt . Buy the T-shirt ‘. CLICK.

    What you also have been misled to believe is that there are no other free services out there that really do the REAL free work of total wrap around services for kids and families and have done so for decades. Still waiting !!!

    Those long term agencies ARE still going to be the ones whom Mike King and his ” I am Hope” agents will then syphon the client off to anyway.

    READ the fine print at ” I am Hope ”

    QUOTE -:

    [ ” It is not a long-term solution designed to take over from government services, rather, it should be seen as a bridge between current services and immediate need. Everyone is encouraged to seek government funded help while utilising our service…until their client can get the district health board services they need…” ]


    What a commercialised RORT, by the CoC so that King’s seen as the sole magician and saviour, instead of being a  mere fraction of the big picture of UNMET complex needs, while cunningly selling it as ‘targetted social investment’ and simultaneously and furtively underfunding the REAL agencies.

    The D.A.R.E programme,  the Parent Tool box all past mass delivered HALLELUJAH type social investment where those now grown up recipients will now push prisons to bulging point. What a deal those $$ millions were – mega prisons filled with the HOPE deprived.

  3. I did meet this guy at an ACT roadshow. He said, “I’m pro-vax because I work for the pharma industry”
    Nuff said. They didn’t get my vote

    • Think he also said he wanted to be Minister of Culture because he doesn’t know anything about it. Not a book reader, but saw a musical in New York or somewhere.

    • Petty theft compared to corporate theft? Hmmmm.
      She didn’t steal dead babies identities did she or beat someone with a bed leg?

  4. Yes it’s now clear they are corrupt, it’s just the depth of how far their corruption runs.

  5. Yes well said ,Nats are squeak. I forgot about the bed leg bully and that other weirdo.

  6. Maybe the secret is that they’re going to bulk-fund dexxies? Would be good for productivity, after all.

  7. Over 60% of beneficiaries are disabled. As many are physically unable to work will they no longer have their medications funded because the Government and their cronies view them as “unproductive”. Then there is Seymour’s wish to extend euthanasia to non-terminal disabled. Is he going to make life so painful and unendurable for them that they will choose euthanasia as has been already suggested to some disabled in Canada the country which his Swiss cheese of an act is based on.

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