Watching Jacinda suck up to our Chinese Overlords is the sickening economic reality of being a Kiwi



Political Roundup: Jacinda Ardern strikes a softer tone on China

Today’s speech by Jacinda Ardern to the China Business Summit in Auckland was full of soothing words for Beijing.

The headline-grabber was Ardern’s comment that ‘a few plans are afoot’ for New Zealand ministers to return to China – and that the Prime Minister herself hopes to return to the country ‘to renew and refresh in-person connections’.

This might come sooner than we think. While China’s current elimination approach to Covid-19 heavily restricts in-person travel, New Zealand’s own experience shows how quickly these settings can change. After abandoning its own zero-covid policy, New Zealand this week fully re-opens to all visitors.

Expressing a willingness to travel to China – even if it is not currently possible to so – is a signal in itself.

…isn’t it sickening that our great Prime Minister has to suck up to a communist authoritarian regime with an appalling human rights record so that quisling NZ Farmers can sell more basic bitch milk powder to China?

Isn’t it stomach churning watching our brilliant Prime Minister begging our Chinese Economic Overlords to keep their hyper tourism coming, the hyper tourism that damages so much of our environment.

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Isn’t it dry retching to see our Government appeasing a country that is taking an aggressive bullying stance in our Pacific neighbourhood?

This sadly is all part  of the economic reality of being a Kiwi.

Yay the farmers selling basic bitch milk powder that traps us financially into economic servitude, yay the hyper tourism industry that wipes its arse with us, yay the appeasement towards a regime that has committed cultural genocide in Tibet and Xinjiang.



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  1. After criticising the fall out of Europe becoming dependent on Russian gas prom. Jacinda turns around and goes I’ll have some of that too.

    I ain’t flying economy so y’all can act like you, Jacinda, ain’t got no sense. For the sake of every act like you got some sense. Don’t mess it up for everybody. I’m not going to spend money on “hope.”

  2. The ‘NED’ hack-job working along side a self-described “worker rights organization” in Washington, DC called the Worker Rights Consortium has helped direct a “Coalition to End assumed Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region” that has successfully pressured US apparel companies to leave the Xinjiang region of China. Claiming to represent “over 100 civil society organizations and Labour unions from around the world,” the coalition appears bound together by a shared hostility to China’s communist-led government.

    The US government’s propaganda campaign against China drags on, a mock tribunal has become a central node for the dissemination of allegations of Uyghur genocide to Western media. But behind the carefully scripted horror stories conveyed to the public by an uncritical media are massive discrepancies, overt separatist sentiments, and huge sums of US government money.

    In 2001 June, Uyghur separatists and Washington-funded operatives of the human rights industry organized a “Uyghur Tribunal” to build the case over 80 tedious hours of testimony that the Chinese government is guilty of the crime of genocide in its western Xinjiang province.

    While the mock tribunal presented itself as “independent,” it was organized by a US government-funded separatist group that for years has played a key role in generating anti-China propaganda.
    To help buttress the narratives spun out of the spectacle, major media organizations such as CNN have generated various sideshows featuring star witnesses from the tribunal. In the process, they have inadvertently exposed major inconsistencies in the witness testimonies, exposing the entire exercise as another Western information weapon deployed against a targeted nation. Frankly the Uyghur genocide is BS.

  3. Even when their children are going hungry Amerika, our ally, won’t buy our basic bitch milk powder. Nor will the EU let it in without tariffs. Nor our other friends Britain or Japan. Canada have huge trade barriers protecting their agriculture. Try turning the bbmp into value added products and the walls get even higher.
    Some people might yearn for a hermit kingdom but once you shut the doors of the castle it’s not long before everyone starts eating rats. I know we already have too many people in NZ/Ao eating rats but the aim of our government should be get rats off the menu not to make them our only choice.
    China might be a shit hole but name a country that isn’t a shit hole that we can fo business with.

  4. Yet again it is not “Our Glorious Leader’s” fault. Bomber – she is the leader of the country she is making this choice willingly as the reality of an economy in recession sinks in.

    China was always holding a full house to our pair of 2’s. Realpolitik is sinking in after the WorldWokeTour.

    • Jeeze those damn scary Chinese overlords! WTF next will they get up too, insist on fair trade? Heavens forbid they might blindside us and actually help poor Pacific Nations build much needed infrastructure. No qualms letting Saint Jacinda quietly sell us out to the US Neocons all for the sake of the almighty dollar though.
      As for the “Culture Genocide” personally I take that with a bucketload of salt, when China had the one child policy the Uyghur were exempt.

  5. Yeah. yeah Martyn. But some sucking up might go a long way if applied evenly. Let’s confuse the lot of them and sidle along on our own path as all machiavellian types have
    done in the past. We rather tend in NZ to be shape-shifters, and white liars, (you get caught out big with black ones) and we are too small not to fail if we get caught. We might not want to admit it but we, and Don Quixote, have something in common. Cervantes spent some time imprisoned as a hostage, and knew about feeling ineffectual but he imagined his way out of that, but note when they made the film it’s theme was ‘ The Impossible Dream’. Is that a lesson for us?

    Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes\
    The 17th century Spanish writer and military leader Cervantes spent various stints in jail during his lifetime and claims the prologue to his great satire Don Quixote – considered Europe’s first modern novel – was ‘begotten in a prison.’

  6. “….so that quisling NZ Farmers can sell more basic bitch milk powder to China?”

    ROFL! If it wasn’t these ‘quisling’ NZ farmers, New Zealand would have the per capita GDP of Papua New Guinea.

    I thought you were anti-poverty?

  7. “Xi! I’ll show you my 5 year plan if you show me yours!? PM. I’ve seen yours in the last five years. It is worse than Mao’s!”

  8. Once China invades Taiwan and we are forced to side with the US, any sucking up we do now will quickly become a moot point.

    • Yes we need to prepare ourselves for China doing a Russia this is becoming more common amongst the powerful rich countries.

  9. Stunningly absent from NZ media is the visit to NZ by USINDOPACOM for the first time to strengthen military ties between the US and NZ.

  10. Great Prime Minister. Brilliant Prime Minister…you left out amazing, fantastic, phenomenal, outstanding, incredible, beloved, adored and much loved.

  11. Our Chinese overlords are giving us more in the way of trade than any of our Western overlords are. When the Western hegemony has nothing to be hypocritical about, maybe then we can point the bone at China.


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