MEDIAWATCH: TVNZs wokest newsroom vs Toxic Patriarchy

TVNZ Breakfast - how it started, and ahhh, how it's going

BOOM! The wokest newsroom in NZ takes another cancellation scalp and destroys a second male journalists career with the release of the report into the hiring of Kamahl Santamaria…

The Kamahl Santamaria scandal at TVNZ, why it matters and what next

TVNZ’s head of news and current affairs has stepped downfollowing an independent inquiry into his hiring of Breakfast host Kamahl Santamaria.

Paul Yurisich’s resignation, announced on Wednesday evening, comes after Santamaria quit the station in May after 32 days in the role.

…wow, they destroyed Paul Yurisich’s career as well?

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Never cross the TVNZ Woke Mafia.

Santamaria’s crimes were a kiss on the cheek to a female co-worker on the floor of the newsroom, sending a message from an Instagram account that follows 70% women and an Email where he says a broadcaster is hot.

The wokest newsroom in NZ had made it clear that they were angry they weren’t consulted on him being hired, (because overpaid autocue readers need to have their egos consulted when hiring staff), so they were already pissed off with his appointment and they put the blame for that on Paul Yurisich.

The stage of dislike was already set, Santamaria says ‘something’ to a female staff member on the newsroom floor and that suddenly escalates to inappropriate behaviour and an immediate character assassination of Santamaria from previous workers whose breathless allegations amounted to at worst clumsy attempts at flirting.

What was said on the newsroom floor?

Well, we can’t know, all we’ve been told is that it was ‘inappropriate’ followed by a kangaroo court media trail, one telling of this story is that Santamaria made derogatory comments about the Israeli Defence Force in regards to their assassination of his Al Jazeera colleague Shireen Abu Akleh and those comments have been construed as inappropriate.

We can only speculate because the allegation is enough.

The last time the media claimed a Broadcaster had acted inappropriately was the Martin Devlin case when Stuff made the claim, only to goad Devlin into an attempted suicide and then learning that the context of the ‘inappropriate’ behaviour amounted to Devlin triggering a millennial after he called them out regarding their disrespect for NZME.

That’s the easily triggered landscape we live in with a media hungry to out the next Harvey Weinstein.

So why was Paul Yurisich also forced to walk the plank? Because a head had to roll and to ensure this never goes any further an enormous payout and contracted silence is required.

It’s fitting this report comes out in the week of TVNZ Breakfast’s 25th Birthday.

Publicly cancelling two male journalists for crimes against micro aggressions in a cloud of innuendo and trial by woke media seems right in this age of woke lynchings.

Breakfast TVNZ started with Forever Foaming Mike Hosking, the now Qanon crazy Liz Gunn and the forever beige Susan Wood and it has ended in cancel culture and militant identity cheerleading.

From white right wing to the Rainbow United Nations, it’s been a hell of a journey at TVNZ Breakfast.

Peak public broadcasting greatness surely being John Campbells time at the helm.

TVNZ Breakfast is a projection of white middle class aspiration masquerading as the Kiwi nuclear family, its the way we want to be based on the most popular aesthetic of the time.

25 years ago it was white, rich and Tony Robbins inspirational self motivation that middle class NZ yearned for, now it’s inclusive, self asserting and dedicated to using their platform for good. A heightened sense of self importance to protect that platform from any impurity from the grubby reality outside the crushed velvet lining of TVNZs most holy of plush sets.

Merging the wokest news room in NZ with the second most woke newsroom in NZ, (RNZ), will be like two super massive blackholes coming together for one event horizon of mirthless micro aggression policing piety.


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  1. The merger will of touchy-feely and wishy washy will not change the latest trend in culture propaganda….this new trend is called the “off “ button on the remote……It works ever time….

  2. So the question is. What will the new hire(s) be? Male/Female/Banana/Mixed/Vegan-Meat lover/Pilate Rugby Player/Church Loving Anarchist.

    If they can play it safe and choose someone like this. They should be OK.

  3. It would have been better to have been born in the year 1900 so that by the time NZ became a woke shitfest you would have already lived a full life and then carked it before the trannies and their minions take over.

      • So your suggestion is that I commit suicide is it gagarin?
        Do you often suggest to people that they should kill themselves?
        Might be time to think about some of your comments.

      • Another statement brought to you by the kind left eh gargarin.
        What a fucking awful thing to say.

        • the problem with reading comments, is that a lot of vocal context is missing. the final part of JBs sentence could be either a flippant ironic remark, or the kind fuckwittery that jays or sour poha would make. i dont think that JB is transphobic, but you see where i’m going with this right?

          • as could my comment stand alone/keep calm/james brown , ‘goodbye cruel world’ is a deliberately anachronistic usage for comic effect… the kind of thing in the captions of a silent film or victorian novel.
            funny how the rightard edgelord wannabes spew vitriol but like the wilting snowflakes they are they can’t take a bit of ribbing.

            why has everone on the right had a radical humourectomy?

          • To be perfectly honest no I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘cheerleader for the transvestite community’ but in saying that I certainly wouldn’t suggest that they should kill themselves (or for that matter harm themselves in any way).
            I also don’t give two shits what garagin suggests but I imagine there are others who this could possibly dangerously affect (i.e. people who are not in a ‘good place’ anyway) . . I guess I just think suggesting suicide to someone you don’t agree with is just really immature and irresponsible.

            • so your contention is you don’t care but someone else MIGHT read a comment and kill themselves, how civic minded of you…how about censoring the pro-gun lobby be cause they MIGHT commit a mass shooting

              If we’re going into ‘mights’ TDB should jack it in right now.

              read my last post numbnuts.

    • You made me laugh out loud. I birthed in 1957 and thank the non-existent being I have mostly lived without having to suffer a lot of the shit that goes down now. About 3 times per annum I stupidly watch the 1 or 3 morning show for 5 minutes to reconfirm that 99% of TV exists for the brain dead.

    • and the handful of people still watching will either die or stop. The days of National broadcast television are done

    • As will their viewing figures, but by then they will be a part of the NZ Government Public Media Conglomerate, and therefore untouchable in terms of well-deserved dismissal and closure.

      • Snore fest. I remember the days you talk about though Ada. Hosking interviewing Key, the NZ Government Public Media Conglomerate. He was untouched.

    • It probably HAS to get worse before it can get better. Yea/Nah NuZull and all.
      That said, we don’t need a RNZ TVNZ merger. We need an RNZ takeover of TVNZ with a bit of “rightsizing” of people that claim membership of the 4th Estate. And that’s not to say RNZ is perfect either – it could ditch one or two without anything noticeable happening even if endorsements in the commercial space are declared (going forward)
      The thing is that what can be DPNE can also be UNDONE and I’ve never understood why a so-called ‘left’ party with an overwhelming mandate is, and has been reluctant to “just do it” Other than for reasons of Munstererial capture and a number of politicians having grown up knowing and experiencing anything other than the neoliberal agenda

  4. What’s the correct climate setting for this – to get fiery hot, or go icy cold? I’m confused and troubled about the way that society is degenerating into an orgy of bitchiness that I could have no respect for.

  5. This is an example of why I did not want Radionz and TVNZ to do more than having a working connection but remaining two entities. Now it seems they have a ‘woking’ connection! Television had its own mores obviously and Radionz had theirs and both needed to look at them clearly, not lose what was good in each in murky carryings on.

  6. 2 things…

    1) If I sent an email to a female co-worker telling her she was ‘hot’ and ‘sexy AF’ I would be out on my ear.
    2) The RNZ-TVNZ merger needs to go through, if we dont want endless MasterChef on our TV screns.

    • RE: Comment 1 – It happenned at Al Jazeera (not exactly a female led environment, quite the opposite. It happenned about 15? years ago so nearly a whole generation ago so put it in context. I agree today in NZ, you’d be looking at a lot of trouble.

    • Ah Millsy a refreshing dose of reality regarding KS. People can debate what is acceptable but you would have to have been living under a rock if you think that sort of email was not going to be an issue

  7. Don’t watch Breakfast TV. Simple. Or are you addicted to bright colours, and moving lips? People who want to Tell All, and offer you tips on How to be, while you are being. (Janis Ian – At Seventeen).
    Eat your Hubbards muesli or some other NZ made, and be ready with a clear mind to cope with the Chinese Whispers that come your way.

    Listen to Radio for your news (Video killed the Radio Star – Trevor Horn – lead vocals, bass, guitar, sound effects.
    and Geoff Downes – piano, keyboards, synthesisers, drums, percussion, backing vocals.)

    We need to work like Boxer in Animal Farm, dedicated to helping our society, but make sure that you have someone to give you feedback, advising of differing viewpoints around you so don’t get exploited as he did. A big heart unable to comprehend the petty meanness, hypocrisy, and self-serving callousness that threatens unbalance of the good side of humanity and ensures that we don’t become so pure that we are too good for this earth!

  8. the real issue here is a high paying job going ‘on the nod’ to a mate with no recruitment process

    • But Gaga its happening a lot in in the public sector. What’s different here is that it was being perpetrated by white heteronormative Cis males. Turn it around, 3 white male journo’s and a Maori queer person and not a dickie bird would be said. Even if that person had relatively light experience for the role.

      • don’t care fantail the TVNZ process was corrupt it’s just that simple…the fact that others are doesn’t excuse them.

  9. The TVNZ breakfast lot..are so bad…I am having thought s about Mark Richardson and Duncan Gardner seeming amazing in comparison and I wasn’t a fan of Richardson.

    But I would take a Gardner / John Campbell team with a little bit of Tova..I miss those guys

  10. Have to disagree. Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzell were the peak Breakfast crew.

    I see John Campbell as a start of the downfall he always came across just as wet as the current crew.

    However those expecting change will be waiting for a long time, I would estimate well beyond their lifetimes. The institutes that supply the people to produce this tripe are deeply established to churn out more wokery cadets.

    I admit that “the left has won”. They’ve taken over Broadcasting (apart from one or two outliers who once retired won’t be replaced), academia and public offices, and now they’re encroaching on the private sector.

    My only hope is that eventually they’ll eat themselves, because ideologues can never be too pure, and we are seeing some of that now and then.

    • Bg So what would you be having on your desired media.? Spell it out for this simple ignorant peasant.

  11. “Peak public broadcasting greatness surely being John Campbells time at the helm.”
    Probably, but not just the Jesus Christ of PSB – there are one or two others. JC apparently when to TVNZ because he liked the thrill of “being on the telly”. So what’s happened? – lately he’s nowhere to be seen. Was he offered his new role (akin the the RNZ E-spinner), or did he seek it?
    Whatever – the RNZ TVNZ merger proposals look like they’re going to be a half-arsed plan on what really needs to be done. The big worry is that RNZ is going to be destroyed by commercial imperatives, big egos and a number of people whose only legitimate claim to membership of the 4th Estate is probably just longevity (as in tragic old hacks – at least the half of them).
    The excuses we used to get about the difficulty in non-commercial PSB might have been valid when we had a population of 2 million – that population having now more than doubled. There are a number of past excuses that are now wearing bloody thin.

    • “……when to TVNZ because he liked the thrill………”
      ^ ……….went to TVNZ because he liked the thrill……..

      (Shoot me! I’ve got phat fingers and I’m getting old, plus the thought of most of them trigger my arthritis)

  12. Just looking at that second picture shows just how corrupting the commercial imperative is to public service broadcasting.
    I mean there really isn’t much hope for Matty dear with all his endorsements and in pursuit of 4th Estate stardom, but in other “spaces”, Jenny-May (doing TVNZ7), and Indira Stuart when at RNZ weren’t all that bad.
    Silly people. I suspect if things go as they should, the next tattoss they get might be no reGERTS on some of their private parts. They might even be able to claim it on the TVNZ wardrobe budget before it all goes tits up

  13. An ‘AI’ should takeover the role of tv influencer, tv presenters.
    It’ll be a lot cheaper and probably more entertaining for the audience to try and guess who ‘it’ is that the AI is imitating!

    Or, have none and save the taxpayers a whole lotta money.

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