ACT State of the Nation speech shows an existential political threat to National and sets stage for conflict policy


ACT’s Seymour targets National, co-governance in speech

ACT leader David Seymour has delivered a speech painting National and Labour as two sides of the same coin, and calling co-governance a “culture war”.

He was quick also to turn the firehose on potential coalition partner National – and its leader Christopher Luxon.

“I will do my best throughout this speech to differentiate the Chris’s but it won’t be easy,” he said.

“It simply isn’t good enough to paint a red government blue, and then pretend it’s all fixed by endlessly promising to just ‘get things done’ … every time I hear Chris Luxon say that the Labour ‘doesn’t get things done’, it makes me a little nervous. Could he seriously want them to do more?”

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“Five times National has vigorously opposed Labour’s policy from opposition and five times they’ve followed Labour into government and bedded in all the policies they’ve said they’ll remove.”

The incredibly incendiary speech David Seymour just gave to a packed ACT State of the Nation signals a rift on the Right unlike any seen in Modern NZ Political History.

That ACT, a Party that was .7 in the polls 5 years ago, is now rating 13.5% in the Roy Morgan Poll shows a polarisation of NZ politics we simply haven’t experienced from the Right since Muldoon.

ACT refuse to toe any line with National and their certainty in articulating a negative appraisal of perceived Māori political privilege marks them out as a Party that is actively attacking National for their direct vote share.

It also clearly shows that David will dominate any relationship with Luxon.

This is deeply damaging to National. The polarisation of the debate is so extreme that National have to foam at the mouth in an attempt to win back ACT vote, the problem with that is it scares the bejesus out of the middle.

This makes Luxon look weaker and weaker which allows ACT to grow and it gives the Left the perfect target to paint the relationship out for what it is, an extreme Right wing Government.

The problem is ACTs policy is so off the planet extreme, they have no comprehension what it would actually entail in passing it.

Imagine the following:

National and ACT win the 2023 election.

Because David Seymour is vastly smarter than Luxon, David gets everything ACT wants including axing the Ministry of Māori development, Ministry of Women, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Ethnic affairs, Ministry of Pacific People, the Human Rights Commission and rewrites the Treaty based on nothing more than a referendum.

A hikoi of quarter of a million incandescent with rage Māori plus their allies descends upon Wellington in furious protest that makes the foreshore and seabed protest look mild.

They angrily start to occupy Parliament Lawns.

A spooked David Seymour and frightened Chris Luxon order the army to shoot.

Which part of that evaluation of ACTs race relations policy won’t happen?

ACT are going to trigger extreme policies that will in turn trigger even more extreme protest and when that gets to Wellington, it will be met with a frightened Right utilising the full muscle of the State.

This is going to get out of hand very quickly, you can not strip the Indigenous people of their political rights and pretend that won’t have an enormously violent backlash.

ACT are such pure eyed acolytes they don’t see their cleansing as something people would fight against, because ACT have no idea of the value of what it is they are burning.

The addiction to cancel culture and deplatforming by the woke has meant instead of debating the issue and winning people over, the Left simply rely on attempting to win the debate by strangling off any speech they disagree with.

We can see this in the 3 Waters and Co-governance debate were Labour haven’t even attempted to engage and explain to the public what it means and what it entails which is incredibly disappointing seeing as there are extremely good arguments made to defend each one of them.

Janet Wilson touched on this in her latest column looking at the Woke and their cancel culture social media Lynch mobs and notes the example I have always used regarding the Salam witch trials.

Woke dogma is more akin to a belief based religious cult and their inclusion through exclusion cancel culture has led to pure temple politics over Broadchurch appeal. It is identity and representation above all else.

According to the middle class woke, all white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone who defends free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community.

It is alienating as fuck and makes gaining the 51% democratic majority almost impossible.

We have seen Chippy clearly move away from social justice as he pivots towards economic justice (a direction TDB has been arguing for years), and if he is to be successful in leading the next Government, the focus must be on economic gains that are universally shared (because there are numerically more poor white people than poor brown people) while actually making the argument as to why we should do this in the first place.

The Left in NZ have spent far too much time trying to strangle free speech off and play ostracisation games with those the woke blacklist, than actually arguing our case because you can’t win an election by blacklisting everyone!

This has ironically given ACT all the ammunition they need to launch a culture war we can’t win.

The Woke have had power and influence over the Left since 2016, it feels like the Wellington Twitter elite are losing that power and influence in 2022 as the political leadership suddenly appreciate how alienating their activism has become.

Poor people in NZ are not sitting around the kitchen table deciding who to cancel for a misuse of pronouns, they are trying to work out how to pay the bills.

It’s called ‘Bread and Butter’ politics because the woke are mostly gluten free vegans who will run a mile from the political scene so Labour can woo back all the voters they’ve alienated.

If ACTs State of the Nation doesn’t shake the Left up to drop the woke bullshit, then we deserve to lose.


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  1. Sadly, I think you’ll be found to be at least 90% correct in your predictions, although I sincerely hope that bringing in the Army won’t be needed!
    As an immigrant who has observed kiwi culture for the last quarter century, it’s evident to me that Kiwis would sooner avoid a difficult issue rather than address it head on. This game of pretense and denial is almost Asian in nature and is a really bad habit. So, NZ society will avoid an issue, right up until five to midnight, then act in an extraordinary manner. It happened in ’83 and it’s about to happen again.
    For the last 30 years or more there has been a Gramscian ‘long march through the institutions’ by Maori tribalists, rewriting history and creating a cult of victimhood where none used to exist. In the last 5 years they’ve seen their opportunity to grab power via, just as you say, a woke government. Now it has activated the average kiwi who has been quietly seething in the background at the gradual loss of his/her status and national identity.
    It’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next few years, but this is a nettle that has to be grasped.

    • Have you looked at NZ history? Do you have any context to what you are saying? I believe NZer’s are grasping the nettle by attempting redress historic injustice. The Waitangi Tribunal and recognition of Maori sovereignty is something we should be proud of as a country – it shows a level of maturity, self-reflection and integrity.
      This doesn’t mean it’s perfect but it is infinitely better than the non-sensical race baiting coming out of Act and National.

      • Andrew’s last 5 years timeline coincides with ACTs increased racism drive. Think Don Brash and Hobson’s Pledge albeit established in 2016.
        Seymour is pushing even harder on behalf of Hobson’s Pledge.
        Mike Hosking is a big fan of Hobson’s Pledge.

        • Hey Burt, explain how wanting a legal and political system that recognises no distinction between races is somehow “racist”?

            • wheel and 2 wrongs do make a right of course….

              both sides signed a document that the other could not read, never mind understand the nuances of the others language

          • Antoine Forbes-Hamilton please catch up you’re behind the convo on these important matters. And Seymour rhetoric about separatism and apartheid is BS to bring fear into the snowflakes fragile world. Hey I like your take on Ukraine/Russia conflict but concerning your views on Maori well let’s just agree to disagree.

            The crime of apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or …

      • For those who think they’ve “taken a look at history” I recommend Dick Crosby’s book ‘The Musket Wars’. Once you’ve read that, get back to me.

        Half the problem with NZ history is that only a sanitized version has been promoted. Sure, the colonization of NZ could be considered unfair when judged by today’s standards, but compared to what came before, it was a revelation. Read the notes from the 1860 conference of Kohimarama, where chiefs reported how happy they were with the result. How they appreciated English rule of law, the protection of the colonial military and could sleep at night because they knew there wouldn’t be a war party paddling around the headland the next morning.

    • Andrew, “For the last 30 years or more there has been a Gramscian ‘long march through the institutions’ by Maori tribalists, rewriting history and creating a cult of victimhood where none used to exist.”

      Is this a fact or is just this your opinion? How can you make outrageous claim that Maori are rewriting history and creating victim-hood when there is ample evidence in historic achieves that undoubtedly prove that you’re wrong in your assumptions.

      Historic illiteracy is the achilles heel when it involves pakeha discussing our country past. And this articulate historic facts are recorded by people who are non- Maori.

      • Steve…..They are not rewriting history…They are just making it up as they go along…And to their amazement it’s working…

        • Robs Mob, “They are just making it up as they go along…And to their amazement it’s working…”

          Interpreting history surely is a difficult task but when there’s ample evidence both written and oral adding historian discipline than those assumptions dissipates significantly. John Cowan and Eldon Best revisionist proved that they lacked discipline when depicting the NZ wars and Maori history generally.

        • You’re welcome I just wish there’s more NZ that would be excited reading some of our country history. The missionaries and other writers to these archives wrote awesome english very articulate and somewhat quite detailed.

    • Is it creating a cult of victimhood or simply voicing a sense of victimhood which has been present for scores of years? As time has gone by the negative impacts of colonisation have become more obvious?

      (I apologise if you have a heart attack at seeing the word ‘colonisation’ or get apoplectic and start screaming as some would, “Get over it, it happened years ago, everyone has equal chance to make something of themselves.”)

      In some rural regions generations of families have established themselves on the legacy of stolen land. Their latest offspring are set up by the trusts and money and private school education and the ways of affluent life emanating from there.

      On looking at social stats some ask, “How did that happen? Where did that come from?”
      In answer some say, “Shouldn’t have happened, everyone had the same opportunity.”

      When investigations and explanations come forth the ‘rewriting history’ trope is common.
      Unusual isn’t it that the broad North American experience and results are so similar in many ways. The case First Nations people there seem to be more easily ignored or diminished by dint of the population and geographic size and spread.

      It’s about grabbing power? Maybe it’s about fear of losing the power that was grabbed.

      Ironically the ‘rewriting history’ debate is current in the US too. Many Conservatives and fuckwits want history written there to get rid of the reality of slavery and it’s impact of the evolution of that nation.

      • I’ll get back to you on this when the descendants of the 1066 Norman Conquest hand back my land and should Maori be handing back to the Moriori ? 🙂

        Here’s a rough balance sheet for today’s Maori:
        > Some land unfairly taken
        > Some land sold on the cheap
        > Some bad and racist things happened

        > Rule of law
        > The end of cannibalism
        > The end of slavery
        > Literacy
        > Numeracy
        > Housing
        > Sanitation
        > Medicine
        > Clothing
        > Transport
        > Education
        > A modern economy
        > Introduced food crops
        > KFC LOL

        Seems like a fair bargain to me!

    • Insightful comments Andrew and yup this may come as a surprise to some on here but not all NZer’s are Maori or interested in trying to pretend they are.

      • A most surprising thing is that the white supremacists, (not those who parade by the name but those who just know that they are the most superior of the species), are so flustered when they think they might have something to lose. Like power.

        One of the sad things about not living for another 100 years is I won’t be here to see the rednecks reacting to the majority of the population having brown faces.

        Your lists? On your ‘Positives’
        Rule of law?: I keep reading how we are lawless
        The end of slavery?: Replaced by economic slavery
        Literacy, Numeracy, Education?: I keep being told those are down the tubes
        Sanitation?: Yeah, don’t swim in the sea for all the shit in it, boil other water.
        A modern economy? Well, who could disagree, that’s a real triumph isn’t it.

    • Oh Andrew you are a sad little man. Your rewriting of history is appalling. Go back to school and learn what really happened in the good old days! No New Zealanders have lost their national identity this is a right wing myth. Please don’t begrudge people getting on in life, this will enable us to all prosper and progress together.

    • “it’s evident to me that Kiwis would sooner avoid a difficult issue rather than address it head on. This game of pretense and denial is almost Asian in nature and is a really bad habit. So, NZ society will avoid an issue, right up until five to midnight, then act in an extraordinary manner.”

      Sadly, this is an accurate comment on the Kiwi character – says I, a Kiwi.

  2. Good. Perhaps with a strong enemy the left will drop identity politics and refocus on class. The left has gotten complacent fighting a right willing to cooperate so long as neoliberalism prevails. A strong enemy should strengthen them, so long as they’re not too smug to see the threat.

  3. I wouldn’t mind if ACT was promoting policies that treated all people fairly so that we didn’t need many of the ministries you mention but as you say to eliminate ministries that are needed just so the 1% can get more money is a recipe for disaster.

    • Can you tell us what essential services are provided by the demographic ministries that Seymour wants to abolish?

    • Why would we not abolish the ministry of women, when women is a feel some has and that can be declared simply by stating ‘ i am a woman’? I mean we do not need that ministry nor the expense for it. Now a ministry for females…..that is still needed.

      • Women
        Human rights
        Pacific islanders
        Young people

        Do away with them all!

        It’s called ethnic cleansing similar to the KKK. That’s what the gun toting party stands for.

        • Abolishing useless ministries is ethnic cleansing? I think you need a dictionary. Here’s the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of ethnic cleansing:

          “the organized, often violent attempt by a particular cultural or racial group to completely remove from a country or area all members of a different group”

          There, fixed it for you.

          • “the organized, often violent attempt by a particular cultural or racial group to completely remove from a country or area all members of a different group”

            Yes thank you, you just described the ACT party to a tee.

            Now back to your school books, put the dictionary away.

        • Again, please define women. Are you talking about the female woman or the male woman? And which of the two do you think needs a ministry?
          Ethnic cleansing? Seriously, whom would they ethnically cleanse?

          • RB why is it so difficult for you to define a woman . Are you so frightened of your own supposedly male definition ( this is my assumption so apologies in advance if I am wrong . Actually you could be anyone how would we know because we are all faceless on this blog. We all hide behind a false facade of pseudonyms so what does that say about us all ) . RB you are being deliberately provocative to the actual women on this blog, you are being intentionally ignorant . Unfortunately women are still classed as second class citizens in many countries and the glass ceiling still exists. What happened to Jacinda Ardern is a prime example . Misogyny at its finest. She was a woman who was battered into submission by a chauvinistic right wing and enabled by the right wing press. The way she was treated by both male and female so called journalists was disgusting.The leader of the opposition couldn’t even bring himself to admit there were problems for the PM or any of his women MP’s. Until he was forced to by Nicola Willis. So RB that’s why we need a ministry for women the rest i will leave for you to figure out yourself!

        • I’ve just come back from Tonga and Fiji where I was looking for the Ministries of New Zealand Affairs. Couldn’t find any…?

  4. “I will do my best to differentiate the two Chris’s but it won’t be easy”

    Ouch! If that well aimed kick doesn’t shift Luxons woke corporate arse off the fence, I don’t know what will. And in a way Seymour’s right – the Nats ruling alone would give us smore business-friendly version of the current wokist government.

  5. Wait until you realise that NZ is the only country that allows foreign residents to vote after just one or two years in the territory… what is the proportion of foreign voters, Stats NZ? *crickets chirping*

  6. Act is offering non-Maori New Zealanders at long last a chance to express their opinion on the slow, almost subterranean, constitutional and legal changes that the rest of the political class would prefer not to acknowledge is happening. And certainly not open up for debate.

    Such as what does the Treaty/Tiriti actually mean, and what should it do?

    And because it is in the anonymity of the voting booth, the opinions will be honest, not censored by fear of being accused of racism or being ignorant.

      • I don’t think non-Maori have been oppressed by TOW issues yet – but there is a direction of travel that alarms many non-Maori – because it is not explained or justified outside of the world view of activists and academics.

        Your demand for ‘a detailed explanation’ on your own straw man assertion is a childish debating tactic.

        • Speak for yourself Ada. What direction of travel? Getting off incredibly likely for taking land and stuffing the future prospects of generations ? All those dickhead tough on crime types only want to talk about some crimes. I would have thought equal representation on the use of a natural resource and the infrastructure that brings it to us is a small price to pay

        • Ada Agree. And non-Maori are oppressed by reinterpreted Treaty issues implemented in government workplaces, and academia. Toss the MSM into that pottage too.

    • Here’s an idea. Why don’t non-maori get behind maori and stop kicking them in the teeth? I mean who wants to get lumped in with the Crown. The Maori side of the Treaty is the only side to be on, unless you’re a sadist. You can still speak english, do your line dancing and highland games – no-one is going to take them away from you.

      • Kind of Maori to not take away those line-dancing and Highland games as our Cracker redneck past-times.

        But aren’t you racial profiling non-Maori people when you characterise non-Maori as line dancing and Highland games fans?

  7. Remember, for Gods sake remember. ACT is a roger douglas/ derek quigly greed, power and hate child born in 1994. ACT and its Alien psycho-freakshow are only about your money and their power-fetishes.
    If you’re still unsure of what seymour in fact, is, then learn the meanings of the words ‘Machiavellian’ and ‘Confederate’.
    On a darker note: Adern’s bullshit ‘politics of kindness’ was that. Bullshit. Did she tax the fuck out of the multi millionaire / multi billionaire money cultists who exploited our ignorance and our laziness? Did she open up public inquiries and initiate a commission of inquiry to delve into just how now four foreign owned banks rule our lives? No.
    Look at the facts. Nine Kiwi multi billionaires. Four foreign owned banks making, read taking, record billion dollar net profits out of AO/NZ while hungry kids live in cars and homeless people sleep in door ways or in decorative shrubbery who can only dream of drinking the $6.50 coffee the glorious scent of which wafts out of the on-trend cafe’s dahlings.
    P.S. The National Party. You know? I just can’t be bothered wasting much of my time writing about such a political abomination. It’s a filtration system to sieve out everything that’s wrong with Aotearoa / New Zealand who then turn those vile toxins back onto us. The national party is a gang. It’s the mafia without the class. Since the early ’30’s it’s been where traitors and crooks go to keep similar company. ( With the possible exception of Jack Marshall but look how long he lasted? About twenty minutes. Pig did to Gentleman Jack what douglas did to Lange.)
    And a word for ‘you young people’. *The way to predict the future is to look into the past.
    * Not one of mine. Try this also ‘prognosticate’.
    My view of the future is that we’ll lose sovereignty of our beautiful AO/NZ to the hyper rich who might control us thusly. Russell Brand via YouTube:

            • Unlike your Dulwich school upbringing of which your self adulation was imposed on us.
              And we know what the Dulwich school boys ended up as.
              Plus if you are labeling others as childish that’s a little hypocritical when you proclaim just to be on this site to wind people up?
              Probably why you have never presented a shred of evidence to any of your claims. You are indeed a right wing troll. At least Trevor can debate.

    • Country boy unfortunately Jacinda Ardern was used as a battering ram and her kindness was used against her, this was propped up by the right wing press on a daily basis. It had got to the stage of the haters hating and nobody listening. The next 8 months are going to be very interesting. Luxon is going to have to fess up that he really can’t do the job. Chris Hipkins will let rip in parliament the way Jacinda wasn’t able to do without a backlash. David Seymour has been gifted the seat of Epsom without any real fight. He is a racist little man far too clever for his own good and a dangerous right winger to boot. Any one that uses race baiting politics for the sake of power has no place in a modern New Zealand.

  8. ‘ACT’ manifesto is to hate Maori and anything to do with Maori and the results for Maori is to internalize this hatred and start hating themselves. There are 3 individual that claim Maori heritage from the ACT party who promote hating themselves in the guise of ‘ONE LAW FOR ALL’ a powerful metaphor that can seduce even a person who claims to be morally righteous before making an informed decision.

    This is gutter politics that uses people’s uninformed feelings, harbouring the worst intention out of NZers. It is clickbait politics, It’s the bottom of the barrel stuff that get pakeha believing that they’re being oppressed by Maori and are frightened that Maori’s won’t even let them go down to the beach lto enjoy with the whanau.

    In my opinion and I have said this many times that it’s evident that many Pakeha in our beautiful country lack historic literacy which would hopefully give them an informed opinion of our country past, and where we are today, than moving forward as a collective rather than scaremongering tactics that only benefits a tiny minority the 1%.

  9. NZ First will be the Hand brake on ACT and National this time. Just like it was on Labour s first term.

    So all of ACts changes and adjustment s will be watered down, so favourable outcomes occur for all the constitutes.

    • I suspect so also but we may actually get an opening up of the issue and a chance to really take the temperature in the room and look at the issues.

  10. Did you see the video of the Kaumatua that was removed for wrong speak? Mr. Act might actually has a point.

      • Kaumatua standing and speaking and being removed by a big burly male who may identify as maori. It was a really nice show, a wee old 80+ year old man being dragged away for daring to speak. At his age he really should have known his place.

  11. It’s just not feasible to enshrine “rights for Maori” and “rights for everyone else.” It would bifurcate society, and resentment and conflict would be 100% guaranteed if this is done, so we’d be stupid to do it. In terms of social cohesion, realpolitik dictates that it would be far better to deny the 15% than to handicap the other 85%. Whether or not the argument is that “they deserve it” doesn’t matter: we live in 2023, not 1840. Any sovereignty Maori had over these islands is long gone, and it’s never coming back.

    It is good to see a more hard-nosed ACT: National have become so centrist that they attempt to please people who will never vote for them at the expense of alienating those who will. The political orthodoxy across the West for 50 years has been leftist in nature (particularly socially), and we need to be dragged back to the sanity and the reality that the right wing represents.

    • Looking forward to the sanity and reality that right wing politics have foisted on the USA and the UK arriving here. Yes. Nothing like a good bit of inequality and a subsistance wage structure to teach the working class a lesson. While we are at it we should privatise health and education so only the truely deserving can access it. Animal insulin for diabetics? That will teach them to be fat. Government housing? Meh. Tents in a park is far preferred. Meanwhile the government should get out of welfare and let charities take on that role. Ruth Richardson gave us a glimpse of what a wonderful world self reliance could look like. We just need David to step up and finish the job.

    • Must be so bitter at being lumped in with the Crown. I mean who wouldn’t be? Wannabe Lord Barons and their peasants? The only side of the Treaty to be on is the Maori side. Whether you whakapapa back to a canoe or not is irrelevant. You don’t have to be Maori to support Maori. Kia kaha NZ – kick the crown to touch and with it, the hegemony of capital over community.

  12. I don’t believe Act will be quite as strong come polling day. If National happen to get the numbers do you believe Act will stay out of a coalition with National and work outside of government if Act policy isn’t going to fly. Don’t think so. It’s in Acts business to be as strong as can be now, but when push comes to shove after some concessions Act would tow the line. Extreme Act policies aren’t going to run NZ in the way suggested. IMO. The same with the Greens. They’ll huff and puff but having been part of government aren’t going to seriously step out of line are they. The baubles of power are too tempting.

  13. I remmber watching Moana interview Seymour on MaoriTV late last year. She would have cut his head off and hung it on the wall if it wasn’t televised. He is a bigotted racebaiting little twerp who has nothing to offer except blind ideology that he clearly only spouts because Roger Douglas and Rodney Hide decided he would be a good goose to stuff with their backwards classist “economics”. The economy is dead, long live the socialist, progressive revolution, and if any person actually cares about any other human being then let us make it a civilised democratic result as well. Any insightment of violent activity is abhorrent in an evolved democracy, and one only need to look at USA and Brasil to see what happens when idiot / evil / narcisistic fatherless men get into powerful positions. May the universe strike down the ignorant and let the marginally educated make educated decisions about things, that science can teach us. The biggest threat is religion in a supposedly clearly defined state that separates itself from those monkeys in the churches / mosques / tents / garages / halls that will have us sit on our fat bums waiting for deliverance from our own mess. Nature again spoke with the Auckland flooding, and will speak again soon, and will not shut up until we wake up, or die in our ignorant sleep. For many I suspect either way is no great concern. But some of us, the Simon Wilson types, actually believe we humans could treat each other better and improve society. Other than that David Seymour is light entertainment with a very dark message, and with the rural mps he carries, there may not be too many liberal arts degrees in that camp. Sad for the poets, the lovers, the dreamers,not to mention the deadbeat dads.

  14. “If ACTs State of the Nation doesn’t shake the Left up to drop the woke bullshit, then we deserve to lose.”

    Ne’er a truer word was said!

  15. Unlike America, we can still tell an uncomprehending child of privilege (Luxon) and a twerp (Seymour). Any Left that can’t point that out to us isn’t worth voting for.

  16. A very unfortunate situation. There is so little to pick between the left-centre-right party of Labour and the right-centre-right party of National, that Act are picking up votes just by being a little different (more evil) than the uniparty.

  17. Well it’s obvious David Seymour is by far and away New Zealand’s most astute politician.
    Look at the attention he gets on this site.

    • Jacinda had twice as much attention so by your definition she was the greatest politician in history.

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